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Long gone are the days where Halloween costumes were sewn from a Simplicity pattern.  Now you can buy all the latest characters for $25 at the pharmacy…so sad!  What intrigues me most about these patterns is how our ideas of clown have changed over the years.  Really baggy costumes used to be the rage.  Now fashion dictates the silhouettes and thus even costumes are fitted and shaped.  These Bozo clowns look really dated to the modern eye.

I really love the red and white puffy clown pants.  I want to make these for Smirkus one day.

Again the red and white vertical stripes are really kind of cute.

I love that the same pattern can make you a peasant, an angel or a witch.  I, of course, would opt for WITCH!



Alex came by with his mom and brother and son to say hello in anticipation of the upcoming event.

We are planning a fun party for you to come to.    Pass by the Boutique this Wednesday Nov.  03  2010.   Below is another taste of some of the beautiful work Alex will be showing us.

Of course, Alex’s mom picked up a beautiful Ivko sweater coat for herself, while they were in the shop.

I got to see some of the bead pieces Alex uses for his famous cherry earrings and pick out some exciting combinations that Alex will put together just for you on the evening of  his event.  See you at the store.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



I have something really great to share with you today.  This is the most inspiring home of Leona Leppers.  We found each other through facebook, magnetically drawn through digital space by our love of colourful things.  I am completely blown away by her sense of style, colour and craftiness.  I wish I could be her friend in the real world of my everyday life.

Let me take you on a little tour of her world of playfulness and joy.

We both have a love for little altar spaces with statuettes and charms and feathers and sparkles.

How can you not love the fuzzy rainbow lamp.  It is such amazing contemporary design!  I sigh with happiness and twinkling eyes.  It makes my eyes happy to look at her work.

Ahhhh, the Guadalupe lamp!  What greatness!  I will never tire of Guadalupe and all objects that relate to her.  I once made a Madonna skirt that was sold at the store on Saint Laurent Blvd a couple years back.

This is a detail of one of Leona’s hats.

This little number is a fabulous take on textile jewelry.  I have been making my fleurette pins for so long, I forgot I could make anything other than flowers.

And here is the great lady herself!  She sits blissfully surrounded by her bags, belts and accessories.

Thank you Leona for being your wonderful self.  You bring joy to the lives of many people and I am inspired by your colourful ways.  Maybe one day we will meet and spend a day crafting together.

She is my far away kindrid spirit.  Frida would be our friend too.  In my imaginary world we could all share a studio and stay late into the evenings designing, painting and sewing to the tunes of Mexican mariachi music.  Oh what a life that would be!



The Montreal native is back  in his hometown for a one week tour, which includes a one day only party and preview presentation of his hand crafted jewelry collection.  Come see some of the most spectacular high quality handcrafted sterling silver and gold pieces.

Alex will be hosting his close friends as well as offering an open invitation to everyone(that means you!) at the boutique on Wednesday November 03.  The party begins at 4:00 pm and goes until 9:00 pm.

Alex swirls elemental, organic, and glamorous, qualities into beautiful jewelry that provides a balance of bold and subtle.

This rose quartz pendant is stunning.

In Montreal, Alex is perhaps best know for his juicy “cherries” ; double stemmed earrings that sometimes look so much like the real thing that you want to eat them.  They are playful and fun.  The details in Alex’s work extend to all aspects of his jewelry.  I love Alex’s ear hooks.  These often overlooked components have extra long hook tails so that when you wear them in your ears they are way less likely to slip out and you don’t need  backings .

I love the organic quality and subtly that hammered by hand brings to his work.

It was a beautiful pair of Alex Lyons earrings that brought me back to earrings after fifteen years of not wearing any.

And Alex puts heart in it all…..

And here is one more pair from Alex’s heart straight to yours…

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



Here is a fun flash back.  These are all still great pieces.  I wish I had bought the floral grey party skirt with the chicken crinoline under skirt. Anyway I liked seeing it again and I thought you would too.


Your life is your most powerful art .  See you at the boutique.



Old toy cars

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The car photos in this post by Kat.

Did you have a brother that collected dinki cars?

I did.

Remember when the boys were all trading them.  Mini car stock exchange.   The girls were all making seed bead pin charms for their friend’s shoe laces and giving them to each other as gifts.  The more beaded pins on your shoe laces the better your social status.

These mini toy cars are from Kat’s uncle’s book shelf.

Seeing them placed between the books and knickknacks made Kat want to travel.  It’s the call of the open road.  The promise of adventure.  The luxury of freedom.  The wind whips your hair, the dust flies and all the Hollywood movies promise that the wheels will give you personal freedom, give you the sense of power you don’t always have in your everyday life.    You’ll be cool.

