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 Here she is on the day she was born.  She’s all snuggled up against me, sleeping sweetly.

Victoria Sunnyside First Love.  My heart sings for her every day.

 If you have ever come into the store on a weekend, you are sure to have met my mother Barbara to surpass ten million audiences.  The little bean was about 2 weeks old in this picture.

 It seems like all I do is sleep, nurse and hold her in my arms Marcus's 7th album.  Grateful that it is summer.

 Already doubled in length, this child just keeps getting longer instead of fatter Download cisco packet tracer 7.0.  Here she is wearing vintage petit bateau that I wore in the 70’s.

 ahh…love 육군가 다운로드.


 We just got these in the store and they are very fun to play with.  They can really jazz up a plain black dress, a little colourful T or mix them with other polka dots 언어의 정원 다운로드.  They look especially great when worn with a bold pair of glasses.  I tell you, these earrings are outfit makers!

They are made by Montreal paper artist Nicole Wisniewski Meteorological Agency resources.

And, best of all, they are light, comfortable and extremely affordable.  ($20-$30/pair)

Buy some for yourself or gift them to your out of town friends 시마부장 다운로드.  They are light as a feather and can easily be put into a little bubble wrap envelope to be mailed around the world.



I love flowers.

I know, to you this is obvious.  I design flowery clothing.  I use flower prints Download Bloodborne.  I embellish and embroider with flowers.

These are my newest creation.

They are made from real roses word of meditation.

Can you believe it?  Bet you can’t.

The roses are dried in silica gel so that they keep their 3D form Shinzo Zoon 6.1.  Then they are lacquered with a resin finish so that they become hard and strong.  They still look delicate and fragile and yet they are tough as nails 터치음 다운로드.  Hanging on a sterling silver chain and, voila! a beautiful piece of summer jewelry.

 The rainbow selection…how will you choose which one is for you tcpmon 다운로드?  So unique.  So precious.  Nature in all it’s glory.

 I also made rosette earrings and rosebud cluster necklaces java jdk 다운로드.  Perfect for a summer wedding.  I wore a pair of these earrings at my own wedding.  Little purple ones to go with my ridiculously over the top purple wedding dress and pink veil Download Cookie Run.

 The hair clips are very glam and would look great for PROM overwatch memory hack.

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