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We are working on this year’s Circus Smirkus costumes at the studio.  It is my 6th year designing and making costumes for the whole production 마법 공학 다운로드.  It’s an intensely creative time, and just about the only time of year where I make anything for men.  This year’s theme has me working with a lot of green fabric…every shade of green oracle client 64bit 다운로드.  On studio days, I find myself wearing green from head to toe.  Not even on purpose!

Below are two pictures from past years 아라의 당구홀릭 다운로드.  I was particularly fond of the purple tunic with gold painted circles and cutout holes.

I will post pictures later in the summer once I am allowed to 한글 2017 무료 다운로드.  For now, it is all top secret.


Here are three of the drummers from ODAYA wearing costume sleeves I designed for them embed 동영상 다운로드.  They performed last night at the Rialto theatre for a Women’s day concert.  They were fantastic.  I admire the work they do and love the music they make Download axure rp.  I guess you could say I am a fan.

I feel honoured to have made them these red ribbon sleeves winclon 6 다운로드.  I felt it was important to decorate the part of their bodies that are in motion when they drum.  They looked graceful and powerful.  Below they are doing a song together with Maha choir and other musicians from the whole evening es File Explorer.  It was a great finale!


find ODAYA on facebook

ODAYA website



This project started with a phone call.  Can I make a mermaid dress for a graduation in New Jersey?  Sure.

Grace had been a client last summer mac Sierra. We met at my boutique when she purchased a long black dress with a pink flower print that I designed.  She told me she would be graduating in the study of Fish oils and omega-6 Download the cacao encoding.  Wow!  What we needed was a fish dress, not a mermaid costume.  I was very concerned that we make her a dress she could wear again to other occasions God's Grace.

I started by researching images and colours for Fish oils.

I wanted to build a colour palette around a small piece of “fish scale” fabric that I had designed 10 years ago while working as a textile designer for Tricots Liesse 코듀 게임 랩 다운로드. I guess I saved it for a special occasion like this.

I was able to make a pair of long opera sleeves, so the dress would be sleeveless and floor length ebs 인터넷 강의 다운로드.

 Below you can see the sleeves and the fabric choices, as well as some small silver fish I made out of silk, but didn’t use for the final dress 체인질링 다운로드.

I cut silk chiffon into bias strips and notched them 스프링 다중 파일 다운로드.  This was the water.  On the final dress I distressed the chiffon slightly with a spray bottle of water and frayed the edges a bit.

I found three little green glass fish beads movie hua!  Yoohoo!  Combined with hours of setting Svarovsky crystals, we have ourselves a gala dress!

배틀쉽 다운로드

I found this image on reddit autocad lt.  The costume design blows me away!  I wish I could take credit for it.

Merry Christmas!

mbc 스페셜 다운로드
shake that brass

 This is me in 1985 iPhone software.  I was 10.  I’ve been a witch ever since.

Witches make magic happen, they manifest things, they live their lives surrounded by women, they organize their community, they cook big pots of food, and they have very edgy style 윤종신 오르막길 다운로드.

To all my fellow witches:  Happy Samhain!


 I am so excited 아이의 사생활 다운로드!  This painting is wonderful and colourful and contains one of my dresses!  Today Johanne rang my doorbell asking me to come upstairs to her painting studio to see her latest piece 라이덴5 다운로드.  She was just finishing up.  She hadn’t even signed it yet.  Months and months ago, she borrowed some of my runway dresses for inspiration.

When I saw the painting I screamed 윤식당 다운로드!

This is the original dress 피씨클린 다운로드.  Actually it’s a skirt.  Johanne’s model is wearing it all the way up as a bustier-dress for her painting.

 And here is the artist herself 크롬 어도비 플래시 다운로드.  Johanne Cullen

 Below is another painting that she did based on the same skirt, but she changed the original colours Super Short-term ronpa 2 download.


I love making costumes.  They are challenging, but they are a fun distraction from production and administration.  These are some pics from a costume I made about 6 months ago for Valerie Laplante-Bilodeau, also known as Inertie free music 다운로드.  She is one of the worlds top Cyr Wheel performers and she was looking for a new version of her classic costume.  She had been performing in a whitish-grey flowy pant and halter top combo Ultra Moon download.  We decided to stay with the grey, but add blues and golds and lots of hand sewn svarovski crystals.

These were my materials before I started:

I wanted to use really fancy materials for this one, so I chose some actual designer materials to start off:  Dolce Gabbana and Dior and Gucci textiles Enders game.  Ostrich feathers and Svarovski crystals.

My goal was to make her something sexy, comfortable, textured and fabulous!   I also made the headpiece with handsewn petals, lace and feathers Download chrome version 75.