Leave your daily worries behind.  Take a road trip.  Imagine the comfort of the seat.  Imagine the rush.  The wheels spin and you are riding along in these miniature reto styled bits of memorabilia.  Dive deep into the world of childhood memories.  Find the fantasy.  Make believe.

Fast cars are the heart beat of urban ideology.  Fast cars pump life into the idea that we are nothing without our wheels, that we are in fact an accessory to our car.

In these small worlds; the car is the central character, the star, and you are the sidekick .  All the stories are about you and your car and all the endings are within your control.

Anna, one of our most compassionate fashion consultants at the boutique and I had fun imagining which kind of outfits each woman who either road in or drove one of these little cars would wear and a bit about the life she would be living with her vehicle.

This car (above) is for the genia dress by bionic accented with a black and white stripey silk KL scarf that blows in the wind as she drives down the highway on her way to the beach.  Three children in the back seat and she looks just fabulous.  She carries a super slim blue and white checked wind resistant umbrella made in England that she got at the KL boutique.  She carries her umbrella in her Katrin Leblond designed purse.  The ruffles encircle the handle when the umbrella is folded up and it fits snuggly along side her other essentials.  She has a shaggy dog and a picnic basket with cucumber sandwiches with crusts cut off.

Twin cars call for 2 different  styles of sexy dress. Twin trips to the drive in.  The Snake sexy dress comes out of the beige car. The cars colour is coordinated in the dress accents and contrasts stunningly against its gray and reds.

Alex Lyons hoop earrings.  Pop corn and snuggles.  When the night gets too cold they throw on their Maillagogo sweaters.

This little red car is bad ass sleek and sporty.  The woman for this car needs stiletto heels and skinny jeans.  We have beautiful KL skinny jeans in black with red stitches.  She wears red lip stick to match her car.  She is self confident and likes chasing down trouble just for fun.  She can out drive any other driver and she does it with a casual grace all the while she applies more lipstick.  She loves Classic Hardwear (see necklace from Classic Hardwear pictured below. Available in various styles in store).  She has a classic Hardwear belt buckle and a Clara Cote red, black and white necklace.  She wears a KL black Merryln top with tie up shoulders.

Now, what would you wear?  Forget the car.  Who needs a sidekick.  You are the central character.  You are the star.  This is your life.  Everyday all the stories are about you.  What is going to happen next?  And how are you going to dress for it?

Vroom Vroom.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



Available upon special order at the boutique.


These beautiful hats  have just arrived in store.  Local Montreal artists and Mile end mama of many, Allison Astridge from For whom the cap fits and Fiber Alley, created these by hand working the felt fibers into these feminine and practical winter head warmers.  Natural fibers breath well keep you warm and love you lots.  Include some wool in your wardrobe.  Lots of sheep were loved to make these hats.

These hats are available in a variety of cuddly colours for $88 each at the boutique.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



My friend Julia came by the store and sheepishly told me she is sooo sad that I haven’t been keeping up with the blog posts as diligently as I have in the past.

So in the spirit of offering you something a little different everyday and getting back on track I offer you one of my top three favorite videos out there on the net (you have already seen one of my other favorites from my top three: the joyful subway station sound of music surprise break out dance).   I Love this video from you tube.  For you  Julia.  Have a great morning.

This doesn’t have that much to do with what we are doing at the store right now except that Kat is always making beautiful custom costumes for performers in many creative fields including dance.

My heart goes pitter pat every time I watch this video.

I love dance.  I wish I could dance like this.  I know; the music is a cheesy  blast from past but if you can get past that I think it is worth it.

The dancer expresses precision in an elegant simplicity that I am inspired and impressed by.

Yes there is something 80’s throw back about this but the movement is timeless.

What do you love?

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



Katrin designed this beautiful dress for Jayne to wear to two events honoring her contribution to Montreal, her community and to her field.  Jayne you are a gift and an inspiration!  Jayne works hard to increase  green space in the city of  Montreal and make it available for public use.  We are entitled to green.

Jayne views the vast amount of space reserved for cars as public space being overused for private use.  She loves a street fair when everyone has a chance to come together, strangers can cross paths and friends can meet up and community can happen.  Healthy communities need space to be healthy in.

The dress was inspired by the logo for the Montreal Urban Ecology Center organization Jayne works with shown above on a t shirt.

All the smocking on the bodice was done one row at a time on the sewing machine.  The silk grass and ivory flowers were all hand stitched.  The ivory  shrug was bought off the rack at the store and is available in stock for $50.  Jayne wears local jewelry artist, Katia Hubert’s earrings.  A perfect pairing for this dress, available in store for $38.

And she looks beautiful in the dress.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


Check out


Below is an article by Andrea Hayley that I found while browsing the over 20 pages of links to Katrin Leblond stuff.

