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Redingote $199

Jupe $149

foulard laine $89

scarfette $8 chaque/ 2 pour $13


 Bibi en plume de Monbibi $49

Camisole Samui de KL $119

Veste rouge KL $134

Sac à main en soie KL $240-25%

Jeans de AG $235


Have I mentioned how great it is to be this warm in the winter!  And to be pretty and colourful!  This coat is made of the softest thick wool imaginable.   You can wear it directly against your skin without it feeling scratchy.  You can pull the collar up and it becomes a hood.

It is extra magical because it also wards off the EVIL EYE.  If you look closely, you will see the row of eyes down the centre with eyelashes and blue centres.


disponible en gris  $250, noir $215, et prune $199

(sorry, I had posted the wrong price last month)


Here’s a crafty project for you.

It requires a field trip to the forest with some plastic bags and a shovel.  Depending on how long you want your moss to live, try to take as much topsoil as possible when you are collecting the moss.  It is fun to collect a variety of different colours and textures so that you can have fun building a little landscape when you plant them.

If you don’t feel like building a custom moss box, you can also arrange your moss on a plate, a platter or a glass bowl that will also show the soil below.  If you do go with a wooden container, you will need to line the box with plastic.  It is best to use the heavy duty garbage bags.

Moss likes moisture.  Buy yourself a spray mister so that you can gently mist your moss every day (as many times as you can remember to!)

Embellish with Candles, Christmas decorations or …pets!


What she’s wearing:

Accessory around neck: scarfette $8

Navy linen vest: $175

Wristies: $39

Skirt with wool appliqué: $160

Navy is just another black.  Blue black.  Don’t be afraid of it Montrealers.  I know you are addicted to black, but navy is just a softer more daytime version of black. Wear it with red and you make the colour shine.  Wear it with white and you look summery and nautical.  Wear it with mustard or lemon or yellow and you will be making a very avant garde fashion statement.  “But I don’t have navy shoes” I hear you say.  So what!  Just wear black tights and black shoes, or better yet knee-high brown boots.  Now go out into the world fearlessly.  Navy is your friend.  It makes rosy cheeks look rosier. In the deep of winter you will look less pale.  Best of all,  it’s a classic.

How to wear a VEST:  The vest is a sexy top on it’s own.  I mean it.  It’s got that “I’m naked underneath appeal.”  (even with a cami) It is perfect for Holiday office parties because it allows you to feel hot while looking professional.  The vest is also great for layering.  Wear it over a collared shirt for the cute sexy librarian intellectual look.  Wear it over a loose gypsy blouse for that masculine meets feminine appeal.  Wear it over a flowery dress and it changes everything; now that dress has become a suit.  Wear it under a blazer for the double breasted effect.  I tell you, it is endless.  If you ever find a vest that fits your feminine forms and makes you feel sexy (i.e. it does NOT flatten your bust), you must buy it.  It will last you a lifetime and never go out of style.


What she’s wearing head to knee:

Katrin Leblond Bibi $90

Lune jacket in soft heathered blue knit $134

Snow skirt in grey tweed knit $150




What she’s wearing:

Black and white dress with egyptian collar $250

Red fur ear muffs $77


What Cathy is wearing:

Black and white striped sexy dress $129

Red wing pant (also available in black and denim) $99


If there ever was a forest fairy fashion show, these dresses would be haute couture.  They put me in the best mood.  And as you can see from the last two pictures, they are not just props, or fakes made to look like dresses, they are truly wearable.  Uncomfortable?…maybe a little prickley?  Sure.  But they are real dresses that happen to be made from natural raw materials.

I made a veggie necklace once.  I had to keep it in the fridge and then I wore it to a textile event, and then to work the next day (back when I was a sales rep. at Telio & Cie.)  It got a lot of attention and it was great for making conversation.  It was also a lot of work.  When I see these dresses I see hundreds of hours of work.  By the time you have finished the second one, the first one is shrivelled and mouldy.   It is astonishing to me how she manages to build a group and time it so that they can all be released in a show looking fresh.



It is no surprise to me that Halloween and the Day of the Dead are one day apart.   This is the seasonal time when things shift, plants die, seasons change.  I’m going to keep this simple.  Here are a few ideas for how you could celebrate this unique time:

1.  Go for a walk in the cemetery:  go alone or go with your family.  Look at the tombstones.  Pay your respects to the dead.  Enjoy their company, whoever they were.

2. Jump in the leaves:  Rake them into a big pile.  Listen to the crunchy sound they make.  Jump in them.  Kick them.  Throw them.

3. Take a look at pictures of your elders or grandparents:  Look through old photos or albums.  Share stories.  Write down names that you remember and how they were related to each other.  The family tree will be easier for future generations to reconstruct that way.

4.  Look at the night sky: Put on a warm jacket, or better yet grab a sleeping bag and go look at the night sky.  Do it in the city or in the country.  See clouds or see stars.  See whatever you see.  Take 10 minutes away from your warm indoors and feel the cool evening of the Fall.

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