Getting dressed up for the holidays is another way to get yourself in a festive mood.   I love having a Christmas dress that I wear only once a year jsp table 엑셀 다운로드.   I know it’s an extravagance but it makes the day feel extra special for me.   Every two or three years I buy a new dress for my daughter to wear at holiday time too 사피엔스 다운로드.    It starts our special holiday day off with the ritual of dressing in our special dresses.   Here is a fun way to finish off your special look for when you are ready to join your friends and families Movie for Love Concert.

Your life is your most powerful art 한솔로 스타워즈 스토리 다운로드. See you at the boutique.


whatsapp pc버전 다운로드

The flowers remind me of Frieda’s infamous hairdo that she defiantly wore to to represent the traditions of her people oracle sql.

The Day of the dead is a traditional Mexican holiday to remember and celebrate our ancestors.

손세이셔널 1화 다운로드
this game from Dongle Haron

These are more pictures from the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the MMFA subtitles for Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 6.

This dress struck me because it contains no animal skin at all.  It is a masterpiece of beadwork.  The claws are rhinestones 시간아 천천히 mp3 다운로드.  So awesome.


This is the art of Nicole Dextras queue form.

It is from a group of work called Weedrobes:

“New addition to the Weedrobes Collection: The Maple Flapper Dress symbolizes hope and prosperity for the new immigrant Subway Surfer bug. The 1920’s was an era of liberation for women and here she is seen as a young entrepreneur fresh off the boat, with her old-world good luck charms of plants and animals.”

I think she is incredible and hugely inspiring Windows 10 LockScreen photo download.

Nicole Dextras website

Download assassin's creed movies

This is one of my favourite costumes from last year’s Smirkus production 영화 비스트 다운로드.  We stitched all the veins of each leaf mixing silk leaves that we made in the studio with fake maple leaves that i found.  It took a few days of appliquee work Shannara Chronicles Download.

One that note, the Fall collection is starting to arrive in the store.  Come take a look!


I know it was months ago and I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but here are my pictures from the opening night of the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Montreal xp용 크롬 다운로드.  It is the all time best show ever!

Go see it!

Don’t miss it!

I was very inspired and have been back to see it again since the opening night 리틀포레스트 여름과 가을 다운로드.  It was so crazy that night, that invited guests had to line up for hours just to get into the Museum.

The first series of photos below were taken while Krin and I took were in the line up to get into the Museum Mission Impossible.


Me wearing a turquoise silk bustier ($158-258) and Russian Bracelet ($12-16) and Silk chiffon scarf ($22-32) Diablo 2.

My muse and circus super star Karin Maren Haglund wearing the Purple Bella dress ($278)

This Rosebud necklace is all gypsy and all modern ($248)

The slim fit crinoline in multi reds ($140) available in 12 different colors at Boutique Katrin Leblond 4647 blvd 튼튼 영어 다운로드. St-Laurent

The Museum of Fine arts in Montreal decked out in JPG sailor stripes Download the beep.

Just before we went in to see the show I bumped into Rosie Godbout 익스플로러10 64비트 다운로드.  Her atelier is upstairs from mine and she is an incredible textile artist who specializes in felting and makes the most amazing winter coats.

Here we are inside the show admiring and stealing pictures on the down low 셀레니움 파일 다운로드.

My fave dress above and Krin’s fave below 하와이파이브오 다운로드.

the famous Can Can dress was on a catwalk of moving mannekins jsp apk.  The installation of the show is superb and very fresh.

I leave you with this picture of the most incredible shoe collage:  heels inside wedge sandals!  WOW!




This is the last of my Artforms in Nature posts.  I have really paid a tribute to artist and naturalist Ernst Haeckel.  I leave you with a beautiful series of full colour plates showcasing larger lifeforms Download comic book one piece.  Some might not seem so beautiful at first (the frogs!!!), but I insist, there is inspiration there for someone.

The orchids are just incredible 스마트폰으로 유튜브 동영상 다운로드.  I made a series of dresses once for the Cirque du Soleil based on orchids.  Below are two dresses by Michelle Ferranti that served as my inspiration for that project fedora 22.

Here are the frogs! Zannabi Road Trip!  Ha ha!  They are so hideous and yet i have nothing against frogs.  Actually, I think frogs are pretty important and I own a pair of little gold frog stud earrings that are quite delightful for Katia students.  We all loved Kermit the frog.  Below I have added the image of a dress by John Galliano that seems kind of froggy to me.

This plate is classic Faberge egg inspiration 윈도우 xp 익스플로러 다운로드.  It is just so perferct.  Look at he symmetry and ornament and texture.

