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I did this embroidery on a vintage $2 bill in my early twenties.

The Queen is very important in hat-wearing society.  I learned how to make bibi hats from Pauline Duguay, and the studio has recently released a new batch of bibi creations.  I personally love the turquoise butterfly terrarium and the leaf.



This is about Betsy.  She said to me on the phone that she wanted a rainbow wedding dress.  I was delighted.  Just my kind of project.  We talked and I got a sense of her personality and then I took the time to make my first three sketches.

Betsy at her fitting feeling good

Elements of all three dresses became her dress.  We chose her favorite silhouette, neckline and mixed up the embellishments to create the boquet-butterfly-fiesta party dress.  The butterflies that I used as sequins on her dress have also been used by Martha Stuart to make this fab rainbow butterfly cake.


I have always been attracted to the myth and meaning of animals.  We are so far removed from them in our urban day to day, that when a fox runs across the road in front of me, it is a profound moment.  For years now I have been documenting all the animals that I encounter.  Surprisingly, this happens without having to drive to the country.  In Native folklore the meaning of these chance encounters are called animal medicine.

The Deer is gentleness:

Stop pushing so hard to get others to change, and love them a they are.

Apply gentleness and become like the summer breeze; warm and caring.

The Rabbit is fear:

What you resist will persist.  What you fear most will be called to you by worry.

(But  today we see rabbits as sweet and cuddly and innocent and edible. )

The Giraffe is the ultimate fashion model animal.

The exoticism of this animal is essential in it’s public perception of today. Seeing a real live giraffe is as unattainable in real life as the perfect body.

Regularly I see a beautiful woman trying on a dress in my change-rooms who sees herself as defective.  Her eyes fixate on one spot: her hips, her knees, her shoulders, her tummy, her whatever….and she cannot see the whole picture of who she is anymore.  It’s too bad, because the whole picture is a beautiful woman.

The porcupine is innocence.

Don’t get caught in the world of fear, greed, suffering.  Let go of seriousness and severity.

Remember fantasy, imagination and COLOR.  This will lead you to JOY.

May it be beautiful before me.
May it be beautiful behind me.
May it be beautiful above me.
May it be beautiful below me.
May I walk in beauty.




view from the studio around 7pm


These are some of the sunsets I love.  On the beach in Thailand, from the windows of my studio and playing with eyeshadow.  I have attached a cheesy video that I love because it was my first introduction to make up as a playful artform using colors.



The romance and poetry of roses is deep in our culture and our consciousness.    It seems, dreams lay deep in the center of each one,  under the folds of  petals.   Roses are like this incredible heady,  intoxicating,  offering and at the same time they seem, as if,  they hold a mystery.   Nature overwhelms when it comes  to roses.   Sent and colour overdose.

With roses,  the artist plays on a palette of nature’s beauty.

After much searching, Katrin found real roses perfectly captured in resin.

These are possibly some of the most beautiful jewelery pieces I have yet to come across!!!

Designed in part by our very own Katrin Leblond and assembled exclusively by Sophie Lin Tran, these real roses have been coated with resin to immortalize their natural beauty!

Hung on sterling silver and 14K gold chains, embellished with real crystals and jewels… what’s not to love?  These gorgeous statement pieces hit all the right feminine notes!

The weekend is almost here – hang in there and enjoy the beautiful day!

Don’t forget to spoil dad this Sunday for father’s day!



Imagine the romance of dinner under a chandelier in a beautiful dinning hall or a secret garden.   Imagine whispering with twinkling mischievousness to your companion.  Imagine the music of  tinkling fine china.   This is the world  I am transported to when I see the earrings and necklaces made by Shopie Lin Tran.  A moment were the sweetest and most vulnerable parts of yourself are truly powerful.

Subtly express yourself.  Combine sophistication, glamor and innocence.   Sophie Lin Tran studies nursing here in Montreal.  She dreams of offering palliative care or Pediatrics.  She will nurse your Jewelery blues away (her creations above).   Sophie Lin Tran is a lovely person and we think she is awesome both for her work and for who she is as a person.     Sophie enlists her brother who she loves sooooo much to help her with sales on her jewelry line.  Even when she is exhausted from her work study schedule she always has a smile.   Sophie creates beautiful intricate, delicate, sweet accessories for the lucky few that snap them up before they are gone.  Crystals, gold, sterling, quality materials are her inspirations…. She loves nature and colours and it shows in her work.   We love Sophie!!!!!!!

When the magic of the garden wains and the city streets call out their own noisy poetry.   When you want to imagine yourself  wandering along a street filled with Paris shops or pedaling over cobblestone.  Reach for a Melissa Bolduc creation available in all is subtle architectural fashion.

Melissa Bolduc’s  (Melow) pieces are now in our shop.    This wrap top (above) is available in teal and lilac and black!  The jacket below is in linen and is available in aubergine, black and plum for a great price at $135.  I love the arcitechtural dimentions to Melissa’s designs.  These jackets are so comfortable and easy care.  The more you wash them the better they get.   The linen “melts like butter” as Kat would say.

Come and check them out!!!


Have a beautiful Thursday!




Claudette Vandal’s bracelets are now in store.   Completely made by hand and beaded to perfection, this gorgeously pleated piece will get you many compliments.   Match Claudette’s peices perfectly by pairing them with the beautiful Emilie Desmeules skirts in store.

I love how Emily Des Meules crazy applique of intertwined threads are visually paralleled  in the wire knit work of Claudette’s bracelet.  I also like how the two pieces similar colour palette plays of each other.  Comdining the two makes a sophisticated and artful fashion statement.  Claudette knits the metal strands by hand one stitch at a time on knitting needles.  Similarly,  all of Emily’s fashion works of art are appliqued with love by hand, giving each one it’s own flavor.  Last year Emily won one of Quebec’s prestigious emerging artist awards for textile art.  She deserves it!

On a different note:  We have the work of Amy Belanger in the   store.

Amy Belanger’s  Chipped China necklaces.

Made from recycled tea cups, saucers and plates, each pendant piece is filed smooth on all sides and hung on sterling silver chains.  Amy also creates custom necklaces with your treasured heirloom china that has been passed down for generations.  If you accidentally break your family’s treasured piece you can still share the memories the heirloom holds by giving each member a token pendant to wear of great great grandmother’s favourite plate.

It’s Thursday – make it a beautiful one!


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