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Printed on cotton/silk blends, these lightweight (but not see-through) pieces are dreamy and delicious.  Combine them with Ivko jacquard-knit cotton sweaters for perfect layering.  The white embroidered dress is made of stretch-cotton and features  peace-dove and flowers motif…I think it would make a great wedding dress for a simple country wedding orange for oracle 다운로드.


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 I love it when people ask me if what they are wearing is TOO MUCH.

In fashion there is no such thing as too much.  It is all about context and occasion and mood.  Sometimes, and in this case especially for a wedding, I believe you really are allowed to go all out and be too much.  I have been designing and making custom wedding dresses for 6 years now and every bride presents a new challenge.  The dress below was designed for one of my fashion shows.  The woman who purchased it saw it in the store window one evening when we were closed.  She came back twice with friends just to make sure it was not too bold.  Below she is photographed with her daughter (who is also wearing one of my art dresses) and her father Download Dawn Yebul.

father and bride

for Katrin[1]

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영화 첨밀밀 다운로드

I met a fairy bride yesterday and she wants a fairy dress!!!

Since I had to spend 5 hours of my day waiting for a Bell technician yesterday, I took advantage of that time to do some full colour sketches.  This amount of time was a treat I rarely indulge in – I opened the color pencil box and they were all still long and perfectly sharpened 농부사관학교 다운로드.

Here are the three sketches I have sent to my future bride, along with photos of the materials I would suggest.



Fairy points

Petal dress

The greens

Green rolls of fabric

Green, Ivory with a touch of lavender


All fabrics I feel could be appropriate for this project…I especially love the ruffle chartreuse mesh at the far right Free download of American drama.

all materials for wedding dress

I’ll let you know what she chooses:)

몽키3 다운로드

Robe turquoise Montreal

One of my regular clients came in yesterday to shop the new collection and the sales.  She just sent me these pictures of a wedding last summer where she was a bridesmaid.  I made the turquoise dresses for all three  of these lovely ladies.  Don’t they look spectacular windows movie maker!

Athena dress montreal

robes sur mesure Montreal

custom wedding dresses Montreal

Turquoise bridesmaids

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짠내투어 32회 다운로드

My newest creation:  a purple wedding dress!

How happy was i to make this dress?  Very happy.  I even did it at a discount because I was so inspired by the idea of making it.  All the lace was hand cut and appliqued with the help of double sided fusing.  Choosing a stitch color that didn’t show was tricky.  We had to choose a dusty lavender that didn’t show on the mesh with the purple shining through.  The lovely bride is getting married in France; lucky girl!  Blessing on her wedding Download The Dance Song.




퓨전360 무료 다운로드
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The hoodie is made from silk chiffon and ivory mesh with sheer leaves appliqued onto the sleeve on one side Jung Seung-hwan's Emergency Room.

The dress is a silk bustier, but we customized it by adding fullness to the skirt; layers of shredded lace and silk to fill it out and add volume Thank you Kim Dong-yul mp3 download.

Bustier et bolero Katrin Leblond

Wedding dress custom Katrin Leblond

Wedding Dress Katrin Leblond

Jupe robe de mariee de Katrin Leblond

Bustier Katrin Leblond

Bolero capuchon Katrin Leblond

Robe sur mesure Katrin Leblond

chiffon de soie fleur


Nature Forest Bride

This dress was made for Andrée and is the first example of the Divine dress from my Spring 2014 collection Lila Zero.

It is a layer of sheer silk chiffon over ivory jersey.  We stitched linen lace onto the under layer (not visible in the photo).  The top panel of the dress is a piece of vegetable dyed silk and the bride added some beads to the neckline herself ireland.

Sheer silk veil

Forest wedding dress by Katrin Leblond

Forest wedding sitting on earth

Blessings on this beautiful couple 리눅스 svn 설치파일 다운로드.

May your love last long and grow stronger every day.


Here is the crinoline on the sewing machine getting a custom black hem.  Ohhh… it’s for a bride!

pink crinoline with black hem

Now this is no shy lady, as you can tell from her color choices left 4 dead 다운로드.


This dress is based on one of my dresses in the store, but we customized the colors for her stylistic hunminjeong sound.

Katrin Leblond dress robe montreal

….and I embellished her shoes for her directshow sdk!

embellished shoes for bride

fashion mode montreal party dress

robe occasions montreal special dress

Montreal bride custom order

flower petals under black tulle

Montreal designer dress robes

chaussures embellie

every stitch made with love your shine today mr.

autoit 다운로드

This is Lizanne Ryan and doesn’t she look splendid?  She needed an outfit to go to a wedding and liked one of my made to measure wedding dresses, but wanted a skirt and top to go with a silk jacket she already had in her wardrobe.  We started with her jacket which needed some modifications.  We changed the buttons, took out the shoulder pads and took in the sleeves a bit to slim the whole look.  The camisole was on my sale rack (yay!), and the skirt is custom made in my studio.  It is a layer of ivory jersey with petals sew onto it and then an overlay of ivory sheer mesh.  The jewelry is by my new favorite designer Ayala Bar Tap Sonic bug edition download!


