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This Cardigan from the Ivko 2013 collection is subtle and understated, but ohhhh sooo practical.  Wear it everyday all winter long.

$200 for the stripes, $210 for the floral motif

Sizes 36/S, 38/M, 40/L, 42/XL, 44/XXL



The ivko skirt.

Why a wool skirt?

To keep your bum warm, of course.  mmmm…so cozy!

Prices vary from $199-$205 (so, basically the average Ivko skirt is $200)


Shop IVKO skirts now in our on-line store!


This is my number 1 pick for Fall 2013 IVKO.  It is casual, elegant and the wool is so thin and soft, it’s like magic warmth on your skin!

The button is carved and adds a beautiful touch.  No broach necessary!

The back has a center panel of  jacquard patterns that turn into a reverse-box pleat.

There is a small row of beautiful enamel buttons that go all the way down the front opening.

$270, sizes 36-44

IVKO on-line store


Here are three of the drummers from ODAYA wearing costume sleeves I designed for them.  They performed last night at the Rialto theatre for a Women’s day concert.  They were fantastic.  I admire the work they do and love the music they make.  I guess you could say I am a fan.

I feel honoured to have made them these red ribbon sleeves.  I felt it was important to decorate the part of their bodies that are in motion when they drum.  They looked graceful and powerful.  Below they are doing a song together with Maha choir and other musicians from the whole evening.  It was a great finale!


find ODAYA on facebook

ODAYA website



I found this image on reddit.  The costume design blows me away!  I wish I could take credit for it.

Merry Christmas!



Have I mentioned how great it is to be this warm in the winter!  And to be pretty and colourful!  This coat is made of the softest thick wool imaginable.   You can wear it directly against your skin without it feeling scratchy.  You can pull the collar up and it becomes a hood.

It is extra magical because it also wards off the EVIL EYE.  If you look closely, you will see the row of eyes down the centre with eyelashes and blue centres.


Ohh this dress is so so pretty.  Look, it made me dance around in the alley.

It is from our latest shipment of Ivko goodies.

The bibi (by MonBibi) is $35.50 and the wristies (made in the KL studio) are $39.00.  More wristies below.

This is my new “Lune” blazer.  It matches many of my Fall collection skirts and pants.  It comes in black with white stitching,  bright cherry red, soft textured denim, kaki with turquoise and heathered pink.  Here I am wearing the navy with red stitching and the new Ivko bubble mini.


Looking for IVKO, but you don’t live in Montreal; we have an on-line store with the biggest selection of IVKO ever!

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If any of these beauties strike your fancy and you do not live in Montreal, we will serve you by phone and ship your order to you same day if you call the Boutique 514-678-9616 or shop in our on-line store by clicking here!


Nous allons mettre la collection Ivko printemps 2012 sur le plancher de la boutique vendredi 5 Avril à 11h.

We will be releasing the Ivko Spring 2012 collection onto the floor of the boutique Friday April 5th at 11AM.


Or be the first to find your dress on line in our ivko store.  click here!


The flowers remind me of Frieda’s infamous hairdo that she defiantly wore to to represent the traditions of her people.

The Day of the dead is a traditional Mexican holiday to remember and celebrate our ancestors.


All Ivko skirts prices range from $189 to $219 Buy now!


Ivko scarf $159 each.  Made from the softest lambswool.


This year browns and blues are strong for Fall.

Just forget about black.

Ignore it.

Look below and you will see why.

These Ivko sweaters and hoodies are both $199 at Boutique Katrin Leblond or in our on-line store.


The crop sweater is for all you ladies who want to show off your waist.  Your true waist.  It brings the eye up and away from the tummy and the hips and low and … drumroll please … behold we see the waist.  Curvaliscious as you are, it is great to draw attention to your best parts.  Throw it over a cute dress, or wear with a pair of jeans, the crop sweater is worth a try.

Ivko bolero $189

shop on-line NOW!



Gypsy skirt 100% American made cotton, $189



This cardigan is full of fine detail.  Right down to the scalloped edge around the collar, it’s incredible detailed intartia and it’s exceptio0nally high quality 100% cotton yarn.



want some IVKO?  No store in your town?

Shop on-line in our store.  Click here!


We have been excitedly anticipating new Ivko pieces.  They are finally here!  Coming to us all the way from Serbia.  These Incredible knit wear designs are covered in beautiful pattern, exquisitely made using top quality yarns.  The spring collection offers beautiful styles in linens and cottons.


This great skirt is in store now.  For  $135.

Come see the whole Spring collection in the store.   It is fun and playful and cheerful.

