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Cozy and warm.  Wool of surprising softness.  Thick and water repellant.

  Perfect for the storm.

just arrived: 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large $462

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You are a country girl  but you crave the fashion of the city.   This sweater coat is the answer to your cravings.  Throw away your polar fleece and put on some nice thick wool.  Stay deeply warm wearing natural fibers.  The best part: The collar is not attached to the coat.  It can be worn as a seperate piece on a sweater, dress or to jazz up a plain coat.  The coat has a zip up stand collar underneath the shawl collar.  Amazingly practical for the winter to come.

$539 one left in Large

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 This is me in 1985.  I was 10.  I’ve been a witch ever since.

Witches make magic happen, they manifest things, they live their lives surrounded by women, they organize their community, they cook big pots of food, and they have very edgy style.

To all my fellow witches:  Happy Samhain!


So much work goes into getting the circles perfectly round, the stitching symmetrical and the position pleasing to the eye.  The final appliqué looks effortless, artistic and attractive.  If only you knew the headaches, conversations and meetings this particular design has caused in the studio…and yet, I will be adding it to more Fall 2012 items since it’s appeal is powerful.  It has a chakra-like reference that I see only now.  Really, I was going for a classy, non-floral, referencing luxury and warmth.



This whole post was inspired by a silly moment at the Boutique.  Victoria was wearing the new ear muffs and laughing at herself in the mirror.  “Take a picture!  Take a picture!”  they yelled.  Afterwards, I made Chantal and Carol model their favourite colours.

We have these new deliscious ear muffs in various shades of grey and brown, as well as red, purple, blue, black and white.  They retail for $77 and will keep your head feeling cozy as the winter wind is just around the corner.



 This is a sampling of the artwork by Frederique Morrel.  To see more of her work got to her website.  I have a huge appreciation for artists that make time consuming labour intensive work.  The textile arts have become very undervalued in the past few hundred years.  It seems like everyone assumes that machines are making things, but there is a person operating every sewing machine.  These creatures are modern momento mori in which no animals were harmed (always a bonus!).  The combination of old craft and  traditional imagery makes these sculptures very familiar in a wierd way.  It is like they have always existed.  I feel like I have seen them before even though they are new to our culture of contemporary crafts.  I think the references to kitchy folklore makes them extra appealing. 


Ohh this dress is so so pretty.  Look, it made me dance around in the alley.

It is from our latest shipment of Ivko goodies.

The bibi (by MonBibi) is $35.50 and the wristies (made in the KL studio) are $39.00.  More wristies below.

This is my new “Lune” blazer.  It matches many of my Fall collection skirts and pants.  It comes in black with white stitching,  bright cherry red, soft textured denim, kaki with turquoise and heathered pink.  Here I am wearing the navy with red stitching and the new Ivko bubble mini.


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This is the Fall 2012 merino wool Ivko skirt.  It comes in three colours, but I have been selling them better as ponchos than as skirts.  The waistband makes a beautiful neckline and it is perfect for warming your shoulders in the Fall weather.  Have a look.  I did a little modelling for you.


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I love Halloween.  I love the day of the Dead.  I love all folk art especially when it is connected to spiritual cultural events.  The challenge for me, as both a fashion designer and a costume designer, is to keep these two domains separate.  I wanted to make a statement for Halloween that is still highly fashion.  An evening at the kitchen table with my craft supplies resulted in these masks.   I painted them with acrylic on plaster.  Then applied lots of glitter (even the black is glitter).



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