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Every now and then I let myself get carried away with some unreasonable project that will take far too long to execute and that is when we make art here in the studio.  A few examples are here for you to see (and click on if you want to purchase).  The cat skirt is a second edition and comes in a black or charcoal ground.  The influence was a pop art. The mermaid skirt is the vision of our current intern Emma Bootman.  She has a great artistic eye.

Mermaid Skirt Katrin Leblond DIDI0403160149Cat Skirt Katrin LeblondCat skirt Katrin Leblond

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  • Me and my studio team rocking our new aprons made
  • New linen Jumpsuit 7 colours With pockets Hallelujah!
  • New ivko Fall 20192020 collection has arrived in store and
  • New arrivals! Dress those ankles in artworks by French made
  • Lying at the roots of this giant tree in the

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