I made this dress for Annabelle Chvostek, one of my all time favourite Montreal born singer-songwriters new song from Kumyoung Karaoke.  I loved her music when I was 20 and have watched her career grow and blossom and evolve.   The tree dress was used for a music video shoot.  Here is the original sketch I made for the concept 쇼콜라 다운로드.

My process for this dress was interesting Microsoft Project Download.  I wanted to achieve a barky texture with knots and all, so I started by sewing rows and rows of overlock onto the fabric.  Only after I had created enough texture, did I cut and sew the dress from my new material High definition Nicodong.  It had a deep V for cleavage and panels that spread out at the bottom onto the ground.  She wore it standing on a milk crate so that her trunk-legs looked extra tall 스마트 아트 다운로드.

Here are other images I have collected that I find intriguing, inspiring and great for upcoming Halloween ideas 지니팩 mp3 다운로드.

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