Montreal’s own,  Sandra Kadowaki will be playing with her drumming group at the Kahnawake Pow Wow.

Sandra is a member Arashi Daiko a Montreal Japanese drumming group open to everyone with a passion for beats.    She nurtures her soul in the beats of her drum group where she met and drums with her husband.  Sandra also makes beautiful Japanese paper and polymer clay earrings and pendants .

These styles are all available in store.

For more information about her drumming performances or to register to take classes check out www.arashidaiko.org .

Taiko or Daiko means “great wide Japanese stick percussion drum” and the art-form of ensemble taiko drumming.

One of the most memorable drums of many taiko ensembles is the odaiko.  The odaiko is the largest drum in all of taiko if not the entire world.  The largest odaiko are too big to move and permanently reside inside a temple or shrine.  Made from a single piece of wood, hollowed out in it’s center, some odaiko come from trees that are hundreds of years old.

Her group will be performing tomorrow  at the Kahnawake PowWow  Sat July 10 at 6 pm.  See you there!

Where dance and song and spirituality meet a really good party.

photo by Robin Edgar

Just delivered new Japanese paper and polymer clay earrings to the store.

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