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Katrin Leblond, un arrêt printanier obligé

La belle Katrin m’a fait parvenir plusieurs de ses suggestions, mais j’ai retenu la robe « Princesse corail » que je trouve assez spectaculaire. Une robe 100% soie, pour 345$. Elle est merveilleuse non?

Robe « Princesse corail » de Katrin Leblond. 100% soie, pour 345$.
Robe « Princesse corail » de Katrin Leblond. 100% soie, pour 345$.

La boutique Katrin Leblond est un must absolut pour votre magasinage de robe de bal. Vous y trouverez un choix très inspirant de modèles, pour toutes les tailles et toutes les bourses, tant par la designer propriétaire que par les nombreux designers québécois qu’elle accueille dans sa boutique. Ne passez pas à côté des joyeux bibis fabriqués par Katrin elle-même, et les crinolines de fabrication locale qui pourront compléter plusieurs modèles de robe.

Bibi Katrin Leblond, de 45$ à 90$
Bibi Katrin Leblond, de 45$ à 90$

The floral theme and the beautiful colours remind me of  Katrin’s own commitment to colour and flowers in her fashions.



Nous vous faisons un petit clin en envoyant ces photos.  Me voici dans ta creation que je porte lors d’un grand concours de flûte en Europe. Votre robe a presque eu autant de succès que ma performance!
De passage à Montréal, je ne manquerai pas de venir voir vos nouvelles collections!

Charlotte Bletton


Primed in bold colours, with all the subtlety laid on in layers.  Her work nods to impressionists like Monet and the group of Seven but offers it’s very own distinct contemporary and feminine eye.  Already housed in the collections of top politicians and companies like Bombardier and Hydro Quebec, this well affiliated artist’s work is virtually guaranteed to exponentially acquire value.  If ever you thought of dabbling in the potentially lucrative business of art collecting this is the artist to buy.  A limited selection of Madelaine’s paintings are available for viewing at the boutique.



This is the last of my Artforms in Nature posts.  I have really paid a tribute to artist and naturalist Ernst Haeckel.  I leave you with a beautiful series of full colour plates showcasing larger lifeforms.  Some might not seem so beautiful at first (the frogs!!!), but I insist, there is inspiration there for someone.

The orchids are just incredible.  I made a series of dresses once for the Cirque du Soleil based on orchids.  Below are two dresses by Michelle Ferranti that served as my inspiration for that project.

Here are the frogs!!  Ha ha!  They are so hideous and yet i have nothing against frogs.  Actually, I think frogs are pretty important and I own a pair of little gold frog stud earrings that are quite delightful.  We all loved Kermit the frog.  Below I have added the image of a dress by John Galliano that seems kind of froggy to me.

This plate is classic Faberge egg inspiration.  It is just so perferct.  Look at he symmetry and ornament and texture.

You don’t need to be a genius to be an artist.  You just need to take the time to do it.  A lot of the work that I do is detail oriented and time consuming.  Other designers look at my work and think I’m crazy to be cutting out shapes, making stencils and drawing with thread.  But to me, it’s just what I do.  Come see the new Spring 2011 collection at the boutique.  I have been adding new styles every week.



It seems I am not the only designer totally inspired by Haeckel’s art.  Below you will see the most incredible dress by artists/designer Toolgrrl (that is her etsy name).

It’s inspired by an Ernst Haeckel illustration of a stinkhorn fungus from the 19th century. The relationship this piece has with the environment isn’t just limited to mushrooms, though, as every inch of the dress is made with recycled materials.

And now for some mushroom art that fits into our everyday.  This is the new toadstool skirt that we are currently selling at the boutique.  It is playful and clearly a reminder of the fact that Spring is on its way.  YAY!


How many of you have sea shells in your bathroom?  I know I do.  I even have starfish spray painted silver and driftwood that I lugged home from vacation.  This post explores the connection between Nature, as illustrated by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, and our desire to surround ourselves with objects from the ocean.

