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This delightful woman walked into my store and decided try on my new short wedding dress… what resulted was a spontaneous fashionista moment m16 walk.  I added the bibi (fascinator/headpiece), the cardigan and the nude leaf embellished shoes and she was so stunning we all decided it was time for a little fashion shoot on St-Laurent 기타악보 다운로드.  The sun had come out after days of rain and I took advantage of the beautiful moment and the beautiful girl!


Bring out your killer instinct in the KILLER WHALE DRESS!

Need a dress to give you a little more backbone and courage Pediatric Psychiatry?  This is it!

Deep-black cotton base with appliqué and stitching in white Download Division 2.  This is not a print!  This is all done on the sewing machine!  Oh yeah!

Where did the idea come from?

 My husband Mike was watching “Whale Wars”, a reality TV show about the hard-core activists that brave the arctic trying to disarm illegal whaling ships 퀸덤 8화 다운로드.  He said I should make a whale dress.  So here it is.

 Tunic or dress you decide…also depends how tall you are and how much leg you like to show gauce.  Either way, it will always work with leggings or skinny jeans.

Sizes XS-S-M-L $165 (fair price for a truly unique piece of textile art!)



We are working on this year’s Circus Smirkus costumes at the studio.  It is my 6th year designing and making costumes for the whole production 마법 공학 다운로드.  It’s an intensely creative time, and just about the only time of year where I make anything for men.  This year’s theme has me working with a lot of green fabric…every shade of green oracle client 64bit 다운로드.  On studio days, I find myself wearing green from head to toe.  Not even on purpose!

Below are two pictures from past years 아라의 당구홀릭 다운로드.  I was particularly fond of the purple tunic with gold painted circles and cutout holes.

I will post pictures later in the summer once I am allowed to 한글 2017 무료 다운로드.  For now, it is all top secret.

클래식 flac 다운로드

Surprisingly versatile, I have been getting a lot of wear from my banana yellow skinny jeans 삼성 노트북 다운로드.  Also available in pink (so cute!) and turquoise (I admit, I got the turquoise ones too) and seafoam (want!)

Combine them with the “Romantic” blouse for the look I am wearing above Download Brain Typhoon.  Romantic blouse comes in various prints:  red paisley, hummingbirds (above), feather mandala, oversize floral, and indigo shibori.

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