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All Ivko skirts prices range from $189 to $219 Buy now!


Ivko scarf $159 each.  Made from the softest lambswool.


This year browns and blues are strong for Fall.

Just forget about black.

Ignore it.

Look below and you will see why.

These Ivko sweaters and hoodies are both $199 at Boutique Katrin Leblond or in our on-line store.


The crop sweater is for all you ladies who want to show off your waist.  Your true waist.  It brings the eye up and away from the tummy and the hips and low and … drumroll please … behold we see the waist.  Curvaliscious as you are, it is great to draw attention to your best parts.  Throw it over a cute dress, or wear with a pair of jeans, the crop sweater is worth a try.

Ivko bolero $189

shop on-line NOW!


This is Josiane Lacoste:  client who dares!

She had this photo shoot done (and this is not her first) just for the fun of it; just because it makes her feel good.

She is wearing the green Bella dress ( I have one left in XL).


Look no further,
come to KatrinLeblond’s wondrous Boutique
on St. Laurent.

Picolinos shoes on sale $178

Black cerise dress with red dots $199




Gypsy skirt 100% American made cotton, $189




fascinator $90 made by Katrin Leblond (me)

Say hello to purple and turquoise (and Teal for Fall).  It is time to start the transition to Fall.  Keep those jewel tones around but pack up the peach, mint and hot pink.

Take a look in your closet and see if you have anything that you didn’t wear at all this summer.  Make a bag for your friends to go through, or give it to the Renaissance.

Make space.

Create openings.

Feel free.

Fascinator $60

silk flower hair clip $24

boiled wool belt $78


Don’t know what to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?
Come visit Boutique Katrin Leblond
and immerse yourself in a world of colour.
Our doors are always open!

I love IVKO.

You love IVKO.

We all go crazy for IVKO.

Why?  Because it gets cold here and these sweater coats and tunics will keep you cozy and warm.

In store soon.  I promise to send an e-mail when they have arrived.



Shop now!



I love the Virgin of Guadalupe and I don’t really understand why.  I guess it is because she is such a stylish goddess.  She is always portrayed surrounded by glitter and pretty things and lots of colour.  She is the brown skinned Virgin and she is a Mother.

So I tried to make Virgin cookies…..not the best tasting cookies I ever made, but still kinda fun.

I also used the top of an old perfume bottle to emboss roses into the cookie dough.


And now, for a peek at a recent release of the new Fall collection:  the Guadalupe skirt!  Isn’t she just fabulous!

Share the dream
share the fantasy,
visit Katrin Leblond’s fashion boutique!

Purple rainbow cardigan made of Italian mesh $108

Bead and Crystal necklaces by Wendy Thomas

Mohair shawl $49 each (2 for $75, 3 for $90)

Bibi/fascinator by Katrin Leblond $90


Feel a little glum today?
Come visit Boutique Katrin Leblond
and let yourself be pampered.


This is one of my favourite costumes from last year’s Smirkus production.  We stitched all the veins of each leaf mixing silk leaves that we made in the studio with fake maple leaves that i found.  It took a few days of appliquee work.

One that note, the Fall collection is starting to arrive in the store.  Come take a look!


This is a little peek into Gabrielle Adam’s summer vacation travelling Europe.  How cute does she look in her Katrin Leblond designs?

I have just a few of this dress left:  The flirt dress in stripes $115 (I think, from memory) and I am pretty sure I have M and XL in stock.

The best sweater ever by Maillagogo.  Made right here in Montreal. This is a two tone blue cotton knit $140.

Now YOU send me your travel pictures or post them on Facebook on the Katrin Leblond Design page!


Illustrated by Katrin Leblond

screen printed by Studio Big Dog

available at the boutique $60


I know it was months ago and I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but here are my pictures from the opening night of the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Montreal.  It is the all time best show ever!

Go see it!

Don’t miss it!

I was very inspired and have been back to see it again since the opening night.  It was so crazy that night, that invited guests had to line up for hours just to get into the Museum.

The first series of photos below were taken while Krin and I took were in the line up to get into the Museum.


Me wearing a turquoise silk bustier ($158-258) and Russian Bracelet ($12-16) and Silk chiffon scarf ($22-32).

My muse and circus super star Karin Maren Haglund wearing the Purple Bella dress ($278)

This Rosebud necklace is all gypsy and all modern ($248)

The slim fit crinoline in multi reds ($140) available in 12 different colors at Boutique Katrin Leblond 4647 blvd. St-Laurent

The Museum of Fine arts in Montreal decked out in JPG sailor stripes.

Just before we went in to see the show I bumped into Rosie Godbout.  Her atelier is upstairs from mine and she is an incredible textile artist who specializes in felting and makes the most amazing winter coats.

Here we are inside the show admiring and stealing pictures on the down low.

My fave dress above and Krin’s fave below.

the famous Can Can dress was on a catwalk of moving mannekins.  The installation of the show is superb and very fresh.

I leave you with this picture of the most incredible shoe collage:  heels inside wedge sandals!  WOW!




