julie andrews in the sound of music

I love the sound of music.   I love Julie Andrews in the movie.  I love that the movie hammers home the idea that kids need to be respected and that they will  love you forever if you love them, listen to them, have fun with them and sing and dance.  And that discipline can be achieved with playfulness and love easier than with strictness and punishment.  I wish I could always parent like Julie’s character Maria Download dolphin videos.

this  is a you tube “sound of music” video in a train station in Antrwirp Belgium.   The surprised look on people’s faces is real.  They didn’t know what was comeing.  This is one of my all time favorite videos out there on the web.  This video made a good number of the women on the Katrin Leblond team cry when they fist saw it.  I won’t say who Rix Square Gothic m download.

The sound of music reminds us to sing and dance every day and anywhere 이동통신사 설정 다운로드.


Julie Andrew’s sets  style cues with her character in the movie.  She was practical and yet still playful, feminine and fun 스마트 폰 문서 다운로드. The Sound of Music was set in the 1930’s but filmed in 1965.  Here are some 1950’s dresses we love that depart from but still somehow suggest a bit of  frauline  Maria’s style Download the android webview file.

It was all about showing off a cinched waist and full skirt.  This style in particular has a bubble hem which adds even more fullness.  It is so blue and fabulous photoshop import.ai.

This simplicity pattern has a stand up collar, v-neck and tie at the waist wrap skirt with a perfect A-Line that ends just below the knee.

And NOW the update:  here are some brand new contemporary  dresses that we have in the store.  Express your hip, sleek, professional and oh-so-fashion forward 1950’s flair.  Perfect for the feminine urban working woman Putty 64bit.


The Genia dress is made in Toronto pass app 다운로드.

Exclusively available in Montreal at Boutique Katrin Leblond.   Available in denim and red . $168 sizes 6,8,10,12 Monster Hunter. Warning these sizes are smaller than their label suggests.

See you at the boutique.


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