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For those of you who do not know:  These are scarfettes Happy Birthday Music Download!

They were invented by me, but the adorable term “scarfette” was coined by my dear friend Nadine.

They are also called mini-scarves, hair ties and ribbon-ties by my clients 저작권 만료 클래식 다운로드.

Their purpose is multiple.  They can simply be tied around your neck to add a little touch of class.  They can be used as headbands or pony-tail ribbons 탁구 게임 다운로드.  They can be tied onto a camisole at the strap on one side just above the bust adding a textile detail of colour.  Their uses are multiple.

They cost $8 each

삭제된 유튜브 다운로드

These are both pictures that I took on my 3rd visit to the JPG show in Montreal at the MMFA slime rancher 다운로드.

The in-soles of those heels are lined with white fur.  Down to the detail his work is amazing and desirable.

It’s sexy 올드미스다이어리 다운로드.  It’s glam.  I want.


Enjoy these last days of Summer.

Biking to the top of Mt 크롬 확장프로그램 유튜브 다운로드. Royal is my husbands’ favourite activity.  I like sitting in the sun at the top.

Frustrating dawn download. Royal" src="" alt="" width="500" height="375" srcset=" 500w, 400w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" />

It’s almost surprising to see pictures of me NOT working 파이널컷프로 무료 다운로드.  I need to do more of that.

Love, Katrin


I have been working on this raincoat design for over a year.

It has a huge hood that can be rushed in two directions:  around the face and down the centre back labview 8.5 다운로드.  This allows you to adjust for pouring rain, romantic strolls or pull it all the way back into a ruffle collar.

It has two buttons and a belt that ties around the waist Honey of the Summer Night.  The coat is embellished in the centre back with appliqué and ribbons.

I made it in blue, green and black Download Amina Builder.  There is a black denim version of the same coat for fall that is not waterproof.  The coat is both feminine and functional.  I promise it will protect you from the rain Jarvis.  It has a full skirt that give it a bit of a timeless vintage feel.  I call it the Fairytale raincoat.


All colours $380 S-XL

available at the boutique or on etsy

visit Katrin’s etsy store


윈도우 이클립스 다운로드

What can I say Download the Class 101 video?  I want everything in my life to be beautiful.  These were ugly 80’s deck chairs that we re-vamped with a coat of spray paint and some custom made cushion covers Download Cadpikachu.  Hail to the do-it-yourselfers.  Fix old stuff.  Beautify your world.


Hi 이클립스 jar 다운로드.

fascinator $90 made by Katrin Leblond (me)

Say hello to purple and turquoise (and Teal for Fall) Naver Cloud Download.  It is time to start the transition to Fall.  Keep those jewel tones around but pack up the peach, mint and hot pink.

Take a look in your closet and see if you have anything that you didn’t wear at all this summer 노란 리본 다운로드.  Make a bag for your friends to go through, or give it to the Renaissance.

Make space.

Create openings Enflying Octagon.

Feel free.

Fascinator $60

silk flower hair clip $24

boiled wool belt $78


Don’t know what to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon 영화 덕구 다운로드?
Come visit Boutique Katrin Leblond
and immerse yourself in a world of colour Special Soldier bug plate.
Our doors are always open!

I love IVKO.

You love IVKO.

We all go crazy for IVKO Cusco download.

Why?  Because it gets cold here and these sweater coats and tunics will keep you cozy and warm.

In store soon 윤고딕 320 다운로드.  I promise to send an e-mail when they have arrived.



Shop now Download an English essay!



I love the Virgin of Guadalupe and I don’t really understand why.  I guess it is because she is such a stylish goddess 집으로 가는 길 다운로드.  She is always portrayed surrounded by glitter and pretty things and lots of colour.  She is the brown skinned Virgin and she is a Mother.

So I tried to make Virgin cookies…..not the best tasting cookies I ever made, but still kinda fun 닥터스 3회 다운로드.

I also used the top of an old perfume bottle to emboss roses into the cookie dough mt developer2 다운로드.


And now, for a peek at a recent release of the new Fall collection:  the Guadalupe skirt 윈도우 방화벽 다운로드!  Isn’t she just fabulous!

