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Here are my newest winter accessories!

Ivko Hat winter

Aviator Hat $92




Felt Gatsby hat $88





Wrist warmers $39

Chauffe poignets $39



Go to Ivko store now!







Detail Top col Bateau

Top col Bateau mauve

Jupe Triangle noire

Top Col Bateau noir, mauve, marine, kaki, XS- XXL, $ 110.00



I named this top after my current pattern-maker Patricia:  The Patti top.

She is a genius and she always understand what I am trying to convey in my sketches.  This top is the perfect expression of what I wanted:  A generous drape over the bust with a panel that gently covers the stomach, all the while staying fitted and feminine.

We made it from XS-XXL and it retails at $88

(It’s also an amazing top for breastfeeding!)


 I love this fabric so much.  I call it the feather mandala.  I feel like it has magical powers.

Below are two of my current styles that were cut in this material, a dress and a top.  The dress is called the star dress and has the fantastic feature of being very flattering while gently hiding the tummy.  The top is called the ballerina top.  It is a great cleavage top and also great for breast-feeding, so send all your nursing friends to me for fashionable maternity wear.

Robe Etoile, beige imprimée, XS -XL, $175.00

Robe Etoile, beige imprimée, manches 3\4

Ballerina Top, beige imprimée, XS-XL, $135.00

Ballerina top avec pantalon Abondance


These are so hard to portray in a picture like this.  They are much funkier on a body with a cute bootie showing under the cuff.  They are based on my wing pants that have been a huge success.  High waisted and made from Canadian rayon, these are sure to last a long time and are guaranteed not to pill!

Leggings Aile, noir, XS -XL, $ 97.00

Wing leggings, black XS-XL, $97.-


This dress is inspired by the lines of 1920 flapper dresses (without being so boxy and shapeless).  They often had deep V patterns on the front, slicing across the bust all the way down to the stomach.  I, of course, did my own embellished version in my all time favorite color combo red and purple.  The stripe on this dress is especially interesting because it is rare to find black and blue together.  Casual, but with a touch of whimsey, this dress has been appealing to women of all ages and sizes.  Today I sold one to a 65 year old very funky lady!

Robe Sexy Petal, bleu raye, XS – XL, $126.00

Detail de la Robe Sexy Petal (tunique)


I am very proud of this one.  I think it’s beautiful.  It makes you want to twirl and dance.

 Hoodie Abondance,  2 way zipper, (XS|S) – M – (L|XL)

Detail manche & dos.

The back yoke panel is a beautiful paisley silk velvet.  Mmmm… so divine!

Hoodie Abondance vue de dos, magnifique !


 Tunique Sara, rouge, XS-XL, $ 147.00

100% made in Montreal – fabric, thread and sewing!!!

100% ethical fashion!!!

Encolure drapee

Vue de dos

Pantalon Aile, noir, XS-XL, $ 97.00

also comes in red, brown & jeans knit


Bolero Gypsy long noir \ black, XS -XL, $ 99.00

Bolero Gypsy long rouge \ red, XS-XL, $99.00

                Pantalon Abondance XS-XL $


Add this one to your pile of beloved Ivko sweaters just because you can.

It is so very affordable!  $190 in brown, blue or black.

The collar folds up or opens like a blazer with beautiful enamel buttons on one side.  A small jewel detail with decorative chain can be easily removed if it is not your thing.  Made form 100% wool, this sweater is warm, joyful and practical.


The blue sweater below with orange details is both casual and bright.  Pair it with jeans or rust colored cords and you have Fall in your back pocket!

Below is the black combo, the classiest in my opinion.  I have two matching skirts that it can be worn with, one mini and one knee-length.  It makes a nice little business suit when matched together.

$190 (I know, can you believe it??? An Ivko sweater for only $190!!!)  sizes: 36-44

Where are you going?  Ivko is in the store now!  And also available online at


This Cardigan from the Ivko 2013 collection is subtle and understated, but ohhhh sooo practical.  Wear it everyday all winter long.

$200 for the stripes, $210 for the floral motif

Sizes 36/S, 38/M, 40/L, 42/XL, 44/XXL



The ivko skirt.

Why a wool skirt?

To keep your bum warm, of course.  mmmm…so cozy!