Below are some amazing contemporary furniture designs by a company called ARKTURA.  I am totally smitten with the lines and shadows that these pieces cast.  I am also a fan of the colour options they provide…what not just black and chrome?, but also plum, red and aqua…how do I choose?

a little bit of the real thing in pink and purple and red ( may favourite colours)…

…and a little bit of happy homemaker throwing an ocean themed dinner party!

photo by Jeffrey N Jeffords

Below are the sqid pages.  mmm, yum!

We have this pin in the store.  It is by an American artist called MamasLittleBabies.

Now this tops it all for me.  Michelle McCoskey has crochet this squid scarf.  I can’t say that I would wear it, but i was thrilled when I found theses images online and I hope you enjoy the ridiculousness and effort that went into making this masterpiece of crafty kitsch!


I find this woman and her dress very inspiring.  She is stunningly beautiful and her pose is very masculine and confident.  Her dress is a total work of art!  I would love to know who this woman is.  Is she an artists or a designer posing for a story?  If anyone knows who she is, I am curious.  Please leave a comment.


This is now in my top two favourite costumes of all times.  It was comissioned for hoola hoop artist Danièle Béchard.  She was a delight to design for and I was very inspired when I was making this little number.  She wanted a skirt that she could roll her hoops up over without getting caught in it.  She needed it to be washable, durable and yet still look luxurious and sexy.  The initial challenge was convincing her to add a contrast colour outside of the red/black colour palette that we had decided upon.  I knew that we would need blues and cools to make the red pop (pink was not an option for Daniele…she hates it) and so all of the stitching and embellishments are done with turquoise, blue, lavender and white for highlights.  There is a lace up in the back that we cannot see in these pictures.


More bibis!


Our creative process has evolved a lot as our team has evolved.   This is what our collection boards look like.  We move the mini mock ups of the pieces we are designing around on the board and find our matching out fits and plan delivery to store dates so that when the items finally  come to you they are  ready to pop into your wardrobe as single items or even better as complete outfits.

These are mock ups of our March first delivery group.  Lots of black and white accented with roses.   Pops of garden green and lime with fuschia and hot pink and peachy rose.  Playful pieces to prep you for a great summer ahead.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



Photos by Madelaine TurgeonThank you Colette for another beautiful event.  Thank you Montango dancers for your grace and poetry.  Thank you everyone who came to this special event.

Your life is your most powerful art.   See you at the boutique.



I have many pairs of WAWA tickets for you ladies.

The show is February 26th, 8pm

Here’s what you do to enter the draw:

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Here is my take-two on the analyses of how artists are influenced by Nature.  Sometimes we really stretch the truth, but sometimes the source of our inspiration is very close indeed.  I have included two other artists in this series:  Alexander McQueen (17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010) and Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932).   McQueen, who died last year, was one of the best headpiece designers of all time.  Below, I have included photos that seem to be directly influenced by the shapes and forms in Haeckels prints.

This is from McQueens SS 2008 collection.

I mean, really?  Is this not totally crazy awesome to see how closely linked all creativity is!  We are all drinking from the same creative well!

Also SS2008 McQueen

These three images really need to all be looked at together. Above we have shapes that look to me like armour, shields and Samurai headpieces.  Below we have another McQueen headpiece from his last collection FW 2011.  Then below that, I have inserted three photos from early nature photographer Karl Blossfeldt.  The references are stunning!

German photographer Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932) worked in Berlin and  is best known for his close-up photographs of plants.  It is documented that he was influenced by the the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel as a scientist and artist.


I love this book Kunst-Formen der Natur (Art Forms in Nature)

The artwork is so inspiring.  It was illustarted by Ernst Haeckel, 1898.

I think there is something really interesting about the lacy intricacies of these drawings.

Nature is my ultimate source of inspiration for everything from embellishments to business management.  All the answers exist in Nature.

This book of illustrations will appear to you over 6 blog posts….the last being images of larger lifeforms.

It is a wonderful book, in the public domain, which features all sorts of illustrations of the natural world.  I scanned my personal copy to share with you page by page I have also included all sorts of images from architecture to stained glass that seem to be directly drawing their inspiration from the natural world.

Curvy lines and fancy squiggles ….these creatures could be Rococo carvings in a Parisian church covered in gold leaf.