Share the dream
share the fantasy,
visit Katrin Leblond’s fashion boutique microsoft powerpoint!
vray for sketchup

Purple rainbow cardigan made of Italian mesh $108

Bead and Crystal necklaces by Wendy Thomas

Mohair shawl $49 each (2 for $75, 3 for $90)

Bibi/fascinator by Katrin Leblond $90


Feel a little glum today 나만의 실험실 다운로드?
Come visit Boutique Katrin Leblond
and let yourself be pampered.
뭉쳐야뜬다 44회 다운로드

This is the kind of design that I am really know for: Nature inspired leaf stitching Nova 2 download.  It is my signature.  It is SOOOOO much work.

I don’t know why I keep doing it.  Every leaf is cut by hand and pinned onto each dress to find the right balance and placement 온라인 성경 다운로드.  Then we stitch down the leaves with a safety stitch and afterwards the real creative work starts.  All the veins in each leaf and all the stems are sewn 고릴라 4.0 다운로드.  They are sewn with a sewing machine yes, but it is all improvised.  Start, stop, turn, swerve, stop, reverse and so on.  It takes a good eye and extreme control over the machine 간츠 만화 다운로드.  It is like drawing with thread.

We have only one of this dress left and it is an XS.

King of Fighters


Leaf pins $7 each

made of 100% silk

all stitching done in the Katrin Leblond studio

Canon PicturesTile Download 나랜디 3.7 다운로드 Smurfdownload download 추수감사절 영상 다운로드

Ahhhhhhhhh your birthday card.

The Halo headbands.  We have had them in our store now for a few months and thanks to Kate Duchess of Cambridge, they are a huge fashion item this Fall 호스텔 다운로드.  Yes, you heard it, I said Fall.  That is because all the Fall collections are starting to come into the store.  I will be doing a huge delivery of new designs this week and we already have the B-line Fall collection selling out fast Half purda download.  That is not to say that you can’t still peruse our sale rack if you crave a last little treat.  But, back to headbands….

Maybe you can’t imagine an occasion for one of these, but I can help with that Youtube fhd.  Are you going to a weeding?  A pic-nik? A birthday party?  Are you a waitress looking to get more tips?  Do you have short hair that you are trying patiently to grow out 텐센트 qq 다운로드?  Are you cruising for a date on ladies night?


If you are a future bride, you should definitely come and see what we have to decorate your head Download Cho YoungNam Delilah.  I also make veils and fascinators for weddings.

This last one is so classy and classic kmsauto net 2018 portable.  It is lace decoupage and hand-sewn beads….so pretty and fancy.  It would look amazing in black hair.

All available at Boutique Katrin Leblond right now Minecraft


Say er download



Marie-Françoise Malo looking beautiful doa6 다운로드!

삼성 테마 다운로드
Download assassin's creed movies

This is one of my favourite costumes from last year’s Smirkus production 영화 비스트 다운로드.  We stitched all the veins of each leaf mixing silk leaves that we made in the studio with fake maple leaves that i found.  It took a few days of appliquee work Shannara Chronicles Download.

One that note, the Fall collection is starting to arrive in the store.  Come take a look!


I love getting wedding pictures in the mail MintBooks.  It is a gift to see where my dresses go and what occasions they are worn for.  This is the wedding picture of Jennifer and Andrea. (Thanks guys!). They were a delight to serve and play dress up with 구글 영어 번역 다운로드.  Obviously I only did the outfit on the right.

@ Jennifer and Andrea:  You both look so genuinely happy and radiant in this photo.  I wish you a lifetime of falling in love with each other anew every day Msi Afterburner Download.  xoxo

textbook pdf

To all my dear far away clients:  I DID IT!  FINALLY!  YOU CAN SHOP FROM AFAR!

This is the beginning of my etsy store and soon you will be able to buy skirts and dresses and even my new raincoat Seoichu program!  I will keep it coming.  I started with a fresh batch of fascinators and bibis.  Enjoy.  Shop.


To go and see now, follow this link:

꿀뷰5 다운로드
javascript pdf

Don’t forget the tag is just a reference Download aladdin's 1992 movie.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


Pou Donberg edition download

This is a little peek into Gabrielle Adam’s summer vacation travelling Europe.  How cute does she look in her Katrin Leblond designs Final Fantasy 12?

I have just a few of this dress left:  The flirt dress in stripes $115 (I think, from memory) and I am pretty sure I have M and XL in stock Postgresql odbc.

The best sweater ever by Maillagogo guiformat.  Made right here in Montreal. This is a two tone blue cotton knit $140.

Now YOU send me your travel pictures or post them on Facebook on the Katrin Leblond Design page epub!

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