Katrin Leblond, un arrêt printanier obligé

La belle Katrin m’a fait parvenir plusieurs de ses suggestions, mais j’ai retenu la robe « Princesse corail » que je trouve assez spectaculaire. Une robe 100% soie, pour 345$. Elle est merveilleuse non?

Robe « Princesse corail » de Katrin Leblond. 100% soie, pour 345$.
Robe « Princesse corail » de Katrin Leblond. 100% soie, pour 345$.

La boutique Katrin Leblond est un must absolut pour votre magasinage de robe de bal. Vous y trouverez un choix très inspirant de modèles, pour toutes les tailles et toutes les bourses, tant par la designer propriétaire que par les nombreux designers québécois qu’elle accueille dans sa boutique. Ne passez pas à côté des joyeux bibis fabriqués par Katrin elle-même, et les crinolines de fabrication locale qui pourront compléter plusieurs modèles de robe.

Bibi Katrin Leblond, de 45$ à 90$
Bibi Katrin Leblond, de 45$ à 90$

Primed in bold colours, with all the subtlety laid on in layers.  Her work nods to impressionists like Monet and the group of Seven but offers it’s very own distinct contemporary and feminine eye.  Already housed in the collections of top politicians and companies like Bombardier and Hydro Quebec, this well affiliated artist’s work is virtually guaranteed to exponentially acquire value.  If ever you thought of dabbling in the potentially lucrative business of art collecting this is the artist to buy.  A limited selection of Madelaine’s paintings are available for viewing at the boutique.


There is something really magical about popping this great big flower open in the middle of a rain shower.  It instantly brings brightness to a gray day.  I feel like I am offering a moment of surprise and wonder to the people around me when I pop mine open.  I love the quality of the mechanisms: the smooth slide and satisfying pop as it snaps open.  I love the feeling of the wooden handle and the scalloped edge finishing.  I also love the price.  At $37 dollars I think it is a steal for the numerous moments of fantasy it offers and for its fabulous halo of petals.   Get yours at the store now! Quantities are limited and the demand is now.


It is time to start planning your veggie patch.  Have you bought your seeds yet? Please buy heritage NON GMO seeds from the last remaining independant seed distributers.  Here is a link to a local seed distributor from Lanaudiere:


This is the last of my Artforms in Nature posts.  I have really paid a tribute to artist and naturalist Ernst Haeckel.  I leave you with a beautiful series of full colour plates showcasing larger lifeforms.  Some might not seem so beautiful at first (the frogs!!!), but I insist, there is inspiration there for someone.

The orchids are just incredible.  I made a series of dresses once for the Cirque du Soleil based on orchids.  Below are two dresses by Michelle Ferranti that served as my inspiration for that project.

Here are the frogs!!  Ha ha!  They are so hideous and yet i have nothing against frogs.  Actually, I think frogs are pretty important and I own a pair of little gold frog stud earrings that are quite delightful.  We all loved Kermit the frog.  Below I have added the image of a dress by John Galliano that seems kind of froggy to me.

This plate is classic Faberge egg inspiration.  It is just so perferct.  Look at he symmetry and ornament and texture.

You don’t need to be a genius to be an artist.  You just need to take the time to do it.  A lot of the work that I do is detail oriented and time consuming.  Other designers look at my work and think I’m crazy to be cutting out shapes, making stencils and drawing with thread.  But to me, it’s just what I do.  Come see the new Spring 2011 collection at the boutique.  I have been adding new styles every week.



Are you feeling the pastels yet?  Are there easter eggs on the countertop at the depanneur?  If you are not into the commercial hype of Western holidays, maybe you can find solace in the natural rhythm of the earth.  It’s really just about Spring.  It’s about sprouting, budding, beginning, hatching…it is that moment on the cusp of growth.  It’s about birth.  Or shall we say re-birth, since Winter will come again and then another Spring will kindle re-birth again.

These images are for you to savour.  Taste them as if you are eating a meringue.  Let them melt on your tongue.  As much as they are about high-fashion, they are absolutely not about the clothes.  They are a feeling, a mood, a moment.  The crumbling broken statues and columns evoke a feeling of walking among the ruins of an old temple.  The light and the colours are fresh.  It is the morning.  The day is new.

I see a still moment.  A moment to breathe.  A time out.  A little gift of time alone with yourself.  Just look out the window and stay there for a few minutes.  Your nervous system will adjust to the slower rhythm, the lack of stimulation.  Try.  See how hard it is to do that.

And here is a little facial tip from Michelle Phan.  She is my make-up teacher.  I came to make-up late in life (like, last year) and have been really enjoying playing with colours and powders thanks to her.



This magical dress is the last of it’s kind.  The production was a very small run.  I think I only made six dresses.  One of them was purchased as a wedding dress by a beautiful older woman getting married for the first time in her 50’s.  Here is the last dress.  If I remember well, it is a small….maybe a medium.  If it is meant for you, here it is waiting in the shining spot light.




want some IVKO?  No store in your town?

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