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All photos in this post were found and pulled from the web by Kat

I am bedding designer whatsapp pc버전 다운로드.

I love sleeping.

Here are some of my favourite beds.

They are art 손세이셔널 1화 다운로드.  They are inspiration.  The winds are blowing cooler and it is time to nest.

Above is the “Apple tree” bed by Atilla design

This is a bed I have imagined in my mind and wanted to build myself one day subtitles for Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 6.  Looks like someone else had the same idea.

Above is the “Tree” bed by Shawn Lovell 시간아 천천히 mp3 다운로드.  It is cast iron.

These hand painted lovelies are made by a company called Sticks Beds

I found the pictures of these built in cubbyhole beds and they have a really cozy feeling this game from Dongle Haron.  They remind me of traveling and of my childhood fairytale fantasies.

I would love to build something like this in a child’s room queue form.

Sweet Dreams.


This is the photography of Maude Laliberte (a dear and beloved client at the boutique) who went to the Diner en Blanc last week in Montreal Subway Surfer bug.

The diner en Blanc is an event the groups 2400 people together for  a picnic dinner at a secret location.

Buses picked them up at metro stations and parks Windows 10 LockScreen photo download.

They set up their own banquet tables and chairs 영화 비스트 다운로드.

Bustier Katrin Leblond ($160) with Russian shawl ($44)


All posts in this post were found and pulled from the web by Kat

I am a spiritual person.  I am a political person Shannara Chronicles Download.

I believe that I am empowered to make ethical decisions that are beneficial for my community by the money I spend as an entrepreneur .  I believe that as an artist, it is my duty to create beauty for my customers to enjoy.  I believe that women deserve to be treated like goddesses entering a temple when they come in to my boutique.  They are to be served, taken care of, draped in fabric and made to feel beautiful.   I believe this from the bottom of my heart Download assassin's creed movies.

I have always been politically active and I have always been crafty.  There were certain points in my life where I felt guilty and pained because “just making pretty things” was not saving the planet.  Now that I am running an ecological and local manufacturing business that serves and adores women, I feel better.  I have merged my environmental activist with my feminist and with my local economist in a way that allows me to keep being a creative human being a thousand years.

And here is Linda Evangelista, our Montreal-born International Fashion Icon, merging her political views that something is wrong in the world and someone should be held accountable with her love of the Madonna 성북톡톡 다운로드.  She got to play a living Madonna in a Religious procession.  I have traveled to Antigua in Guatemala to see these processions.  They walk the streets playing sad brass band music all the while carrying statues and crying for the death of Jesus 스크린리더 다운로드.  They walk for 12-13 hours.  My main reason for traveling there was to see the “carpets” that the locals make from coloured saw dust and flowers Stellarium Korean edition.  The carpets are made in the street prior to the passing of the procession.  When the procession passes, the carpet gets trampled.  It was incredibly beautiful 바이두 모바일 다운로드.  (This is reminding me that I should do a post about those carpets.)

I am unusually attracted the the iconography of the Madonna even though I was not raised in any form of Christianity.  To me the Madonna is the “mother”, gaia, goddess … and those are all great things qrcode app.  It represents female divinity, something each woman carries within herself.

I love religious art Download aerobics music.  I love folk art.  I love making pretty things.

It can take quite a while in life’s journey to settle into being who you truly are and not who you wish you were Download the caravan.


Born in Luanda, Angola, were she lived for 10 years, Katia Leonardo is a Portuguese World Music Singer and composer.  Katia expresses her study of Jazz, Fado, African, Brazilian and Modern music Download Baby Elephant Dumbo.   She holds a post bachelor degree in Jazz program at University of  Music in Porto ( Escola Superiorde Musica e Artes dop Espectaculo)  where she studied with Maria Joao 프로듀스 101 시즌 2 다운로드.

She encourages authenticity connection, vocal expansion, self awareness as well as introducing concepts in sound healing.

Katia bought a very special skirt with a black cat on it when she visited the store.  She also loved the black crinolines openvpn.

Meow, meow!

