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Marie-Françoise Malo looking beautiful!


In store NOW!

Made from a sheer Italian mesh, this little number can be super dressy and pairs perfectly to navy and indigo.  The print makes me think of painterly brushstrokes from an impressionist artist.  Cover yourself from the sun without overheating at a summer wedding.  Wear it with jeans.  New and delightful, this cardigan is a great travel companion.


The Spring collection is almost completely in the store now.

My creative process this year involved a lot of cutting and pasting and collage-ing with a glue stick and small scissors.  I felt like I was making clothes for paper dolls.  It was the first time we had ever done anything like this in the studio, but it allowed us to visualize and plan so that the whole collection fit together better than ever.

You can see my little notes where I was planning how many items to cut of what size in which colour.

This year’s process also included a spiritual connection to all our wishes and hopes and desires.  The women on my team, including my mother, each told me three things they would wish for the world if they could change anything they wanted.  These wishes/blessings were then assigned to individual garments.  Below you can see the note “Celebrating Native Women” on the long feather dress.

Come and see for yourself.  The store looks more beautiful than ever!  I am crazy proud of this year’s collection and all the magic that will flow out into my community.



This is the wedding dress for the bride of a dear old friend.  They are getting married this summer barefoot in the grass by the side of a lake – good ole’ hippie style.  On a little road trip to Montreal this January they made time to shop for her dress at my store.  We wanted something off the rack that could be customized for her to feel self-expressed and unique.  Working with fabric pins and scarfettes, we were able to come up with an embellishment that suited her curves and colouring.  Look at how the blue leaves bring out her stunning blue eyes.  The side slit on the dress is actually quite racey and the sheer voile just barely covers her bum.  Somehow she pulls it off perfectly, looking both classy and cute and sexy and just perfectly “Lena”.

When we took the dress back to the studio, i steamed all the pins off the back of the embellishments and stitched them to the dress.  On the back of the dress, I continued the stitching of an ivy and leaf pattern in blue and bronze coloured thread.  I added some sequins by hand and voila!  A custom dress is born!

It was a true honour for me to be asked to make her wedding dress.  Every time a friend asks me to make their dress, i feel really blessed and happy.



This is now in my top two favourite costumes of all times.  It was comissioned for hoola hoop artist Danièle Béchard.  She was a delight to design for and I was very inspired when I was making this little number.  She wanted a skirt that she could roll her hoops up over without getting caught in it.  She needed it to be washable, durable and yet still look luxurious and sexy.  The initial challenge was convincing her to add a contrast colour outside of the red/black colour palette that we had decided upon.  I knew that we would need blues and cools to make the red pop (pink was not an option for Daniele…she hates it) and so all of the stitching and embellishments are done with turquoise, blue, lavender and white for highlights.  There is a lace up in the back that we cannot see in these pictures.



Life in the studio is often very busy and full of machine sounds, ringing phones and beautiful chaos.  Last week we took a moment to eat a delicious lunch of freshly harvested organic veggies.  The spread on the sewing machines was so pretty and reflects the quality of life I am constantly striving to achieve.

Beatriz, our beloved patternmaker (we call her our Queen!) has recently retired.  We celebrated her Birthday with a homemade peach pie.  If I weren’t designing clothes, I would be baking pies.

Take time to eat with the people you love.  The food tastes better that way.



All photos in this post by Kat

I wanted to take the chance to let you all in on my world.  I want to share with you, my loyal and beautiful friends, a part of who I am, and what I love.

So follow me on the journey of how a skirt becomes the embellished wonder that you, and I, all love…

We start with a Basic A-line skirt.  We call it the “Art Skirt”, because I am always embellishing it in new ways with new appliquées and top stitching.   All stitching is done in studio on the sewing machine, but it is what we call “freestyle”.  It is not a computer image being embroidered, so each line is improvised as we sew.

This was in the fall collection fashion show as a sheer skirt with a nude thong underneath. As the world is not a runway show, we needed to make the skirt more suitable for everyday use.

First, I draw an image and translate it into stencils that we can use to cut the same shapes out of fabric

The first layer of stitching is really just to tack the cut out shaped to the skirt.

Top stitching details and buttons are added.

Then, we make a top to match, of course.

The racks full of clothing in the palette Black, Grey, Pink, Coral waiting for their new coordinating skirt and top to fill out the whole look.

Now you can get the skirt, the top, the pants, the jacket, the…………

It can all come together or you can always wildly mix and match in unexpected ways from other racks of differing colour palettes all over the store.

See you at the boutique.





Nature has always been my greatest inspiration.  Flowers in the summer and leaves in the Fall.  It is so simplistic, but it returns to me every season and I never tire of these basic earthy themes.  Here is a sampling of some land art I find beautiful (all done by a man named Nils) and some of the leaf embroidery we are working on for the current Fall 2010 collection.

These leaves will be appearing on our Fall pencil skirt.  It is my new favorite skirt and I am super excited to introduce this cut as a recurring staple to the store.

The black and white feather appliqué is a perfect t-shirt for the graphically bold.  The feathers are delicately placed at the neckline of the v-neck.  (this photo is on it’s side)

The new Mystery jacket ($126) with tumbling red tulle leaves (pictured below).

Nature in red glory marching to the water.  I don’t really know what this photo is about I just like the walking red flowers.

Frost on the leaves is coming sooner than some of us would like to think.

The doorway to Fall.

The collection in store offers some fashionable ways to get ready before it  gets cold out!





view from the studio around 7pm


These are some of the sunsets I love.  On the beach in Thailand, from the windows of my studio and playing with eyeshadow.  I have attached a cheesy video that I love because it was my first introduction to make up as a playful artform using colors.


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