Katrin designed this beautiful dress for Jayne to wear to two events honoring her contribution to Montreal, her community and to her field.  Jayne you are a gift and an inspiration!  Jayne works hard to increase  green space in the city of  Montreal and make it available for public use.  We are entitled to green.

Jayne views the vast amount of space reserved for cars as public space being overused for private use.  She loves a street fair when everyone has a chance to come together, strangers can cross paths and friends can meet up and community can happen.  Healthy communities need space to be healthy in.

The dress was inspired by the logo for the Montreal Urban Ecology Center organization Jayne works with shown above on a t shirt.

All the smocking on the bodice was done one row at a time on the sewing machine.  The silk grass and ivory flowers were all hand stitched.  The ivory  shrug was bought off the rack at the store and is available in stock for $50.  Jayne wears local jewelry artist, Katia Hubert’s earrings.  A perfect pairing for this dress, available in store for $38.

And she looks beautiful in the dress.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


Check out urbanecology.net

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