When I went to Smirkus for the costume fittings this year, I took a little walk one evening and discovered Ramona.  Ed Leclair had mentioned this gem, but I had no idea just how enchanted I would be to discover her for myself.  She took my breath away and made me dream of a time when she was inhabited and on the road with a traveling show.  Since she is currently residing inside a very nice barn, she is safe from rain and sun.  The pictures are a little dark and do not do her beautiful paint job justice.

When you open the side door, a little ladder appears that can be hooked onto the exterior door jam.

This is the upper front window in the bedroom.  All beveled glass and stained glass windows.

This is the view from the interior living room into the bedroom.

Here is that front bedroom window from the inside.

And of course there are little 3-d stucco angels on the walls.  The details in the moldings and finishing back then was truly high art.

Why not put a fireplace into a roulotte?  You need to stay warm, entertain and feel like an all around classy lady when you are working a mud show.

And here is the tail end of Ramona.  Once maybe she was pulled by horses and had wooden wagon wheels.  Just imagine that chandelier clanking about.  Could I have designed and made costumes back in the day and lived in Ramona…  Definitely!

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