Prices vary from $199-$205 (so, basically the average Ivko skirt is $200)


Shop IVKO skirts now in our on-line store!


This is my number 1 pick for Fall 2013 IVKO.  It is casual, elegant and the wool is so thin and soft, it’s like magic warmth on your skin!

The button is carved and adds a beautiful touch.  No broach necessary!

The back has a center panel of  jacquard patterns that turn into a reverse-box pleat.

There is a small row of beautiful enamel buttons that go all the way down the front opening.

$270, sizes 36-44

IVKO on-line store


Two major changes:

1- 1 moved my studio into the back of the boutique

2- We had to renovate to make everything fit into much much much less space!

Here I am showing you the front/the store.  Look my wall is racked three rows high.  Next week, I’ll take some pictures of the studio in the back.  We’re still getting organized in there right now.

What these changes mean for me is that I get to go to work in one place every day.  No more shuttling back and forth from the studio to the store, to the studio.  No more transferring inventory.  No more carrying the new collection on my bike, in my arms, or in my car.  My quality of life just went waaaay up and best of all, I get to be in the store every day.  So come for a peek at the new collection and check out the changes.


Marietta and Laura at the Santropol Roulant gala wearing the snowflake ruffle jacket.


Marie-Claude is one of those people with inner joy.  She dances as she walks, her enthousiasm is contageous and she smiles the most radiant of smiles!

This is a dress I made two years ago.  She wears it beautifully and inhabits it naturally.  Never shy, Marie-Claude started as a client, became and employee, and has now moved to Madagascar to take on adventure.


Ensemble blazer et jupe: blazer $150, Jupe $99


 This dress is a special piece.  From a sewing perspective it is difficult to make since the whole dress has to be completed before the wool appliquee can be stitched on.  The stripes make the full circumference of the neckline lightly contouring the  shoulder and the top of the sleeve.  I made it in black and dark blue.  There are still a few left (though not many, sorry for posting a picture so late!) and it retails for $165.


Redingote $199

Jupe $149

foulard laine $89

scarfette $8 chaque/ 2 pour $13


 Bibi en plume de Monbibi $49

Camisole Samui de KL $119

Veste rouge KL $134

Sac à main en soie KL $240-25%

Jeans de AG $235


Have I mentioned how great it is to be this warm in the winter!  And to be pretty and colourful!  This coat is made of the softest thick wool imaginable.   You can wear it directly against your skin without it feeling scratchy.  You can pull the collar up and it becomes a hood.

It is extra magical because it also wards off the EVIL EYE.  If you look closely, you will see the row of eyes down the centre with eyelashes and blue centres.


disponible en gris  $250, noir $215, et prune $199

(sorry, I had posted the wrong price last month)


What she’s wearing:

Accessory around neck: scarfette $8

Navy linen vest: $175

Wristies: $39

Skirt with wool appliqué: $160

Navy is just another black.  Blue black.  Don’t be afraid of it Montrealers.  I know you are addicted to black, but navy is just a softer more daytime version of black. Wear it with red and you make the colour shine.  Wear it with white and you look summery and nautical.  Wear it with mustard or lemon or yellow and you will be making a very avant garde fashion statement.  “But I don’t have navy shoes” I hear you say.  So what!  Just wear black tights and black shoes, or better yet knee-high brown boots.  Now go out into the world fearlessly.  Navy is your friend.  It makes rosy cheeks look rosier. In the deep of winter you will look less pale.  Best of all,  it’s a classic.

How to wear a VEST:  The vest is a sexy top on it’s own.  I mean it.  It’s got that “I’m naked underneath appeal.”  (even with a cami) It is perfect for Holiday office parties because it allows you to feel hot while looking professional.  The vest is also great for layering.  Wear it over a collared shirt for the cute sexy librarian intellectual look.  Wear it over a loose gypsy blouse for that masculine meets feminine appeal.  Wear it over a flowery dress and it changes everything; now that dress has become a suit.  Wear it under a blazer for the double breasted effect.  I tell you, it is endless.  If you ever find a vest that fits your feminine forms and makes you feel sexy (i.e. it does NOT flatten your bust), you must buy it.  It will last you a lifetime and never go out of style.


What she’s wearing head to knee:

Katrin Leblond Bibi $90

Lune jacket in soft heathered blue knit $134

Snow skirt in grey tweed knit $150

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