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5 Responses to “Old fashioned clowns

  1. Sukey says:

    I came, I read this article, I codrueqen.

  2. great giveaway as always! I would love a chance to win the sew your own felt owl kit and the robin mini kit 🙂 here's [email protected]

  3. Fabulous posters, Essam tells it as it really is and will be if people don't wake up to what is being done to them. Stroke of genius. Art is about making you think, the powers that be don't want masses of people suddenly thinking for themselves, that's way tooo dangerous. Images stay in your mind. Use the silent weapons on the gubbermint. Good for Essam, I think he wanted to be caught btw – gives even more publicity to what he is trying to say.

  4. Adding to our various insensitivities, one more is not using rice powder and not making kolams at all! I admire our elders who knew how to live with various other lives around them and even cared for them – By using rice flour to make Kolams, for example. Why are we like this?Destination Infinity

  5. There are other furmidable quotes that you and Rann can chew on, Bo! Sniff around the Tao of Dolly section and enjoy! Your furever furiend, Dolly the Boston Buddha xx


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