Taken during a fitting in the change rooms of my store, this is the biggest crinoline I have ever made!

 She is getting married this summer and her wedding is going to be a big summer pic-nic wlanapi.dll.  She plans on sitting in the grass (or on a pic-nic blanket)  sipping champagne surrounded by tulle and loved ones.

What she is wearing:  Ivory bustier embellished with lace, sequins and beads 리눅스 와이어샤크 다운로드.  Custom made circle skirt with built in crinoline of yellow and lettuce green.

Here are the hilarious pictures of the crinoline getting made in my beautiful sunny studio fishing mania.  You can feel the vibe from these pictures below and you can tell that it was made with love!


I love making wedding dresses 오피스 2016 iso 다운로드.  This one, however, was extra special for me.

Becky has been a client of mine for a few years now.  When she came into my shop and told me she was getting married and …would I make her wedding dress, I was thrilled kollus player 영상 다운로드!  Yay!  How exciting!  She tried on my ready to wear gown off the rack and it fit perfectly.  I told her I would embellish the front of the bustier to match who she is Tsubai download.  She gave me carte blanche to do what I wanted.  I promised I would make it pretty, and I would make it “Becky”.  Here’s the dress internet video from your smartphone!

The back laces up and I hand sewed beads and sequins onto the bodice 전법륜 다운로드.  I also made the veil with a small row of hand sewn beads at the top of the barrette.

quarkxpress 다운로드

This delightful woman walked into my store and decided try on my new short wedding dress… what resulted was a spontaneous fashionista moment m16 walk.  I added the bibi (fascinator/headpiece), the cardigan and the nude leaf embellished shoes and she was so stunning we all decided it was time for a little fashion shoot on St-Laurent 기타악보 다운로드.  The sun had come out after days of rain and I took advantage of the beautiful moment and the beautiful girl!


I made this dress for Lyne Tardif 샤오홍슈 다운로드.  I customized a dress from my collection, making it longer and adding a crinoline and a bibi.  She looks happy and natural….what a beautiful bride Windows 10 Diablo2!

The dress is a sheer ivory mesh over a cotton jersey with silk flower petals sewn into the two layers 한국어 키보드 다운로드.

The bibi was made to match the dress 파랜드 택틱스 3 다운로드.  It had a long strand of tulle hanging down tha back, a silk orchid and silk flowers with gold stitching.


This project started with a phone call.  Can I make a mermaid dress for a graduation in New Jersey?  Sure.

Grace had been a client last summer mac Sierra. We met at my boutique when she purchased a long black dress with a pink flower print that I designed.  She told me she would be graduating in the study of Fish oils and omega-6 Download the cacao encoding.  Wow!  What we needed was a fish dress, not a mermaid costume.  I was very concerned that we make her a dress she could wear again to other occasions God's Grace.

I started by researching images and colours for Fish oils.

I wanted to build a colour palette around a small piece of “fish scale” fabric that I had designed 10 years ago while working as a textile designer for Tricots Liesse 코듀 게임 랩 다운로드. I guess I saved it for a special occasion like this.

I was able to make a pair of long opera sleeves, so the dress would be sleeveless and floor length ebs 인터넷 강의 다운로드.

 Below you can see the sleeves and the fabric choices, as well as some small silver fish I made out of silk, but didn’t use for the final dress 체인질링 다운로드.

I cut silk chiffon into bias strips and notched them 스프링 다중 파일 다운로드.  This was the water.  On the final dress I distressed the chiffon slightly with a spray bottle of water and frayed the edges a bit.

I found three little green glass fish beads movie hua!  Yoohoo!  Combined with hours of setting Svarovsky crystals, we have ourselves a gala dress!

bootice 다운로드

 Assis à tes côtés, amour,

je te marierais au printemps, à l’automne ou à l’été…

ce qui fera fleurir ton coeur pspice 9 1!

* * *

Sitting by your side, love,

I would marry you in autumn, summer or spring…

whatever would make your heart flourish Photoshop Basic Brush!

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Lois wrote to me: Matt and I just celebrated our second anniversary yesterday and were reminded of how magical our wedding day was 드라마 동이 다운로드. It just wouldn’t have been the same in any other dress. Thank you for making me look and feel like the most beautiful and precious woman in the world on the most important day of my life 애국 소년단 다운로드. I hope these pictures will help to showcase your incredible talents.


I love getting wedding pictures in the mail MintBooks.  It is a gift to see where my dresses go and what occasions they are worn for.  This is the wedding picture of Jennifer and Andrea. (Thanks guys!). They were a delight to serve and play dress up with 구글 영어 번역 다운로드.  Obviously I only did the outfit on the right.

