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There is something really magical about popping this great big flower open in the middle of a rain shower.  It instantly brings brightness to a gray day.  I feel like I am offering a moment of surprise and wonder to the people around me when I pop mine open.  I love the quality of the mechanisms: the smooth slide and satisfying pop as it snaps open.  I love the feeling of the wooden handle and the scalloped edge finishing.  I also love the price.  At $37 dollars I think it is a steal for the numerous moments of fantasy it offers and for its fabulous halo of petals.   Get yours at the store now! Quantities are limited and the demand is now.


It is time to start planning your veggie patch.  Have you bought your seeds yet? Please buy heritage NON GMO seeds from the last remaining independant seed distributers.  Here is a link to a local seed distributor from Lanaudiere:


This is the last of my Artforms in Nature posts.  I have really paid a tribute to artist and naturalist Ernst Haeckel.  I leave you with a beautiful series of full colour plates showcasing larger lifeforms.  Some might not seem so beautiful at first (the frogs!!!), but I insist, there is inspiration there for someone.

The orchids are just incredible.  I made a series of dresses once for the Cirque du Soleil based on orchids.  Below are two dresses by Michelle Ferranti that served as my inspiration for that project.

Here are the frogs!!  Ha ha!  They are so hideous and yet i have nothing against frogs.  Actually, I think frogs are pretty important and I own a pair of little gold frog stud earrings that are quite delightful.  We all loved Kermit the frog.  Below I have added the image of a dress by John Galliano that seems kind of froggy to me.

This plate is classic Faberge egg inspiration.  It is just so perferct.  Look at he symmetry and ornament and texture.

You don’t need to be a genius to be an artist.  You just need to take the time to do it.  A lot of the work that I do is detail oriented and time consuming.  Other designers look at my work and think I’m crazy to be cutting out shapes, making stencils and drawing with thread.  But to me, it’s just what I do.  Come see the new Spring 2011 collection at the boutique.  I have been adding new styles every week.



Are you feeling the pastels yet?  Are there easter eggs on the countertop at the depanneur?  If you are not into the commercial hype of Western holidays, maybe you can find solace in the natural rhythm of the earth.  It’s really just about Spring.  It’s about sprouting, budding, beginning, hatching…it is that moment on the cusp of growth.  It’s about birth.  Or shall we say re-birth, since Winter will come again and then another Spring will kindle re-birth again.

These images are for you to savour.  Taste them as if you are eating a meringue.  Let them melt on your tongue.  As much as they are about high-fashion, they are absolutely not about the clothes.  They are a feeling, a mood, a moment.  The crumbling broken statues and columns evoke a feeling of walking among the ruins of an old temple.  The light and the colours are fresh.  It is the morning.  The day is new.

I see a still moment.  A moment to breathe.  A time out.  A little gift of time alone with yourself.  Just look out the window and stay there for a few minutes.  Your nervous system will adjust to the slower rhythm, the lack of stimulation.  Try.  See how hard it is to do that.

And here is a little facial tip from Michelle Phan.  She is my make-up teacher.  I came to make-up late in life (like, last year) and have been really enjoying playing with colours and powders thanks to her.



This magical dress is the last of it’s kind.  The production was a very small run.  I think I only made six dresses.  One of them was purchased as a wedding dress by a beautiful older woman getting married for the first time in her 50′s.  Here is the last dress.  If I remember well, it is a small….maybe a medium.  If it is meant for you, here it is waiting in the shining spot light.




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We have been excitedly anticipating new Ivko pieces.  They are finally here!  Coming to us all the way from Serbia.  These Incredible knit wear designs are covered in beautiful pattern, exquisitely made using top quality yarns.  The spring collection offers beautiful styles in linens and cottons.


It seems I am not the only designer totally inspired by Haeckel’s art.  Below you will see the most incredible dress by artists/designer Toolgrrl (that is her etsy name).

It’s inspired by an Ernst Haeckel illustration of a stinkhorn fungus from the 19th century. The relationship this piece has with the environment isn’t just limited to mushrooms, though, as every inch of the dress is made with recycled materials.

And now for some mushroom art that fits into our everyday.  This is the new toadstool skirt that we are currently selling at the boutique.  It is playful and clearly a reminder of the fact that Spring is on its way.  YAY!


