The romance and poetry of roses is deep in our culture and our consciousness.    It seems, dreams lay deep in the center of each one,  under the folds of  petals.   Roses are like this incredible heady,  intoxicating,  offering and at the same time they seem, as if,  they hold a mystery.   Nature overwhelms when it comes  to roses.   Sent and colour overdose.

With roses,  the artist plays on a palette of nature’s beauty.

After much searching, Katrin found real roses perfectly captured in resin.

These are possibly some of the most beautiful jewelery pieces I have yet to come across!!!

Designed in part by our very own Katrin Leblond and assembled exclusively by Sophie Lin Tran, these real roses have been coated with resin to immortalize their natural beauty!

Hung on sterling silver and 14K gold chains, embellished with real crystals and jewels… what’s not to love?  These gorgeous statement pieces hit all the right feminine notes!

The weekend is almost here – hang in there and enjoy the beautiful day!

Don’t forget to spoil dad this Sunday for father’s day!


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