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The car photos in this post by Kat.

Did you have a brother that collected dinki cars?

I did.

Remember when the boys were all trading them.  Mini car stock exchange.   The girls were all making seed bead pin charms for their friend’s shoe laces and giving them to each other as gifts.  The more beaded pins on your shoe laces the better your social status.

These mini toy cars are from Kat’s uncle’s book shelf.

Seeing them placed between the books and knickknacks made Kat want to travel.  It’s the call of the open road.  The promise of adventure.  The luxury of freedom.  The wind whips your hair, the dust flies and all the Hollywood movies promise that the wheels will give you personal freedom, give you the sense of power you don’t always have in your everyday life.    You’ll be cool.

Leave your daily worries behind.  Take a road trip.  Imagine the comfort of the seat.  Imagine the rush.  The wheels spin and you are riding along in these miniature reto styled bits of memorabilia.  Dive deep into the world of childhood memories.  Find the fantasy.  Make believe.

Fast cars are the heart beat of urban ideology.  Fast cars pump life into the idea that we are nothing without our wheels, that we are in fact an accessory to our car.

In these small worlds; the car is the central character, the star, and you are the sidekick .  All the stories are about you and your car and all the endings are within your control.

Anna, one of our most compassionate fashion consultants at the boutique and I had fun imagining which kind of outfits each woman who either road in or drove one of these little cars would wear and a bit about the life she would be living with her vehicle.

This car (above) is for the genia dress by bionic accented with a black and white stripey silk KL scarf that blows in the wind as she drives down the highway on her way to the beach.  Three children in the back seat and she looks just fabulous.  She carries a super slim blue and white checked wind resistant umbrella made in England that she got at the KL boutique.  She carries her umbrella in her Katrin Leblond designed purse.  The ruffles encircle the handle when the umbrella is folded up and it fits snuggly along side her other essentials.  She has a shaggy dog and a picnic basket with cucumber sandwiches with crusts cut off.

Twin cars call for 2 different  styles of sexy dress. Twin trips to the drive in.  The Snake sexy dress comes out of the beige car. The cars colour is coordinated in the dress accents and contrasts stunningly against its gray and reds.

Alex Lyons hoop earrings.  Pop corn and snuggles.  When the night gets too cold they throw on their Maillagogo sweaters.

This little red car is bad ass sleek and sporty.  The woman for this car needs stiletto heels and skinny jeans.  We have beautiful KL skinny jeans in black with red stitches.  She wears red lip stick to match her car.  She is self confident and likes chasing down trouble just for fun.  She can out drive any other driver and she does it with a casual grace all the while she applies more lipstick.  She loves Classic Hardwear (see necklace from Classic Hardwear pictured below. Available in various styles in store).  She has a classic Hardwear belt buckle and a Clara Cote red, black and white necklace.  She wears a KL black Merryln top with tie up shoulders.

Now, what would you wear?  Forget the car.  Who needs a sidekick.  You are the central character.  You are the star.  This is your life.  Everyday all the stories are about you.  What is going to happen next?  And how are you going to dress for it?

Vroom Vroom.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


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