How many of you have sea shells in your bathroom?  I know I do.  I even have starfish spray painted silver and driftwood that I lugged home from vacation.  This post explores the connection between Nature, as illustrated by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, and our desire to surround ourselves with objects from the ocean.

Below are some amazing contemporary furniture designs by a company called ARKTURA.  I am totally smitten with the lines and shadows that these pieces cast.  I am also a fan of the colour options they provide…what not just black and chrome?, but also plum, red and aqua…how do I choose?

a little bit of the real thing in pink and purple and red ( may favourite colours)…

…and a little bit of happy homemaker throwing an ocean themed dinner party!

photo by Jeffrey N Jeffords

Below are the sqid pages.  mmm, yum!

We have this pin in the store.  It is by an American artist called MamasLittleBabies.

Now this tops it all for me.  Michelle McCoskey has crochet this squid scarf.  I can’t say that I would wear it, but i was thrilled when I found theses images online and I hope you enjoy the ridiculousness and effort that went into making this masterpiece of crafty kitsch!


I find this woman and her dress very inspiring.  She is stunningly beautiful and her pose is very masculine and confident.  Her dress is a total work of art!  I would love to know who this woman is.  Is she an artists or a designer posing for a story?  If anyone knows who she is, I am curious.  Please leave a comment.


This is now in my top two favourite costumes of all times.  It was comissioned for hoola hoop artist Danièle Béchard.  She was a delight to design for and I was very inspired when I was making this little number.  She wanted a skirt that she could roll her hoops up over without getting caught in it.  She needed it to be washable, durable and yet still look luxurious and sexy.  The initial challenge was convincing her to add a contrast colour outside of the red/black colour palette that we had decided upon.  I knew that we would need blues and cools to make the red pop (pink was not an option for Daniele…she hates it) and so all of the stitching and embellishments are done with turquoise, blue, lavender and white for highlights.  There is a lace up in the back that we cannot see in these pictures.


Remember the Rainbow Bride, well here she is again!  She sent me photos from her destination wedding and it really looks like a dream.  The inspiration for the dress was colour colour colour with a little bit of playful and a lot of whimsey.  The gown is a fully corseted bodice with rosette and leaf appliqué at the neckline.  The petticoat was made from all different colours of tulle with an overlay of mossy green tulle to subdue them all and harmonize the rainbow.  The ribbons at the hem added a little bit of gypsy folklore and are some of my favourite ribbons from my private collection.  I dig deep into the good stuff when I am making a special order dress.  The butterfly sequins are all hand cut and appliquéd onto the skirt of the dress.  This is one of my all time favourite wedding dresses.  It suits Betsey and fit her beautifully.

Betsy, I just love how the cake matches it all.  It looks like it was a truly magnificent wedding day and you and your hubby look very well matched.  I wish you a magical journey into married life and I hope you are laughing together into old age. – Kat


More bibis!


Starting from $8 and ranging all the way up to $390 (item not pictured here) Katrin Leblond Boutique’s  bags and totes are colorful fun for your wardrobe.  Come by and find the one that is right for you.  We also have eco bags for $3.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



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Are you tired of Ernst Haeckel yet?  I’m not.  I think his are some of the best illustrations from Nature I have ever seen.  I love the attention to layout on the page…how he created shading and shapes that stand on their own as a work of art.

The first image is of moths.  They are soft and fluffy and every hair is delicately rendered.  Imagine the time it took to illustrate all of these.

And now for some Mothy jewelry.  We just got these in the store.  We have moth necklaces and octopus pins…oh and there is a Jellyfish necklace that is oh-so Ernst Haeckel.

The second image of the shells made me think of the experimental fashion by  Swedish fashion designer Julia Krantz.  These shell garments are made of  translucent fabrics draped over metal frames.  This was done as aschool project at HDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We’ve all seen trilobite fossils as kids.  They must have been numerous back in the day (millions of years ago) for there to be such an abundance of fossils around being found. and sold  for a few dollars.   Below Haeckel’s trilobite drawings, I have attached the image of a dress that to me looks like it was inspired by arthropods.  The layers are like the sections of a hard shelled creature.  The beauty of it lies in the perfect cusp between soft and hard.  The dress holds it’s form, but doesn’t look too stiff.  I think it is really gorgeous.