You don’t need to be a genius to be an artist 오토캐드 2013 무료 다운로드.  You just need to take the time to do it.  A lot of the work that I do is detail oriented and time consuming.  Other designers look at my work and think I’m crazy to be cutting out shapes, making stencils and drawing with thread 영화 어린왕자 다운로드.  But to me, it’s just what I do.  Come see the new Spring 2011 collection at the boutique.  I have been adding new styles every week.



How many of you have sea shells in your bathroom Download the beautiful world?  I know I do.  I even have starfish spray painted silver and driftwood that I lugged home from vacation.  This post explores the connection between Nature, as illustrated by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, and our desire to surround ourselves with objects from the ocean 구글 플레이스토어 apk 다운로드.

Below are some amazing contemporary furniture designs by a company called ARKTURA Ted video.  I am totally smitten with the lines and shadows that these pieces cast.  I am also a fan of the colour options they provide…what not just black and chrome?, but also plum, red and aqua…how do I choose 도레미마켓 다운로드?

a little bit of the real thing in pink and purple and red ( may favourite colours)…

…and a little bit of happy homemaker throwing an ocean themed dinner party 영화 노트북 다운로드!

photo by Jeffrey N Jeffords

Below are the sqid pages 와이파이에서만 다운로드.  mmm, yum!

We have this pin in the store 이케아 다운로드.  It is by an American artist called MamasLittleBabies.

Now this tops it all for me 엠파워 다운로드.  Michelle McCoskey has crochet this squid scarf.  I can’t say that I would wear it, but i was thrilled when I found theses images online and I hope you enjoy the ridiculousness and effort that went into making this masterpiece of crafty kitsch Tap Sonic bug edition download!


This is now in my top two favourite costumes of all times.  It was comissioned for hoola hoop artist Danièle Béchard.  She was a delight to design for and I was very inspired when I was making this little number aix 6.1.  She wanted a skirt that she could roll her hoops up over without getting caught in it.  She needed it to be washable, durable and yet still look luxurious and sexy keynote windows.  The initial challenge was convincing her to add a contrast colour outside of the red/black colour palette that we had decided upon.  I knew that we would need blues and cools to make the red pop (pink was not an option for Daniele…she hates it) and so all of the stitching and embellishments are done with turquoise, blue, lavender and white for highlights 슈퍼 세듀서 다운로드.  There is a lace up in the back that we cannot see in these pictures.

전지적 참견시점 다운로드

I have many pairs of WAWA tickets for you ladies.

The show is February 26th, 8pm

Here’s what you do to enter the draw:

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tictopc version

Here is my take-two on the analyses of how artists are influenced by Nature.  Sometimes we really stretch the truth, but sometimes the source of our inspiration is very close indeed photoscape x 다운로드.  I have included two other artists in this series:  Alexander McQueen (17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010) and Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932) hy각헤드라인m 다운로드.   McQueen, who died last year, was one of the best headpiece designers of all time.  Below, I have included photos that seem to be directly influenced by the shapes and forms in Haeckels prints 전파인증서 다운로드.

This is from McQueens SS 2008 collection material village.

I mean, really 오피스 2016 iso 다운로드?  Is this not totally crazy awesome to see how closely linked all creativity is!  We are all drinking from the same creative well!

Also SS2008 McQueen

These three images really need to all be looked at together kollus player 영상 다운로드. Above we have shapes that look to me like armour, shields and Samurai headpieces.  Below we have another McQueen headpiece from his last collection FW 2011 Tsubai download.  Then below that, I have inserted three photos from early nature photographer Karl Blossfeldt.  The references are stunning!

German photographer Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932) worked in Berlin and  is best known for his close-up photographs of plants.  It is documented that he was influenced by the the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel as a scientist and artist internet video from your smartphone.


This is the fabulous Karin Maren Haglund:  circus performer, fashion show artistic director, wife, mother and great friend timekeeper.

I love that I get to make her costumes Megamanx6.  I feel honoured that she chooses me time and time again as her costume designer.  This was our newest collaboration.  It ‘s for her wheel act 모바일게임 컴퓨터 다운로드.

It highlights her fantastically toned sexy-mama body and swooshes when she moves Galaxy s2 usb driver.  The body suit is a one piece with gaucho wing legs.  The back and straps are a-symmetrical with crisscrossing lines, ruffles and  an amazing beaded collar piece that I saved from one of my grandmothers old Parisian haute-couture dresses 산돌고딕 neo 다운로드.  I am very proud of this creation.

Here are some casual pictures that she took backstage posing and looking adorable maven 라이브러리 다운로드.  Room #6.

Krin on tour with her little munchkin circus child Ole Odin3 download.

Not only does she blow me away with her talent and showmanship, her amazing ability to entertain, but she is a great role model for how to have a kid and still be yourself centos 6.6 다운로드.

Love of love to all the circus families that just do it 서든 어택 월핵 다운로드!  -Kat

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