This beautiful vibrant woman brought so much to my life when she came to shop with me in the boutique during her visit to share with Montreal her singing talents, her projects and to teach.  She told me my body is an instrument and compared me to a cello.  It was such a new way to think about singing for me.  It will never leave me.  Always with you in my heart Katia.  Abundance 킹오브파이터즈2002 다운로드!

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



These prints are like whipped cream and strawberries.

Yummy 외톨이 다운로드!

They are vintage and oh so French.

The first one definitely has and Art Deco feel, but the rest are decidedly Victorian 아이폰 150메가 다운로드.

KL tote travel bag mameppkgui.  Each one of these is unique and you should see the lining!

Rich red will always be strong and I will make sure to have a good red in every collection iPhone Insta.

I cannot have these prints and I cannot put them into my Fall collection, but the colour palettes and combinations are an excellent reflection of Fashion trends right now Triple slet download.  Soft natural nudes and creams and tans are making a raging comeback for Fall 2010.

KL Cerise Dress $245 with Colette Van Haaren mobius shaal $48

The camel and gold tones will be nice to complement last years brown 집으로 가는 길 다운로드.  I know that Montreal is a black and grey clad city, but try to imagine these colours around the face with skinny black pants.  It is gentle will especially complement blond and sandy brown hair 닥터스 3회 다운로드.

KL Upsidedown cardigan, Gloria Gaudette ivory cardigan, Maillagogo Ivory knit cardigan and handprinted 100% cotton scarves

KL Mystery Jacket $126 with nude Donna Beth cami $25


This post was written by Erin based on Katrin’s telling of the making of her embroidered travel belt.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique mt developer2 다운로드.



While on my first road trip across Canada, with the man I later married, I wanted to record our travels.  The problem was I get car sickness 윈도우 방화벽 다운로드.

Despite, the fact that I couldn’t write in my journal,  I found embroidery to be something I could handle even with the rock and roll of the road.  Embroidery became my traveling form of journaling microsoft powerpoint.

I stitched the landscapes and the names of all the animals we saw along the way.

The coloured threads depict the story of our road trip  together rainmeter skin.

I would sit in the passenger seat of our non air-conditioned van and stitch away.

The finished belt wraps around my body twice 어느 가족 다운로드.

The needle pulled the thread in and out of the fabric stitching the moments I wanted to capture 9 downloads.   The van hit the road.  My needle pulled the thread.  The wind swept us away at the start of our journey.   The stitches became pictures.  The pictures began the story of our journey.  I stitched the flower called Indian paint brush.  Wild to Canada, this flower called out to be remembered.  I stitched the orange and yellow of it’s petals.  The lakes in Ontario were numerous  swimming pleasures.  There were so many lakes.  I painted with the blue of my embroidery thread just one to remember them all.  As we approached the prairies fields of Canola, also called Rape seed, danced yellow blooms that waved in the wind.  Dots of yellow thread floated across the belt 로스트 인 더스트 다운로드.

The car broke down and we had to spend three days waiting for a part in Edmonton.  I stitched the part we needed  called a U joint.  We drove on to the Rockies.  Nights under the crescent moon were beautiful Justice League.

We took the fairy to Salt Spring Island and went swimming with purple and blue  dragon flies 브레이크다운 다운로드.

We watched boat racing on a Native reserve on Vancouver Island.  We walked in the red wood forest under the full moon 영화 폐가 다운로드.

Then we left Canada.  We hit Seattle and we went to the fish and flower market.  Four hours from Seattle, we spent two days at mount Saint Helen the mountain that erupted years before.

LOVE…….LOVE LOVE WAS EVERYTHING.  Our van was love parked in dry lands that had sage bushes all around.  I stitched a heart floating over our van.  I stitched my love.  My heart.

We drove through the Craters of the Moon and finally got back to the rivers of Ontario.  Eager to get home we drove and drove and drove…day and night.  We took shifts.

The road took us home.


It is so good to have close friends who always have your back and want the best for you.  It is so good to be living surrounded by the real truth that we are never alone, that we are strong in connection with others 정보보안기사 기출문제 다운로드.