Trilobite Dress by: Wesley Nault+Daniel Feld

Hope you enjoyed another viewing of art, crafts and nature.  Where does one begin and the other end?  Is it all the same?  Sometimes I believe that what we (humans) craft is not separate from, but a part, of the big organism we call Earth.  We often assign value to what we craft: good or bad, expensive or cheap, destructive or ecological.  What really matters though, is do you feel joyful?  Is there a happy moment in every day that you live?  If you need to find a happy moment outside of yourself, you can always come to the store for a little drop in, a hug or a cup of tea.

4647 blvd.  St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, H2T1R2, 514-678-9616

Katrin Leblond


This is the second post of a new thread on this blog called The Goddess Series, profiling goddesses from all different cultures and finding a little place for them at our Boutique.

This week’s Goddess: Diana the Huntress.


Diana, Goddess of the Hunt

Diana: Who is she?

Diana is the Roman Goddess of the Hunt.   Clothed in animal skins and dwelling deep in forests of oak, she represents creation, motherhood, and all earthly survival instincts. Diana is a huntress, which means she is ever-moving. She elusive and evading, keeping company with the sacred forests, and evading the grasp of those who might want to claim her for their own.

Her solitary, mysterious nature has led her also to be associated with chastity and virginity. She is also a lunar goddess in many cultures.


Introverted and elusive, Diana prefers the deep forests to the company of others

What Does Diana teach us?

Diana is the wild-woman spirit within each of us. She is present when we feel intuitive connections to land, or when we feel deep survival instincts towards ourselves or our kin. She is the power behind pregnancy and women’s physical mysteries. Diana teaches us to trust our wild side, follow our instincts, and delve into the shadows of our psychic lives.


Where Diana Lives at Boutique Katrin Leblond

Diana can be found in the earth tones of Katrin Leblond’s new spring collection, wearing prints that celebrate the health of our planet. She can be found in the knitted shawls, scarves and ponchos that envelop women in warmth and give us a touch of mystery.   She can be found in the hearts of every woman that leaves the dressing room, feeling like they’ve just unleashed a hidden side of themselves with the new garments they’ve found.

print from spring collection

A print from our new spring collection, celebrating native women

earth tones

Earth tones abound in our new spring collection


Knitwear evokes feelings of both earthiness and mystery

Express your beauty as you are.   Dance in your kitchen and sing to the stars.

Sarah Pearson


Here is my take-two on the analyses of how artists are influenced by Nature.  Sometimes we really stretch the truth, but sometimes the source of our inspiration is very close indeed.  I have included two other artists in this series:  Alexander McQueen (17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010) and Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932).   McQueen, who died last year, was one of the best headpiece designers of all time.  Below, I have included photos that seem to be directly influenced by the shapes and forms in Haeckels prints.

This is from McQueens SS 2008 collection.

I mean, really?  Is this not totally crazy awesome to see how closely linked all creativity is!  We are all drinking from the same creative well!

Also SS2008 McQueen

These three images really need to all be looked at together. Above we have shapes that look to me like armour, shields and Samurai headpieces.  Below we have another McQueen headpiece from his last collection FW 2011.  Then below that, I have inserted three photos from early nature photographer Karl Blossfeldt.  The references are stunning!

German photographer Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932) worked in Berlin and  is best known for his close-up photographs of plants.  It is documented that he was influenced by the the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel as a scientist and artist.


This was the first wedding dress I ever made!  And it’s red!  It was for the late December wedding of my dear friend Djahane and she wanted to feel like a snow queen.  I embroidered fluffy stars swirling around a large white mohair tree.  The ivory velvet jacket had red silk roses on the front.

I also made the groom’s tie, seven little boy bow-ties and two red sashes for the flower girls.  I love the contrast between the blue shirts and the red ties!

Below is the fabulous Ali Luminescent.  She is a multi-skilled performance artist and circus performer.  She is wearing the blue Jolly top from Spring 2010 in this shot.  I think the whole composition of the shot is great!


Here is a little peek inside my closet.

As I dig out my winter clothes and re-organize my mittens, i noticed how pretty some of the colours looked and thought i would share them with y’all.  Below is my accessories drawer for mittens and scarves.  At the top left is the unicorn scarf (still available at the store) and next to it is one of Colette Van Haaren’s amazing knitted pieces.

