Kat’s love of purple is about more than the color.  It is about a family legacy.

It is a family legacy that started with her Grandfather, “Bonpapa”.


Bonpapa and Bonnemaman…where it all began…sitting on a purple couch in the purple house (otherwise know as Val Mauve).



Kat’s grandfather was  a scientist at McGill University.



It is Kat’s grandfather that tracked the movement of living cells through the body and discovered that cells regenerate.  You know how when you look at the pictures of cells they are always purple.  Why purple!

Maybe he didn’t choose the colour… maybe whatever he invented had to be that way to be able to photograph the living cells… Maybe he wanted to make all his work purple… Kat doesn’t really know.


What she does know is that he had custom made purple polyester suits….and a purple office… and a purple house with purple bubble chairs made by a french designer from the french pavilion of Expo 67 because he was just oh so French.  So French!


“I always had a grandfather in a purple suit before I ever knew why” says Kat.



Yes!  That’s Kat at a family party in the country.  The dress was found at a vintage dress boutique and fit like a glove.


What does purple mean to Kat now?  Loyalty?  Fidelity?  “Mostly celebration. … the wild side of people” says Kat.

“People who choose to wear purple are celebrating themselves in this crazy wild way.  There is this little bit of rebellion in purple that comes out more like celebration.  I like it because everyone else that I know who loves purple is awesome.  …Like Rebekah Crown(the boutique’s star quilter and fiber artist) to name just one, and grandmothers that keep dying their hair and it becomes kind of purple.”

”  Purple is the opposite of conformity” continues Kat.

“I put purple in fashion because I love all colour.” She states.








Purple in the store now


Elizabeth Johnston earrings available in purple (and lots of other shades too) in store now.




Let free.  Live in purple.  Be crazy.   Laugh at the confines of society!



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