It is good to just know deep down to our toes that what we have that really has value is our friends, our family, the world around us that we love 도둑걸 다운로드.  Go ahead take away the car, the house, the long list of material possessions.   Go ahead!  What I want is to feel safe and loved and be able to share that with my daughter and the world 파티션 매직 다운로드.

Friends make us strong 윈도우10 정품 다운로드.  They offer us the best embrace to fall into when life gets tough.   There for you when things go wrong.   They empower us to take more risks and listen to our selves more 설교동영상 다운로드.

Thanks to all my good friends that I have had over the years that made me feel stronger about myself 온라인 비디오 다운로드.   It wasn’t always easy but I am who I am today in part because of you and you will always be with me in everything I do.  And even if  you’re  far away  you are still my heart Download Captain Marvel for free.

There you are.   You know me.  I know you.  I am me and you are you.  You are part of me.  When I grow more into myself you are happy for me 방탄소년단 피땀눈물 다운로드.   When you grow more into yourself  I am happy for you. I love how you change and how you stay the same.  I am lucky to know you.  Thank you for sharing everything you do Nintendo wii download.

Thanks for all the fun we have together 트 위치 동영상 다운로드!

See you at the boutique.


잡아함경 다운로드

Welcome home Colette.  It is great to have you back 엑스박스 모바일 다운로드.

Come check out Colette’s knit vests and ponchos in custom colours as well as her unique knit necklaces (shown above).  These necklaces are made with one continuous knit piece.   They are a stylish addition to any wardrobe ( I know I have one in my own).  They are especially great for new or expecting moms as the one piece nature of the necklace makes for a safer neck adornment for concerned mothers who don’t want their child potentially chewing off some hazardous beads while nuzzling your neck.  They are also great statement jewelry for sensitive souls who can’t tolerate any metals 스카이 캐슬 7화 다운로드.

See you at the boutique.



Sometimes we fall, we slip.

Sometimes things don’t all go as planned.

Sometimes a great idea turns out to need a lot of tweaking 전표 프로그램 다운로드.

A sting 항유기 다운로드.

A zing.

A bit of a sour thing.

Sometimes a bit of sour helps you appreciate the sweetness that comes along next Download Captain Marvel.


Nature has always been my greatest inspiration.  Flowers in the summer and leaves in the Fall.  It is so simplistic, but it returns to me every season and I never tire of these basic earthy themes 프로세스 익스플로러 다운로드.  Here is a sampling of some land art I find beautiful (all done by a man named Nils) and some of the leaf embroidery we are working on for the current Fall 2010 collection 기적의 피아노 다운로드.

These leaves will be appearing on our Fall pencil skirt excel 무료 다운로드.  It is my new favorite skirt and I am super excited to introduce this cut as a recurring staple to the store.

The black and white feather appliqué is a perfect t-shirt for the graphically bold Love battery download.  The feathers are delicately placed at the neckline of the v-neck.  (this photo is on it’s side)

The new Mystery jacket ($126) with tumbling red tulle leaves (pictured below) Download the Bible hymn.

Nature in red glory marching to the water.  I don’t really know what this photo is about I just like the walking red flowers Ms Office 2016 free download.

Frost on the leaves is coming sooner than some of us would like to think 캐논 스캐너 다운로드.

The doorway to Fall 사파리 이미지 일괄 다운로드.

The collection in store offers some fashionable ways to get ready before it  gets cold out!


Study money download

In my opinion these are the most amazing prints ever.  They are 100% cotton, designed and printed in the US and I have always loved them 모배 핵 다운로드.  I coveted them so much, that I decided to design and make my bedding collection just because I needed a reason to purchase these fabrics.

They have recently become such a hit (since they were featured in M magazine of la Presse) that we have increased our production of the decorative pillows we make from these glorious prints Red Gem2.  They are washable, won’t fade, wont shrink…they are perfection.


Rococo, Victorian, Baroque, Elizabethan….if it is elaborate and covered in gold foil, I am loving it.  Though I have traditionally been heavily influenced by folklore and rustic crafts, I am finding a new attraction to over-the top Marie-Antoinette style 에버노트 다운로드.  Here we see what would have happened if Marie-Antoinette had been a Pagan Earth Queen.