And here i have added an image of the Tassel House staircase, an art-nouveau building in Brussels.  I feel the jelly fish lines and the art Nouveau lines have a lot in common.

All we need is Nature.  For every design, every line and every problem, I feel we could find all the answers in Nature.  Below is a stockphoto of stained glass that could be directly referencing the illustrations of  Ernst Haeckel.  And yet, those illustrations were done directly from observation.

photo by Paul Cummings

I feel we all need to show our appreciation for Nature and artists especially so.  Thank you Monther Earth.

And, thank you Ernst Haeckel for taking the time a 100 years ago to make these beautiful drawings.


Meet Claude, a local Montreal legend.  Sometimes you can find him, sometimes you can’t.  He can freestyle amazing script and perfectly copies fonts.  He’s great at what he does.  He works in oil paints and most people hire him for permanent window text, but I hired him to do my Christmas window.  It took two days and he smoked many many cigarettes (not in the store!).  He stood back to measure and look at his work.  I wanted it to happen faster, but perfection was his vice and so he took his time and made it great.

Here you can see the big bows that he painted above each window.  These were inspired from old art deco posters.  I wanted to make the windows look like gifts and everything in the store is in the box with a big bow on top.

After he was done with the window, I asked him to make me a new sandwich board.  He hummed and hawed.  He needs the work, but grumbles a bit along the way.  I think he did a spectacular job on the sandwich board.  I love it so much!


I would have used them in my dollhouse, for my barbies and made fashion jewelry with them too.  I have been crafting for so long, that my collection of craft supplies requires more space than my collection of shoes.  (But I am working on that, trying to buy more shoes and use up old supplies.)  These little handbags are just so great.  I have always been fascinated by the people who make things mini.  They are so attractive to me.   They are a completely frivolous contrast to my need as an artist to make functional art.



Because ideas don’t emerge from a vacuum.   We create in a community.

The artist expresses a distilled idea culled from the pulsing, flowing, churning well of our collective experience and reflections.

Our shared experiences lead the artists of our communities to reflect on common themes in a kaleidoscope of variations providing interesting parallels.

I find it so much more interesting to dress in many artists than to simply build my whole out fit from one designer.  That is why I choose to offer over 75 different designers in the store.  Sure its more work, but its worth it.

I try and find artist who communicate an interesting dialogue  with their own work and that of  Katrin’s.  I love finding great outfits among the offerings of so many different artists.  I love how each outfit created can belong entirely to the person who is wearing it in part because the combination they have selected is theirs alone.

When you buy from within your community you are already part of the art at its inception.  The art belongs in part to you and you are part of  art, the artist, and the community.  The  reach of the communal net begins at home and extends out around the wold.

At boutique Katrin Leblond that means beginning with Kat’s creations and then looking at what is creatively being generated in her immediate neighborhood:  The Plateau, and then looking at the context of that in the greater Montreal area, and then further out in Quebec, and then in Ontario, and the Maritimes, and then the rest of Canada, and then further still, till you are culling a bit from the USA, and a bit from Serbia, or Mexico, or Thailand,or… .  It’s like a fashion rock being thrown into a pond of design ideas.  The biggest splash is at the center and the ripples get lighter and lighter as they move away from the center but they still travel out quieter and quieter as they go across the whole lake.

It’s about dressing yourself while answering the question  “What are you part of?”

Don’t forget…..

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


The store is committed to local.  What does that mean for the store.    How Boutique Katrin Leblond expresses local.

It’s cool to know that there is an artist half way around the world sharing an interest in similar visual themes to a collection that Kat is working on here in Montreal.  There is all these great Montreal artists of course we are going to sell their stuff.


Super soft and lovingly made, these belts are built with leather remnants that Genevieve recycles into the magical and practical accessories.  These belts  do a great job of holding up your pants or cinching in the waist on that dress you love.  Use them to jazz up the sweater or coat that you want to wear everyday in as many ways as possible.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



Say goodbye to cold cheeks.  Say goodbye to cold noses and cold chins.  Say goodbye to messy hair and bad hat head.  Say goodbye to winter whining.  Snuggle up in a KAZAK hood.

Let the wind blow.

