My friend Julia came by the store and sheepishly told me she is sooo sad that I haven’t been keeping up with the blog posts as diligently as I have in the past.

So in the spirit of offering you something a little different everyday and getting back on track I offer you one of my top three favorite videos out there on the net (you have already seen one of my other favorites from my top three: the joyful subway station sound of music surprise break out dance).   I Love this video from you tube.  For you  Julia.  Have a great morning.

This doesn’t have that much to do with what we are doing at the store right now except that Kat is always making beautiful custom costumes for performers in many creative fields including dance.

My heart goes pitter pat every time I watch this video.

I love dance.  I wish I could dance like this.  I know; the music is a cheesy  blast from past but if you can get past that I think it is worth it.

The dancer expresses precision in an elegant simplicity that I am inspired and impressed by.

Yes there is something 80’s throw back about this but the movement is timeless.

What do you love?

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


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