This project started with a phone call.  Can I make a mermaid dress for a graduation in New Jersey?  Sure.

Grace had been a client last summer. We met at my boutique when she purchased a long black dress with a pink flower print that I designed.  She told me she would be graduating in the study of Fish oils and omega-6.  Wow!  What we needed was a fish dress, not a mermaid costume.  I was very concerned that we make her a dress she could wear again to other occasions.

I started by researching images and colours for Fish oils.

I wanted to build a colour palette around a small piece of “fish scale” fabric that I had designed 10 years ago while working as a textile designer for Tricots Liesse. I guess I saved it for a special occasion like this.

I was able to make a pair of long opera sleeves, so the dress would be sleeveless and floor length.

 Below you can see the sleeves and the fabric choices, as well as some small silver fish I made out of silk, but didn’t use for the final dress.

I cut silk chiffon into bias strips and notched them.  This was the water.  On the final dress I distressed the chiffon slightly with a spray bottle of water and frayed the edges a bit.

I found three little green glass fish beads!  Yoohoo!  Combined with hours of setting Svarovsky crystals, we have ourselves a gala dress!

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3 Responses to “Fish Dress: from inspiration to completion

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