I have to warn you once you have worn one of  Genevieve Paquette’s hoods you may not wear your hat again.  Fashionably warm yourself in recycled hipness.   Genevieve Paquette brings us her winter collection for 2010-2011.  As always she is consistent about offering winter warming wear that bridges Fairytale Romanticism from urban to country.  The hippie goddess in you will be as warm as the urban hipster and both of your playful sides can comfortably face the Montreal elements with a mischievous smile.

Be bold.  Be mysterious.  Be rebellious.  Be sweet.  Stay toasty warm while being cooler than cool.  Cast a love spell.  Carry a poem in your pocket and transform every jacket and coat in your wardrobe by topping it with these gracious hoods.

Genevieve’s hoods are available with recycled fur for $88 or in a non fur version for $58.  Come pick up the warmest head gear Montreal has to offer you this winter.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



I have something really great to share with you today.  This is the most inspiring home of Leona Leppers.  We found each other through facebook, magnetically drawn through digital space by our love of colourful things.  I am completely blown away by her sense of style, colour and craftiness.  I wish I could be her friend in the real world of my everyday life.

Let me take you on a little tour of her world of playfulness and joy.

We both have a love for little altar spaces with statuettes and charms and feathers and sparkles.

How can you not love the fuzzy rainbow lamp.  It is such amazing contemporary design!  I sigh with happiness and twinkling eyes.  It makes my eyes happy to look at her work.

Ahhhh, the Guadalupe lamp!  What greatness!  I will never tire of Guadalupe and all objects that relate to her.  I once made a Madonna skirt that was sold at the store on Saint Laurent Blvd a couple years back.

This is a detail of one of Leona’s hats.

This little number is a fabulous take on textile jewelry.  I have been making my fleurette pins for so long, I forgot I could make anything other than flowers.

And here is the great lady herself!  She sits blissfully surrounded by her bags, belts and accessories.

Thank you Leona for being your wonderful self.  You bring joy to the lives of many people and I am inspired by your colourful ways.  Maybe one day we will meet and spend a day crafting together.

She is my far away kindrid spirit.  Frida would be our friend too.  In my imaginary world we could all share a studio and stay late into the evenings designing, painting and sewing to the tunes of Mexican mariachi music.  Oh what a life that would be!



The Montreal native is back  in his hometown for a one week tour, which includes a one day only party and preview presentation of his hand crafted jewelry collection.  Come see some of the most spectacular high quality handcrafted sterling silver and gold pieces.

Alex will be hosting his close friends as well as offering an open invitation to everyone(that means you!) at the boutique on Wednesday November 03.  The party begins at 4:00 pm and goes until 9:00 pm.

Alex swirls elemental, organic, and glamorous, qualities into beautiful jewelry that provides a balance of bold and subtle.

This rose quartz pendant is stunning.

In Montreal, Alex is perhaps best know for his juicy “cherries” ; double stemmed earrings that sometimes look so much like the real thing that you want to eat them.  They are playful and fun.  The details in Alex’s work extend to all aspects of his jewelry.  I love Alex’s ear hooks.  These often overlooked components have extra long hook tails so that when you wear them in your ears they are way less likely to slip out and you don’t need  backings .

I love the organic quality and subtly that hammered by hand brings to his work.

It was a beautiful pair of Alex Lyons earrings that brought me back to earrings after fifteen years of not wearing any.

And Alex puts heart in it all…..

And here is one more pair from Alex’s heart straight to yours…

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



Here is a fun flash back.  These are all still great pieces.  I wish I had bought the floral grey party skirt with the chicken crinoline under skirt. Anyway I liked seeing it again and I thought you would too.


Your life is your most powerful art .  See you at the boutique.



These beautiful hats  have just arrived in store.  Local Montreal artists and Mile end mama of many, Allison Astridge from For whom the cap fits and Fiber Alley, created these by hand working the felt fibers into these feminine and practical winter head warmers.  Natural fibers breath well keep you warm and love you lots.  Include some wool in your wardrobe.  Lots of sheep were loved to make these hats.

These hats are available in a variety of cuddly colours for $88 each at the boutique.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


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