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Mike and I have started a little side business…. We have two apartments on beautiful rue Esplanade that we have fixed up and decorated, and we are renting them out on airbnb (see links on the right side of the page) 슈퍼 세듀서 다운로드. Obviously, we can’t just furnish the place with any ‘ole furniture, so we are making it funky.  We have been re-painting and re-upholstering antique chairs.  I have been making all the bedding and …drum-roll please…..Mike and I are painting all the artwork for the walls youtube songs.

Our kitchen table turned into an art studio after Victoria goes to bed.  The best part is, we have been painting together, both working on the same canvas.  Some pieces are more geometric and some more painterly, but all are colorful and joyful 이모디오 다운로드.

If you have family or friends coming to town and you need to know where to send them, let us host them for you!! Wow English client download!


Taken during a fitting in the change rooms of my store, this is the biggest crinoline I have ever made!

 She is getting married this summer and her wedding is going to be a big summer pic-nic wlanapi.dll.  She plans on sitting in the grass (or on a pic-nic blanket)  sipping champagne surrounded by tulle and loved ones.

What she is wearing:  Ivory bustier embellished with lace, sequins and beads 리눅스 와이어샤크 다운로드.  Custom made circle skirt with built in crinoline of yellow and lettuce green.

Here are the hilarious pictures of the crinoline getting made in my beautiful sunny studio fishing mania.  You can feel the vibe from these pictures below and you can tell that it was made with love!

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