Here are my belts.  I guess I don’t wear a lot of belts, but you can see my travel belt folded up with the sunset stitched over the water.  My travel belt was detailed in an earlier post.  It is an embroidered belt in which I documented a trip across Canada through stitching.

Here are my handbags all piled up.

And my long dresses including Vintage Fairyesque and Ana Sui.

The most important drawer of all: BIKINIS.

The skirt bikini, a little number I released way to late last summer, is available again at the store for all you snow birds.

From left to right: Cozy coat 2009, Ivko coat (two left in L and XL), Purple and Red Velvet coats…still some left at the store on sale now at 1/2 price and of course my purple parka!  Wish I could design parkas, that would be fun.

Silk scarves in multi colours and textures are a must have for summer and travel.  Cover your hair when you enter a church in Italy or visit a temple in Thailand.  Add a touch of colour to a simple summer dress.  Identify your luggage as it travels with you around the world.  Collect them and enjoy the luxury of soft shiny silk.

The minute I installed these shelves for my shoes, i knew it would not be enough room for them all.  So, these are just my summer shoes and …just the pretty ones.

Now go buy some colourful clothes so that you too can have a princess closet!




These are my new curtains!  They are hanging in my dining room and they cover a set of doors that lead to our deck.  I wanted to create something that wasn’t too girly (for Mike’s sake) and that still looked stunning.  Mission accomplished.

My patternist at the studio lovingly assembled the panels for me.  The whole curtain is made with box pleats.  At the top they are tacked open and closed to create this diamond effect.  When the sun shines through it is amazing.

In between the white linen panels are colourful strips of fabric from Thailand and Africa.

They took four days to make.  The process was interesting as we had to do a lot of calculations and planning before we started.  Most curtains are 1 1/2 to 2 times wider than the space they cover, but these ones had to be exact.  All the volume already exists in the design and they did not need extra undulations.  The box pleat back in the coloured fabric is two times wider than the white panels and contains two pin tuck stitches running lengthwise ensuring they always fold into the perfect pleat.  The white panels run the length of the curtain, but the coloured ones are patched so that the diamonds are warm tones of reds and yellows alternating and the long panels are greens and plums and blues.  I had initially made the curtains to narrow and to short which is why they are now framed by wide bands of Thai fabric.  That was one of those happy accidents making them better than the original plan.

These curtains were inspired by a design I saw on a home decor website, but very quickly became a better version of the original.  Having materials with sentimental value from our travels really makes them special for me.  Not to mention, my living room looks much cosier and warmer.


This Frida inspired art is made by Lulu an artist from Frelighsburg, Southern Quebec,  Canada.
I found these sweet paintings while trolling the E world for things to share with you.
Lulu writes in her blog:
I love my life… I love my son Ulysse and my husband Francois and my entire family. I love painting and collaging and drawing and illustrating. I love animals of all kinds, which explains why we have 5 cats, 3 dogs, 6 hens, 2 roosters, an hermit-crab and a turtle.  I love colors, I love gardening, I love Mexico.  I am French, I live in Southern Quebec about 5 minutes from the Vermont border.  I love to laugh and I am pretty much always in a good mood. I talk a lot, this comes from my dad but I hate the telephone.  I love nature, bird nests, rocks, old rusty things. I am curious and will try anything new I have not tried yet.  I love staying in my studio late at night to paint mermaids, fairies, angels, cats, Frida, flowers and so many other things.  I speak French, English and enough Spanish to get around.  I can not live without the ocean and the beach, gotta go taste the salty water at least once a year.  I love pink, I love skulls and skeletons, I love frogs and toads.  I love black licorice and white chocolate.  I love to hike the mountains around and I love to drive my old Volvo. I love my life…
With Lulu’s art you can capture a reminder of a great person in an cute decoration for hanging in your kitchen or hallway or bathroom.

Sometimes Kat wonders why Frida is such a powerful Icon to so many people… so many women.  “In many ways she was strong, courageous, political and creative, but in many ways she was also injured, heartbroken and self-deprecating ” Says Kat.

Kat admires her because of  how she faced life with a fierce passion.

I admire her because she tried to tell the story she knew.  The story of  her self.  There are few things more honest than that.   She didn’t try to pretty her life she tried to tell it the way she felt it.