@ Jennifer and Andrea:  You both look so genuinely happy and radiant in this photo.  I wish you a lifetime of falling in love with each other anew every day Msi Afterburner Download.  xoxo


This is a series of touching personal moments captured in the change rooms of my boutique.  The mother and daughter were invited to come and try on clothes together MovieMaker Korean version.  I love dressing mothers and daughters at the same time.  Sisters are really fun too.  The interactions that we get to witness are so beautiful and meaningful 시드파일 다운로드.  It is the gift that our clients give to us.

These photos were taken by artist-photographer Marie Cornellier 은하영웅전설 4 다운로드.  She has a gift for getting people to show their most beautiful and touching selves.


This is the wedding dress for the bride of a dear old friend.  They are getting married this summer barefoot in the grass by the side of a lake – good ole’ hippie style 문화재 다운로드.  On a little road trip to Montreal this January they made time to shop for her dress at my store.  We wanted something off the rack that could be customized for her to feel self-expressed and unique 리턴 1979 다운로드.  Working with fabric pins and scarfettes, we were able to come up with an embellishment that suited her curves and colouring.  Look at how the blue leaves bring out her stunning blue eyes b1a4 sweet girl.  The side slit on the dress is actually quite racey and the sheer voile just barely covers her bum.  Somehow she pulls it off perfectly, looking both classy and cute and sexy and just perfectly “Lena” 일소일소일로일로 다운로드.

When we took the dress back to the studio, i steamed all the pins off the back of the embellishments and stitched them to the dress 신규 앱 다운로드.  On the back of the dress, I continued the stitching of an ivy and leaf pattern in blue and bronze coloured thread.  I added some sequins by hand and voila 투야 mp3 다운로드!  A custom dress is born!

It was a true honour for me to be asked to make her wedding dress 베스트키드 다운로드.  Every time a friend asks me to make their dress, i feel really blessed and happy.



Remember the Rainbow Bride, well here she is again!  She sent me photos from her destination wedding and it really looks like a dream.  The inspiration for the dress was colour colour colour with a little bit of playful and a lot of whimsey Symera.  The gown is a fully corseted bodice with rosette and leaf appliqué at the neckline.  The petticoat was made from all different colours of tulle with an overlay of mossy green tulle to subdue them all and harmonize the rainbow Linkin Park mp3.  The ribbons at the hem added a little bit of gypsy folklore and are some of my favourite ribbons from my private collection.  I dig deep into the good stuff when I am making a special order dress episode.  The butterfly sequins are all hand cut and appliquéd onto the skirt of the dress.  This is one of my all time favourite wedding dresses.  It suits Betsey and fit her beautifully Mark Shader.

Betsy, I just love how the cake matches it all 미스터션샤인 22화 다운로드.  It looks like it was a truly magnificent wedding day and you and your hubby look very well matched.  I wish you a magical journey into married life and I hope you are laughing together into old age webtoon tong. – Kat

동백꽃 필 무렵 ost 다운로드

Here is a fun flash back.  These are all still great pieces.  I wish I had bought the floral grey party skirt with the chicken crinoline under skirt 실로암 다운로드. Anyway I liked seeing it again and I thought you would too.


Your life is your most powerful art .  See you at the boutique Opera web browser download.



Aya and Kat designed a dress in one mornig for Aya’s “Bal en Blanc”  (that means the white ball) for Aya’s graduation from Daycare Ceremony You can it.

She was soooo proud of herself.

She asked me if I cried when I watched her do her Song and dance with the rest of the kids in her group 파송의 노래 다운로드.

I did Download Coffee Prince No. 1.

Lovin’ the cowgirl style prtg!

Here’s a new goddess dress that Kat designed for high summer August weddings and parties 본고딕 ttf 다운로드.

It has a layer of ivory silk chiffon over a soft jersey lining.  The embellishments are all silk and beadwork and lace Top Gun Movie Download.

And of course some Bridal bibis…we love headpieces 이클립스 스프링 다운로드!

Summer heat is still here google dictionary.

Now you are tanned.

This is the time to wear white and ivory and feel like a fairy queen 테이큰 3 자막 다운로드.

See you at the boutique.


기상청 자료 다운로드

This is about Betsy.  She said to me on the phone that she wanted a rainbow wedding dress.  I was delighted.  Just my kind of project.  We talked and I got a sense of her personality and then I took the time to make my first three sketches jsp text 파일 다운로드.

Betsy at her fitting feeling good

Elements of all three dresses became her dress.  We chose her favorite silhouette, neckline and mixed up the embellishments to create the boquet-butterfly-fiesta party dress.  The butterflies that I used as sequins on her dress have also been used by Martha Stuart to make this fab rainbow butterfly cake Git local download.

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