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 I am so excited!  This painting is wonderful and colourful and contains one of my dresses!  Today Johanne rang my doorbell asking me to come upstairs to her painting studio to see her latest piece.  She was just finishing up.  She hadn’t even signed it yet.  Months and months ago, she borrowed some of my runway dresses for inspiration.

When I saw the painting I screamed!

This is the original dress.  Actually it’s a skirt.  Johanne’s model is wearing it all the way up as a bustier-dress for her painting.

 And here is the artist herself.  Johanne Cullen

 Below is another painting that she did based on the same skirt, but she changed the original colours.





 As I was styling a client on Sunday, we came across this outfit combination.  We both loved it so very much that we needed to take a picture to capture the moment.  She is wearing the orange-rust tuxedo jacket (I have only size small left) with the Art skirt in the first picture and with the grey linen Romantic skirt in the second picture.

 Here we have a beautiful silk scarf in rust, fuchsia and kaki.  This is the perfect example for all you earth tone lovers, of how you can add fuchsia to your wardrobe.  The deep saturation of the rust and the fuchsia allow them to live very happily next to each other.







Encase in resin (secret technique)

Select, sort, make pairs

Assemble with jewelry fixtures

 These are the steps that make a pair or Corteza earrings or a Corteza necklace.  Elsa and her partner are based in Montreal.  They have been making this jewelry for many years and you may have seen them at the tam tams, the Francofolies or a street sale.  You can always find them at Boutique Katrin Leblond all year long.

 Necklace $19

 Earrings $24 / 2 pairs for $40

Here she is in her workshop making pairs.  The selction process is the hardest….sorting through the pile trying to make a set for a pair of earrings



This is the Bella cami, my classically sweetheart cut tank.  It has a great fit for big and small boobies.  Now that the sun has come out, and the trees are in full foliage, it is time to get a tan on and to start wearing those colours that you otherwise would not dear to wear: yellow and green.






Cette robe est ma pièce de résistance pour la collection Printemps / Été 2012. Elle est en soie et coton. Elle est juste assez long pour être une robe et suffisamment courte pour étre porter avec des leggings ou un jean.

This dress is my masterpiece for Spring Summer 2012.  It is silk and cotton.  It is just long enough to be a dress and short enough to wear with leggings or jeans


Elles ont tous été lavé à la machine. Elles ont une texture légèrement plissée. Ici vous pouvez les voir accrocher à sécher dans mon sous-sol.

 They were all machine washed.  They have a slightly puckered texture.  Here you can see them hanging to dry in my basement.



 Here is the Sale rack at Boutique Katrin Leblond.

 Just added Spring / Summer 2012 inventory.

 Katrin Leblond blouses and dresses, Ivko, Made with love by Hanna….


Well, i couldn’t just stop at sandals.  I bought more Piccolinos shoes and embellished them in my fantasy style.

 These gold/bronze leather shoes were already pretty cool before I took a pen to them.  I used a permanent liquid ink marker made for the graffiti industry and hand drew little branches with leaves and thorns onto the white leather toes.  The two little ball buttons were collected on a trip to Thailand, the sterling silver bird is a Milagro from Mexico, and the black leaf sequin is from Paris.  All my little treasures.

 They are flats with a little bit of gladiator style.  They look great with pants or long ankle length skirts.

 These red sandals are my personal choice.  I took a pair for myself right away.  I have a thing for all red shoes and the sheer comfort is overwhelming.  You could walk for miles in these on the first day.

I added the navy blue ribbon because red with denim is always cute.  The mirror cherries came from my trip to Thailand.  I purchased them in a little sewing shop in Chiang-Mai.

 These blue shoes have a velcro side opening and a very comfortable rubber sole.  The criss cross straps make the foot look very feminine.

The mini leaves are going to appear heavily in my Fall collection…I fell so in love with them after we did this shoe.


 It all started with my last fashion show two years ago.  I didn’t have the time or the energy to go out and find a shoe sponsor for the models.  Instead, I asked all the girls to bring a pair of shoes that they could part with, and I would embellish them.

The models got their shoes back after the show, but they had been glued, embellished and bejewelled.  One pair of sandals in particular was a huge hit: The pair I had covered with silk stitched leaves.  I have been dreaming about doing a collaboration with Aldo one day.

This Spring I purchased shoes from Piccolinos (a well know label of Spanish shoes that are quality made and very comfortable).  I designed embellishments for them and customized them in true Katrin Leblond style.  Here are the first two pairs for you to see.

 The leaves are made in the studio and have been applied to the soft leather sandals with professional shoe adhesive.

 The nude shoe is a summer classic that goes with everything.  Eternally stylish, this one inch heel is both sexy and comfortable.

 I also made a new batch of leaf pins for decorating plain black skirts, tops and dresses.  Summer fashion is so fun!


This is a new design by Daniel Thiboutot whos dresses appear under the label OCUNI-D (meaning aucune idée).

They are classic cuts with true waist and princess line seams at the bust.  The fits are impecable and they are especially good at hiding the venus tummy.

Great for summer weddings, very sophisticated office wear (with a little black blazer!), mother of the bride, or a Saturday at Jean Talon market.

Notice the lace overlay at the waist; The yellow and black is my fave, but he made some in red/black and some in blue/black.  Being the “artist” that he is, there is never really any consistency in his production.  Sometimes I have to remind him to make more than one size, or to put his label in the dress.

 Ok, now this is where it get’s truly insane.  You see the fringe edge…well he did that by hand…as in he pulled threads out of the materialSummertime Dres one by one until he had a fringe hem at the bottom of his dress.  That is love, ladies and gentlemen, the love an artist puts into his art!

 This little flower pot handbag is made by Concubine (Montreal design).   It opens at the top and has a deep well for all your goodies.  A great little statement piece for Summer.


I have been really inspired by the bold colours being worn in the white house lately.  Bright solid coloured suits and dresses are making a comeback in the wardrobes of professional women.  Well, that’s good for me because if I am going to design a suit, chances are it’s going to be colourful.

This is the Spring 2012 Tuxedo Jacket in Fuchsia stretch linen.

Yes, I said stretch linen.  Machine washable, it will get softer to the touch with age.

I also made a dress and a pencil skirt in this fabric.

 Be loud this Summer.  Buy something in a bright colour you have always loved, but never dared to wear.


 This is Chiara.

 She has been a client since before Katrin Leblond Design, when I was manufacturing under the brand name Fairyesque.  She is delightful and beautiful and it was such a pleasure to accessorize her wedding dress.

Let’s just start by saying that she is way cool to be getting married in a chartreuse yellow dress!

 I made the Veil in Yellow and Ivory tulle.  It is long and billowy … and doesn’t she just look fantastic?!

 In the background you can catch a glimpse of her fabulous sister in the red apple dress by OCUNID.

It’s wedding season and I am slowly getting back in the saddle, so if you have any last minute wedding dresses that need making, call me!



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