More Change Needed on Use of Ultra Thin Models,

Says Designer

By Andrea Hayley
Epoch Times Staff Created: Mar 11, 2010

Monique Larose Grisee, 75, models one of Katrin Leblond’s creations at Montreal Fashion Week. (

Montreal Fashion Week had a somewhat healthier appearance this season thanks to a Quebec charter calling on fashion designers to help reduce extreme thinness in runway models.

However Katrin Leblond, a Montreal fashion designer who participated in fashion week, says it’s still difficult to find healthier-sized models in the city and the charter needs some teeth to be more effective.

“There’s no centralized industry, there’s no centralized monitoring of modeling agencies,” she says.
Leblond, who supports a more realistic portrayal of women in fashion, broke out of the pack with her own choice of models at fashion week, which included a six foot tall “extra-large model” and a 75-year-old grandma.

She says she had a hard time finding models size 6-8 to show her collection. She searched four agencies and five freelance groups, including the circus community, the acting community, and Craigslist to find her 10 models.

“Most of the agencies couldn’t even provide me with a choice of more than one or two girls of that size.”

The majority of designers are still using models size 0 and size 2, says Leblond.

“I choose size 6s and size 8s instead of 0s and 2s. They’ve got curves, they’ve got bums and boobs, and they look beautiful.”

Introduced by Quebec Culture Minister Christine St. Pierre, the charter calls on partners in all fields to work together to diminish social pressures leading to unhealthy weights.

Post fashion week last Friday, St. Pierre, along with supporters from the industry and health professionals, held a press conference and a fashion show of their own. With the goal of promoting appreciation for different body types, they featured seven models ranging from bony to average to plus sized.

The charter is voluntary and has no legal implications, St-Pierre told reporters. “A law is not a good approach.”

The prevalence of extreme thinness in runway models and in fashion industry advertising is widely understood to be a contributing factor to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, mostly in girls and women.

Although a small percentage of women are naturally extremely thin, problems arise when super thin is seen as a beauty ideal. The vast majority of people cannot achieve the ideal through healthy means, so they fall into a destructive pattern of restricted and unhealthy dieting in an attempt to feel beautiful.

According to the Quebec Association for Assistance to People Suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia, between 40,000 to 65,000 women in the province of 7.5 million suffer from eating disorders.

Runway models are notoriously the absolute thinnest in the fashion industry. They are also often very young—something that doesn’t make sense to Leblond.

“I’m not interested in having 15-year-olds on my runway. I sell clothing to 40-year-old women—how are they going to identify with a 15-year-old who weighs 100 pounds?”

The Quebec charter is the not the first effort to address extreme thinness in the industry. A furor arose a few years ago when a pair of Uruguayan sisters embarking on modeling careers died from starvation within six months of each other. One collapsed on the catwalk while the other passed away from complications arising from anorexia.

Some countries have gone so far as introducing binding regulations that seek to measure the body mass index in models, a measure that can identify a healthy body weight. However, critics claim such measures have been unsuccessful due to the challenge of calibrating measurements as well as enforcement.

In a major move last October, Germany’s highest circulation women’s magazine, Brigette, decided to stop using professional models and use average-sized women instead in an attempt to reach out to readers.

Supporters of Quebec’s charter say it is not out of the question that they will try legislative solutions in the future.


Really I promise.  And the distributor has promised us too.  We all can’t wait.  I know you can’t wait either but they will be here soon.


It’s not about doing it all.  It is about doing what you can.

The world is vulnerable and we can protect it by being conscious of our choices each day.  Plastic for everything all the time is not a right.  It is a luxury, and a choice, that costs us all dearly.  Excessive packaging is really easy to give up.   Giving it up is an immediate improvement in our quality of life.

If the bag is really important to you buy one that you can use again.

Below are a few quotes I cut and pasted from the net.

Message in a Bottle

Seabirds are starving with bellies full of trash. Fur seals in New Zealand poop shards of yellow and blue. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the size of Texas. Now the bad news: Plastic never goes away, and scientists are finding that it absorbs toxins with spongelike efficiency. The fix? Cut it off at the source.

By David Ferris

” the Garbage Patch as two to three times the size of Texas, but in fact it might be far larger–as much as 5 million square miles, or one and a half times the size of the United States. Sailors encounter it within 500 miles of the California coast and 200 miles off Japan.”

Katrin’s tote bags are available for you to take home your treasures.  They are sold for $3.  You are welcome and even encouraged to bring your own bags from home in anticipation of the beautiful fashion harvest you will fill them with.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



I love the pleated pockets.  This jacket is for wrapping the soul Poetic.  This is Romantic fashion with a capital R.  A jacket for trotting around town in.  A Jacket for skating in Park La Fontaine under the Christmas lights.   A jacket for being happy and thoughtful and dreamy in.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


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