Here is a little peek inside my closet.

As I dig out my winter clothes and re-organize my mittens, i noticed how pretty some of the colours looked and thought i would share them with y’all.  Below is my accessories drawer for mittens and scarves.  At the top left is the unicorn scarf (still available at the store) and next to it is one of Colette Van Haaren’s amazing knitted pieces.

Here are my belts.  I guess I don’t wear a lot of belts, but you can see my travel belt folded up with the sunset stitched over the water.  My travel belt was detailed in an earlier post.  It is an embroidered belt in which I documented a trip across Canada through stitching.

Here are my handbags all piled up.

And my long dresses including Vintage Fairyesque and Ana Sui.

The most important drawer of all: BIKINIS.

The skirt bikini, a little number I released way to late last summer, is available again at the store for all you snow birds.

From left to right: Cozy coat 2009, Ivko coat (two left in L and XL), Purple and Red Velvet coats…still some left at the store on sale now at 1/2 price and of course my purple parka!  Wish I could design parkas, that would be fun.

Silk scarves in multi colours and textures are a must have for summer and travel.  Cover your hair when you enter a church in Italy or visit a temple in Thailand.  Add a touch of colour to a simple summer dress.  Identify your luggage as it travels with you around the world.  Collect them and enjoy the luxury of soft shiny silk.

The minute I installed these shelves for my shoes, i knew it would not be enough room for them all.  So, these are just my summer shoes and …just the pretty ones.

Now go buy some colourful clothes so that you too can have a princess closet!



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