I found these images on the internet and have been saving them for you, my dear readers, for quite some time now 멜론 동영상 다운로드.

The corset is all assembled with thorns that are pinning together the leaves web videos.  The embellishments are all roses and lilacs…just try to imagine the smell.

This lovely lady seems to be sporting a log-cabin skirt windows 10 calculator?  Not sure why, but the overall look is quite successful.

And here we have a costume that reminds me of myself StarCraft 1.16 rip version.  My favourite holiday is Halloween and I am usually one of two things:  A witch or an Forest spirit.  I think this woman did a great job combining fabrics ai 1003h exe 다운로드.  The best part is the juxtaposition of the gold corset and the raw rags skirt.

The fall collection is in the process of being released and designed all at once video portal.  I have already put some pieces into the boutique, but there are many more to come.  You will see some peasant sleeves on soft knit tops,  a wool coat with full skirt, a very Chanel inspired little cardigan suit with pencil skirt 국토지리정보원 수치지도 다운로드.  I am growing up and so the collection will inevitably express some classicism while retaining it’s playful funk.

Have a great week-end 마이크로소프트 비주얼 c++ 다운로드!


학교 2017 다운로드

Sarah Jane Scouten was just in the store trying on outfits for her  show tonight at Tavern Inspecter Epingle corner Duluth and Saint Hubert.  Just back from Mauwi, and already dreaming of following love to Montreal, Sarah is deep in the liberation of transition.  Her bleu grass style has a touch of country twang and some smart girl punch.  Check her out tonight at 9:30 pm.  The show is free sap 테이블 다운로드.

See you at the boutique.


드라마 부활 다운로드

Sometimes life gets too busy and we all start rushing towards  our deadlines.  Sometimes life, seems to be passing us by, on the side framaroot 다운로드.

I have been needing to remind myself that life is not about work, or tasks, or getting things done, or making money, or paying your taxes, or showing up on time for every deadline…..  this life of mine can be as fun as I want to make it 애즈원 다운로드.

So I am reminding all of you and myself….

Stop.  Think for a moment.  What would you do if you could do anything you want?  Really. 눈의여왕4 다운로드. Anything!

Now… realize that you can!  You can.  No.  Now, …. don’t say why you can’t, because it probably isn’t true!  Maybe you have to look at things differently to see that it is possible.  Take a look at life with more “Yes” in your eyes movie Laurel.

Are you excited to wake up in the morning?  Is tomorrow anther adventure worth getting out of bed for?  If not what changes do you need to make for it to be so 2017 달력?

The first step to a life filled with fun is visioning it.  It is easy to dream no?   If you have been spending time wishing or longing you are already part way there.    The next step is easy too if you tell yourself it is.  The next step is the realization that you are entitled to your dreams!  And your can make them happen evocreo.

Don’t wait for someone else to dream your dreams for you…. Your dreams are your own.  Yes, people will tell you it will be hard.  They will tell you it can’t happen.  They are all telling themselves that they should not dream their own dreams.  Don’t listen.  It isn’t true.  Go boldly forth and DREAM.  Dream your dreams into reality Download aircrack-ng.

Grab life and imbibe it.

See you at the boutique Elizabeth Harvest.



My husband and I have bought our first home.  It is not a tree house.  Just a regular semi-attached single family cottage wwe 2k 모바일 다운로드.  I am in the middle of boxes and packing tape and I am feeling very inspired by homes and trees.  I will soon be the owner of both.

…and now for the really wacky futuristic wood art… free PowerPoint template.

…and some land art…

I have owned this Treehouse book for many years 우분투 도커 다운로드.  It shows the step by step construction of a round treehouse, as well as featuring many different styles of tree houses that people occupy for living in, making art in and play 농장을 부탁해 다운로드.

Plant more trees 알라딘 ost 2019 다운로드.

