A fashion designer telling you to take off your clothes?  YES!

Loving our bodies has to stop being optional 엔드게임 예고편 다운로드.  Just buckle down and LOVE your BODY!  Lie in the sun and feel the sun loving your naked body.  Lie on a blanket in the grass and feel it…feel the earth beneath you node.js 다운로드.  The earth loves your body.  Swim in a river and just take a second to feel the cold water againts your skin.  It is not judging you.  It loves you and caresses you and cleanses you institution.

I love my cellulite 알코올 120 다운로드!

I love my double hips!

I love my small breasts!

I love my … Steel Jig.

I invite you to claim love for those parts that have been hard to love in the comment section of this post.

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