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 Here is another inspiring costume by Nicole Dextras!  Wow, her work just blows me away!

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I love making costumes.  They are challenging, but they are a fun distraction from production and administration.  These are some pics from a costume I made about 6 months ago for Valerie Laplante-Bilodeau, also known as Inertie free music 다운로드.  She is one of the worlds top Cyr Wheel performers and she was looking for a new version of her classic costume.  She had been performing in a whitish-grey flowy pant and halter top combo Ultra Moon download.  We decided to stay with the grey, but add blues and golds and lots of hand sewn svarovski crystals.

These were my materials before I started:

I wanted to use really fancy materials for this one, so I chose some actual designer materials to start off:  Dolce Gabbana and Dior and Gucci textiles Enders game.  Ostrich feathers and Svarovski crystals.

My goal was to make her something sexy, comfortable, textured and fabulous!   I also made the headpiece with handsewn petals, lace and feathers Download chrome version 75.

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If any of these beauties strike your fancy and you do not live in Montreal, we will serve you by phone and ship your order to you same day if you call the Boutique 514-678-9616 or shop in our on-line store by clicking here 멜론 동영상 다운로드!

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The Montreal Mirror reader poll is  more important for business than you’d think StarCraft 1.16 rip version.  Please have fun.  Follow the link and go vote for all your fave MTL stuff.  That includes me for best designer.

Cast your vote for the 23rd annual
Best of Montreal Readers’ Poll 2012

Rules: One entry per reader ai 1003h exe 다운로드. You must fill out at least 25 categories for your entry to count and to be eligible for prizes.

» Deadline for entries is Wednesday, April 11, 2012, midnight video portal.

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 This year, for the first time, Ivko made natural linen knits.  They are lacey and elegant and perfect for those super hot Summer days 국토지리정보원 수치지도 다운로드.  You will feel like a very sexy woman wearing this little cami.

They come with super silky knit lining undergarments that could be used as a basic slips in the rest of your wardrobe 마이크로소프트 비주얼 c++ 다운로드.  Bonus.

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Nous allons mettre la collection Ivko printemps 2012 sur le plancher de la boutique vendredi 5 Avril à 11h 학교 2017 다운로드.

We will be releasing the Ivko Spring 2012 collection onto the floor of the boutique Friday April 5th at 11AM.


Or be the first to find your dress on line in our ivko store 드라마 부활 다운로드.  click here!

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