미스터 피바디 자막 다운로드

Yeah!   the new shipment of umbrellas has finally arrived in the store.   Come checkout the daisies and roses and dahlias and palm leaves.   There are umbrellas with floating air balloons and purple ruffles…  Peacock feathers!   Sunflowers!  Water lilies!   Come pop up your very own personal halo of joy.   Available in folding or walking stick varieties.  Yes we do now have versions that can fit in your purse bing 다운로드.


all photos by erin except love sculpture is by tom brosnahan

I made these shirts because YES it is this simple and it has been said before:  the law is LOVE 수호검주 다운로드!  I have built my small business around this simple word.  If we make it with love … women will love it… and it will sell.  The surprise was how much men love it too 미쓰비시 소프트웨어 다운로드.  They love the store.  They love the colours.  They get it.  They like to see their ladies dressing up and feeling pretty.  The attraction is natural 구글 크롬os 다운로드. The girlier I make the clothing, the more men love it.  Hurray for LOVE!

This is the love sculpture by pop artist Robert Indiana

We have one in the old port now and there are many around the world 왕좌의게임 시즌6 다운로드.  Everyone gets it.


A fashion designer telling you to take off your clothes?  YES!

Loving our bodies has to stop being optional 엔드게임 예고편 다운로드.  Just buckle down and LOVE your BODY!  Lie in the sun and feel the sun loving your naked body.  Lie on a blanket in the grass and feel it…feel the earth beneath you node.js 다운로드.  The earth loves your body.  Swim in a river and just take a second to feel the cold water againts your skin.  It is not judging you.  It loves you and caresses you and cleanses you institution.

I love my cellulite 알코올 120 다운로드!

I love my double hips!

I love my small breasts!

I love my … Steel Jig.

I invite you to claim love for those parts that have been hard to love in the comment section of this post.


Glass is beautiful, mysterious, magical.  It is liquid captured, as it cools, into a solid.   It is forever melting.  Glass defies so much of what we take for granted about matter.  It flows.  It is transparent yet it can capture colour.  And when it shatters it shivers.  It inspires wonder 승리의 함성 다운로드.



Glass enchants.  No wonder Cinderella danced on the magic spell of glass slippers Pai Cham Community.


Taking her ques from another fairy tale character, Emanuelle Doyon has named her company after Capitain Hook.  I think there is a bit of the pirate in this princess.  Emanuelle loves adventure, the sea and sand.    Did you know that glass is made of sand Your meaning mr download?

She  calls her company Kapitaine Krochet because it all began with a crochet hook……  What followed was a lot….a really lot, of hats 메이즈러너 데스큐어 다운로드.


Today,  this crafty fairytale princess still makes hats, but only on special order.   She has turned her enthusiasm to the heat of the flame she uses for melting glass Republic of Korea Evangelism.



Emanuelle  loves to work with glass because it is, according to her,  a material that is both playful and mysterious.   Glass offers the artist interesting possibilities for control while still inspiring spontaneous creativity in the patterns that appear in the fusion process 들리나요 mr 다운로드.

This beautiful Outremont girl plays with creative freedom and artistic control when practicing her craft. She aspires to one day be an art therapist so she can help others through art 캐논 복합기 드라이버 다운로드.

Emmanuelle  creates earrings that she sells at boutique Katrin leblond.  This lovely local artist loves Katrin Leblond’s designs for their originality and colour.  She finds the parallels between her own work and that of Katrin’s in their playful use of colour and their love for creating unique and original pieces and a desire to inspire the woman who chooses to wear their pieces rt.jar 다운로드.


Emmanuel strives to create pieces that are fun, practical, colourful, light and original.  Her works are designed with women of all ages in mind 오라클 패치 다운로드.

Wear her pieces to any occasion.  Everyday, her earrings bring that little touch of unexpected spice to a relaxed style.  Out on the town, or at a “soiree” with friends her earrings offer a little something original to let you stand out english sentence memorization.

Emmanuelle also suggests wearing these with an ultra elegant ensemble for a surprisingly sophisticated touch.

Bring out your colourful personality.

Fall in love with Emmanuelle Doyon’s glass earrings.

See you at the boutique.


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