Finish of your look with a pair of our elf  heels available in store soon.

Mushroom earrings are available for $22 a pair at the boutique.

Mushrooms are a real life fantasy.   The link between the fairy world and ours. a magical surprise that pops out of the grass and amazes us with its unexpected shape and it’s sometimes wild colours.  Celebrate some mischievousness, celebrate spring, call to the fairies and elves.  Wear a mushroom skirt.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



It seems I am not the only designer totally inspired by Haeckel’s art.  Below you will see the most incredible dress by artists/designer Toolgrrl (that is her etsy name).

It’s inspired by an Ernst Haeckel illustration of a stinkhorn fungus from the 19th century. The relationship this piece has with the environment isn’t just limited to mushrooms, though, as every inch of the dress is made with recycled materials.

And now for some mushroom art that fits into our everyday.  This is the new toadstool skirt that we are currently selling at the boutique.  It is playful and clearly a reminder of the fact that Spring is on its way.  YAY!


This Frida inspired art is made by Lulu an artist from Frelighsburg, Southern Quebec,  Canada.
I found these sweet paintings while trolling the E world for things to share with you.
Lulu writes in her blog:
I love my life… I love my son Ulysse and my husband Francois and my entire family. I love painting and collaging and drawing and illustrating. I love animals of all kinds, which explains why we have 5 cats, 3 dogs, 6 hens, 2 roosters, an hermit-crab and a turtle.  I love colors, I love gardening, I love Mexico.  I am French, I live in Southern Quebec about 5 minutes from the Vermont border.  I love to laugh and I am pretty much always in a good mood. I talk a lot, this comes from my dad but I hate the telephone.  I love nature, bird nests, rocks, old rusty things. I am curious and will try anything new I have not tried yet.  I love staying in my studio late at night to paint mermaids, fairies, angels, cats, Frida, flowers and so many other things.  I speak French, English and enough Spanish to get around.  I can not live without the ocean and the beach, gotta go taste the salty water at least once a year.  I love pink, I love skulls and skeletons, I love frogs and toads.  I love black licorice and white chocolate.  I love to hike the mountains around and I love to drive my old Volvo. I love my life…
With Lulu’s art you can capture a reminder of a great person in an cute decoration for hanging in your kitchen or hallway or bathroom.

Sometimes Kat wonders why Frida is such a powerful Icon to so many people… so many women.  “In many ways she was strong, courageous, political and creative, but in many ways she was also injured, heartbroken and self-deprecating ” Says Kat.

Kat admires her because of  how she faced life with a fierce passion.

I admire her because she tried to tell the story she knew.  The story of  her self.  There are few things more honest than that.   She didn’t try to pretty her life she tried to tell it the way she felt it.

When I was younger I wanted my art to be truthful and because I felt I could never assume I knew everything about anyone the most truthful art I could make would have to be what I felt about myself.  I ended up doing a lot of self portrait.   In fact one of Kat’s and my first creative collaborative efforts involved her photographing me for a self portrait I was creating about the pain I was feeling in breaking up with my first love.  I  eventually titled the self portrait Offering.  I think it is still the best most truthful painting I have ever made.

Frida’s very personal work ended up making powerful political statements about women, about art itself, about her community, her country, about nature and the environment, about spirit,  about sexuality, and our relationship with ourselves.

I admire Frida for her deep concern for the world around her.  I admire her for her belief that art is in everything you do.  She used to ask her students to set the table and prepare the food and arrange the table with the same consciousness they would paint a painting.  Both were of equal artistic value to her.  That is amazing.

Discovering Frida affirmed for me many of my own ideas about my own art.

She was unapologetic.

She was politically fierce.  Despite what Hollywood would have you believe… She died because she went to a protest against the American occupation while she was already sick.  She was willing to die for her convictions.

The earth, it’s people…justice, peace mattered to Frieda.

Kat’s mother wants her to name a daughter Frida (Kat doesn’t have any children yet and isn’t pregnant but Barbara will be ready!).

some more paintings by Lulu:

The flaming heart really gets me.  I love it!

It is cute, folkloric and yet retains the traditional iconography of Mexico.

This brings to mind the Day of the Dead.   November is a Time of remembering our ancestors.   Kat suggests you go take a walk on the mountain in the cemetery to enjoy the falling leaves.

Happy Autumn!

Thank you Frida for reminding us to be honest with our selves, to live life, to never deny the body, to love passionately, to never give up, to live what you believe in.

for more from lulu check her out at:

I think Frida would have agreed….

Your life is your most powerful art.

See you at the boutique.


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