When I was younger I wanted my art to be truthful and because I felt I could never assume I knew everything about anyone the most truthful art I could make would have to be what I felt about myself.  I ended up doing a lot of self portrait.   In fact one of Kat’s and my first creative collaborative efforts involved her photographing me for a self portrait I was creating about the pain I was feeling in breaking up with my first love.  I  eventually titled the self portrait Offering.  I think it is still the best most truthful painting I have ever made.

Frida’s very personal work ended up making powerful political statements about women, about art itself, about her community, her country, about nature and the environment, about spirit,  about sexuality, and our relationship with ourselves.

I admire Frida for her deep concern for the world around her.  I admire her for her belief that art is in everything you do.  She used to ask her students to set the table and prepare the food and arrange the table with the same consciousness they would paint a painting.  Both were of equal artistic value to her.  That is amazing.

Discovering Frida affirmed for me many of my own ideas about my own art.

She was unapologetic.

She was politically fierce.  Despite what Hollywood would have you believe… She died because she went to a protest against the American occupation while she was already sick.  She was willing to die for her convictions.

The earth, it’s people…justice, peace mattered to Frieda.

Kat’s mother wants her to name a daughter Frida (Kat doesn’t have any children yet and isn’t pregnant but Barbara will be ready!).

some more paintings by Lulu:

The flaming heart really gets me.  I love it!

It is cute, folkloric and yet retains the traditional iconography of Mexico.

This brings to mind the Day of the Dead.   November is a Time of remembering our ancestors.   Kat suggests you go take a walk on the mountain in the cemetery to enjoy the falling leaves.

Happy Autumn!

Thank you Frida for reminding us to be honest with our selves, to live life, to never deny the body, to love passionately, to never give up, to live what you believe in.

for more from lulu check her out at:

I think Frida would have agreed….

Your life is your most powerful art.

See you at the boutique.



The new Ruffle jacket is in.

It is warm and fancy and feminine with pockets hidden in the pleats.

I have made them in Red with Navy scalloped stitch finish and in blue (both shown above).

We have other colours available at the boutique, like the classic version in black with light grey stitched trim and a generously proportioned abalone sea shell button.

But my favourite one is light green with white snowflakes (sorry you have to come to the store to see it).

It is totally ski chalet sitting by the fireplace!


I have something really great to share with you today.  This is the most inspiring home of Leona Leppers.  We found each other through facebook, magnetically drawn through digital space by our love of colourful things.  I am completely blown away by her sense of style, colour and craftiness.  I wish I could be her friend in the real world of my everyday life.

Let me take you on a little tour of her world of playfulness and joy.

We both have a love for little altar spaces with statuettes and charms and feathers and sparkles.

How can you not love the fuzzy rainbow lamp.  It is such amazing contemporary design!  I sigh with happiness and twinkling eyes.  It makes my eyes happy to look at her work.

Ahhhh, the Guadalupe lamp!  What greatness!  I will never tire of Guadalupe and all objects that relate to her.  I once made a Madonna skirt that was sold at the store on Saint Laurent Blvd a couple years back.

This is a detail of one of Leona’s hats.

This little number is a fabulous take on textile jewelry.  I have been making my fleurette pins for so long, I forgot I could make anything other than flowers.

And here is the great lady herself!  She sits blissfully surrounded by her bags, belts and accessories.

Thank you Leona for being your wonderful self.  You bring joy to the lives of many people and I am inspired by your colourful ways.  Maybe one day we will meet and spend a day crafting together.

She is my far away kindrid spirit.  Frida would be our friend too.  In my imaginary world we could all share a studio and stay late into the evenings designing, painting and sewing to the tunes of Mexican mariachi music.  Oh what a life that would be!



Fabulous, Sophisticated, unexpected, playful, fun, glamorous, sensuous……. What is not to love about this dress!

photo by Bryanna Bradley/Montreal Gazette

Marylise Bourke est née en 1976.  Cétte actrice québecoise a travaille’ beaucoup  dans le cinema et au petit ‘ecran.

J’adore les pieds nus!  Gros merci Marilyse de porter si bien ma robe Athena ($325).  Cette robe est disponible aussi en bourgogne, noir et gris pour l’automne.

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