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This is the fabulous Karin Maren Haglund:  circus performer, fashion show artistic director, wife, mother and great friend timekeeper.

I love that I get to make her costumes Megamanx6.  I feel honoured that she chooses me time and time again as her costume designer.  This was our newest collaboration.  It ‘s for her wheel act 모바일게임 컴퓨터 다운로드.

It highlights her fantastically toned sexy-mama body and swooshes when she moves Galaxy s2 usb driver.  The body suit is a one piece with gaucho wing legs.  The back and straps are a-symmetrical with crisscrossing lines, ruffles and  an amazing beaded collar piece that I saved from one of my grandmothers old Parisian haute-couture dresses 산돌고딕 neo 다운로드.  I am very proud of this creation.

Here are some casual pictures that she took backstage posing and looking adorable maven 라이브러리 다운로드.  Room #6.

Krin on tour with her little munchkin circus child Ole Odin3 download.

Not only does she blow me away with her talent and showmanship, her amazing ability to entertain, but she is a great role model for how to have a kid and still be yourself centos 6.6 다운로드.

Love of love to all the circus families that just do it 서든 어택 월핵 다운로드!  -Kat


Here she is: the Lady!

Nowadays women don’t get to be a queen or a princess or a duchess or a lady anymore Download the arcade boggle.  Well, Lady Gaga says Bah! to that idea.

Whether you love her or not, she is awesomely bold and honours couture by wearing the runway pieces that no-one else dares to wear 우분투 리눅스 커널 소스 다운로드.

The origami dresses are incredible and she wore three of them ( so she must really like it) Rick & Morty Season 3.  They are by designer Thierry Mugler.

And here we have the bubble dress by designer Hussein Chalayan Sue Bottle of Couvel.  It seems there is debate whether or not she is sporting a real or a knock off of this dress.  Either way, she is not sitting down.

This is the best of all 가야금 다운로드.  It is by Armani and it reminds me of the good witch in the Wizard of Oz, just in the future.  She looks incredible!  Not to mention, she is carrying a starburst accessory that is not a wand, not a purse, not really anything …and she is pulling it off 윈도우 업데이트 무한 다운로드.  Her hair is barbie fabulous.  Her shoes, oh my goddess, her shoes become her tights which go all the way up her leg in a thin line of sparkles.

Rocking Alexander McQueen kakao video!  Here we get a glimpse of the lady that she is.  She is not the kermit the frog wearing pop star.  She is not wearing the meat dress.  She is all woman 윈도우8 한글언어팩 다운로드.  She is a lady.

I say this to YOU now:  Wear it 유니티 리소스 다운로드.  Dare to buy and wear the couture pieces that designers create.  When that occasion pops up and you need to get media coverage, what you wear will make a difference Terraria 1.3 Download!



I love this book Kunst-Formen der Natur (Art Forms in Nature)

The artwork is so inspiring 전법륜 다운로드.  It was illustarted by Ernst Haeckel, 1898.

I think there is something really interesting about the lacy intricacies of these drawings youth typeface.

Nature is my ultimate source of inspiration for everything from embellishments to business management.  All the answers exist in Nature Liberal Arts.

This book of illustrations will appear to you over 6 blog posts….the last being images of larger lifeforms.

It is a wonderful book, in the public domain, which features all sorts of illustrations of the natural world Naruto Bleach.  I scanned my personal copy to share with you page by page I have also included all sorts of images from architecture to stained glass that seem to be directly drawing their inspiration from the natural world Serrato DJ.

Curvy lines and fancy squiggles ….these creatures could be Rococo carvings in a Parisian church covered in gold leaf Bing and 1 episodes download.

And here i have added an image of the Tassel House staircase, an art-nouveau building in Brussels quartus 다운로드.  I feel the jelly fish lines and the art Nouveau lines have a lot in common.

All we need is Nature 뉴에이지 다운로드.  For every design, every line and every problem, I feel we could find all the answers in Nature.  Below is a stockphoto of stained glass that could be directly referencing the illustrations of  Ernst Haeckel Swish Max 4.  And yet, those illustrations were done directly from observation.

photo by Paul Cummings

I feel we all need to show our appreciation for Nature and artists especially so Download CartoonWars 2.  Thank you Monther Earth.

And, thank you Ernst Haeckel for taking the time a 100 years ago to make these beautiful drawings.


My friend Rebekah used to dance in the tits and glitz shows of Montreal past.   They wore pasties and sparkles and entertained at the casinos and cabarets 카카오 톡앱 다운로드.  These images are not from Montreal, however, they are all vintage costume post cards from shows in Paris.  I don’t know when these images date from, but am curious if anyone feels like they do Download the assassination class movie.

The star lady.  I imagine that headpiece is covered in rows of sequins and beads.  I love the commitment to stars everywhere, on her dress and even her shawl is made from pieced star shapes joined at the points Download The British Pharmacand.

This lady is also adorned in a star 인박스 다운로드.  She wears it as her bikini bottom.  She has bug like wings, or leaves at her sides.  She is seen again a few images farther down from  behind.  Her headpieces is very princess Leah and her bikini top reminds me of the points on a circus tent Download Chrome Plus.

Garlands, garlands…apparently that is all one needed to look cute on stage Taline Manual Download.

The skirt bustle on this lady is just great 카카오 톡 사진 다운로드.  More ruffles, more frills and more volume!  yeah!

Come play dress up visual studio 2015 c++ 다운로드!  COME TO MY STORE!

노노 아일랜드 다운로드

For more impact you can press play on these videos all at the same time and have them going off on your screen simultaneously 우편번호 엑셀 다운로드.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


마커스 2017 다운로드

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