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Getting dressed up for the holidays is another way to get yourself in a festive mood.   I love having a Christmas dress that I wear only once a year.   I know it’s an extravagance but it makes the day feel extra special for me.   Every two or three years I buy a new dress for my daughter to wear at holiday time too.    It starts our special holiday day off with the ritual of dressing in our special dresses.   Here is a fun way to finish off your special look for when you are ready to join your friends and families.

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  • Lying at the roots of this giant tree in the
  • Me and my studio team rocking our new aprons made
  • New arrivals! Dress those ankles in artworks by French made
  • New ivko Fall 20192020 collection has arrived in store and
  • New linen Jumpsuit 7 colours With pockets Hallelujah!

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