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La robe Goddess par Katrin Leblond $129.00, sandales par Tony Pappas, Boucle d’oreilles M13 $80.00 par Victoria Sorkin, collier M1 $120.00 par Victoria Sorkin

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Custom embellished bustier by Katrin Leblond $260.00, Earrings from Africa, Pants Lululemon, sandals by la Canadienne

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Here is the crinoline on the sewing machine getting a custom black hem.  Ohhh… it’s for a bride!

pink crinoline with black hem

Now this is no shy lady, as you can tell from her color choices left 4 dead 다운로드.


This dress is based on one of my dresses in the store, but we customized the colors for her stylistic hunminjeong sound.

Katrin Leblond dress robe montreal

….and I embellished her shoes for her directshow sdk!

embellished shoes for bride

fashion mode montreal party dress

robe occasions montreal special dress

Montreal bride custom order

flower petals under black tulle

Montreal designer dress robes

chaussures embellie

every stitch made with love your shine today mr.


Well, i couldn’t just stop at sandals.  I bought more Piccolinos shoes and embellished them in my fantasy style Free Overwatch Hack.

 These gold/bronze leather shoes were already pretty cool before I took a pen to them.  I used a permanent liquid ink marker made for the graffiti industry and hand drew little branches with leaves and thorns onto the white leather toes google play movies.  The two little ball buttons were collected on a trip to Thailand, the sterling silver bird is a Milagro from Mexico, and the black leaf sequin is from Paris flower pictures.  All my little treasures.

 They are flats with a little bit of gladiator style ps3 4.82 펌웨어 다운로드.  They look great with pants or long ankle length skirts.

 These red sandals are my personal choice 프로 야구 다운로드.  I took a pair for myself right away.  I have a thing for all red shoes and the sheer comfort is overwhelming.  You could walk for miles in these on the first day 컴퓨터 바탕화면 아이콘 다운로드.

I added the navy blue ribbon because red with denim is always cute.  The mirror cherries came from my trip to Thailand 오버워치 핵 다운로드.  I purchased them in a little sewing shop in Chiang-Mai.

 These blue shoes have a velcro side opening and a very comfortable rubber sole edonkey.  The criss cross straps make the foot look very feminine.

The mini leaves are going to appear heavily in my Fall collection…I fell so in love with them after we did this shoe your own compositions.


 It all started with my last fashion show two years ago.  I didn’t have the time or the energy to go out and find a shoe sponsor for the models spotify music.  Instead, I asked all the girls to bring a pair of shoes that they could part with, and I would embellish them.

The models got their shoes back after the show, but they had been glued, embellished and bejewelled Download Cool School English.  One pair of sandals in particular was a huge hit: The pair I had covered with silk stitched leaves.  I have been dreaming about doing a collaboration with Aldo one day hp Recovery Manager.

This Spring I purchased shoes from Piccolinos (a well know label of Spanish shoes that are quality made and very comfortable) vsco presets.  I designed embellishments for them and customized them in true Katrin Leblond style.  Here are the first two pairs for you to see.

 The leaves are made in the studio and have been applied to the soft leather sandals with professional shoe adhesive hymn PowerPoint.

 The nude shoe is a summer classic that goes with everything 파스텔 이비자 다운로드.  Eternally stylish, this one inch heel is both sexy and comfortable.

 I also made a new batch of leaf pins for decorating plain black skirts, tops and dresses roblox.  Summer fashion is so fun!


I know it was months ago and I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but here are my pictures from the opening night of the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Montreal xp용 크롬 다운로드.  It is the all time best show ever!

Go see it!

Don’t miss it!

I was very inspired and have been back to see it again since the opening night 리틀포레스트 여름과 가을 다운로드.  It was so crazy that night, that invited guests had to line up for hours just to get into the Museum.

The first series of photos below were taken while Krin and I took were in the line up to get into the Museum Mission Impossible.


Me wearing a turquoise silk bustier ($158-258) and Russian Bracelet ($12-16) and Silk chiffon scarf ($22-32) Diablo 2.

My muse and circus super star Karin Maren Haglund wearing the Purple Bella dress ($278)

This Rosebud necklace is all gypsy and all modern ($248)

The slim fit crinoline in multi reds ($140) available in 12 different colors at Boutique Katrin Leblond 4647 blvd 튼튼 영어 다운로드. St-Laurent

The Museum of Fine arts in Montreal decked out in JPG sailor stripes Download the beep.

Just before we went in to see the show I bumped into Rosie Godbout 익스플로러10 64비트 다운로드.  Her atelier is upstairs from mine and she is an incredible textile artist who specializes in felting and makes the most amazing winter coats.

Here we are inside the show admiring and stealing pictures on the down low 셀레니움 파일 다운로드.

My fave dress above and Krin’s fave below 하와이파이브오 다운로드.

the famous Can Can dress was on a catwalk of moving mannekins jsp apk.  The installation of the show is superb and very fresh.

I leave you with this picture of the most incredible shoe collage:  heels inside wedge sandals!  WOW!



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We have these playful elegant sandals available in black only.  Made in Israel these cute little numbers are orthopedic quality.  Your feet will never be quite as pampered as they are in these shoes.  Give yourself the feeling of walking on clouds.  These shoes are especially good for a narrow foot 마인드맵 다운로드.

Heavy Gunner

Beautiful sandals from Israel are now at Boutique Katrin Leblond.   The wonderful thing about these new sandals is how comfortable they feel on your feet.  They are available in sizes 37 to 40 in black or bronze 일러스트 레이터 cc 2017 다운로드.


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