Glass is beautiful, mysterious, magical.  It is liquid captured, as it cools, into a solid.   It is forever melting.  Glass defies so much of what we take for granted about matter.  It flows.  It is transparent yet it can capture colour.  And when it shatters it shivers.  It inspires wonder.



Glass enchants.  No wonder Cinderella danced on the magic spell of glass slippers.


Taking her ques from another fairy tale character, Emanuelle Doyon has named her company after Capitain Hook.  I think there is a bit of the pirate in this princess.  Emanuelle loves adventure, the sea and sand.    Did you know that glass is made of sand?

She  calls her company Kapitaine Krochet because it all began with a crochet hook……  What followed was a lot….a really lot, of hats.


Today,  this crafty fairytale princess still makes hats, but only on special order.   She has turned her enthusiasm to the heat of the flame she uses for melting glass.



Emanuelle  loves to work with glass because it is, according to her,  a material that is both playful and mysterious.   Glass offers the artist interesting possibilities for control while still inspiring spontaneous creativity in the patterns that appear in the fusion process.

This beautiful Outremont girl plays with creative freedom and artistic control when practicing her craft. She aspires to one day be an art therapist so she can help others through art.

Emmanuelle  creates earrings that she sells at boutique Katrin leblond.  This lovely local artist loves Katrin Leblond’s designs for their originality and colour.  She finds the parallels between her own work and that of Katrin’s in their playful use of colour and their love for creating unique and original pieces and a desire to inspire the woman who chooses to wear their pieces.


Emmanuel strives to create pieces that are fun, practical, colourful, light and original.  Her works are designed with women of all ages in mind.

Wear her pieces to any occasion.  Everyday, her earrings bring that little touch of unexpected spice to a relaxed style.  Out on the town, or at a “soiree” with friends her earrings offer a little something original to let you stand out.

Emmanuelle also suggests wearing these with an ultra elegant ensemble for a surprisingly sophisticated touch.

Bring out your colourful personality.

Fall in love with Emmanuelle Doyon’s glass earrings.

See you at the boutique.


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