All photos in this post were found and pulled from the web by Kat

I am bedding designer.

I love sleeping.

Here are some of my favourite beds.

They are art.  They are inspiration.  The winds are blowing cooler and it is time to nest.

Above is the “Apple tree” bed by Atilla design

This is a bed I have imagined in my mind and wanted to build myself one day.  Looks like someone else had the same idea.

Above is the “Tree” bed by Shawn Lovell.  It is cast iron.

These hand painted lovelies are made by a company called Sticks Beds

I found the pictures of these built in cubbyhole beds and they have a really cozy feeling.  They remind me of traveling and of my childhood fairytale fantasies.

I would love to build something like this in a child’s room.

Sweet Dreams.

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