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These are my new curtains Gothic 700!  They are hanging in my dining room and they cover a set of doors that lead to our deck.  I wanted to create something that wasn’t too girly (for Mike’s sake) and that still looked stunning 단칸방의 엘도라도 다운로드.  Mission accomplished.

My patternist at the studio lovingly assembled the panels for me 8090 mp3.  The whole curtain is made with box pleats.  At the top they are tacked open and closed to create this diamond effect.  When the sun shines through it is amazing xbox 게임 다운로드.

In between the white linen panels are colourful strips of fabric from Thailand and Africa 알파스캔 다운로드.

They took four days to make 북방전설 다운로드.  The process was interesting as we had to do a lot of calculations and planning before we started.  Most curtains are 1 1/2 to 2 times wider than the space they cover, but these ones had to be exact 파오캐 수정맵 다운로드.  All the volume already exists in the design and they did not need extra undulations.  The box pleat back in the coloured fabric is two times wider than the white panels and contains two pin tuck stitches running lengthwise ensuring they always fold into the perfect pleat 한글 붓글씨 폰트 다운로드.  The white panels run the length of the curtain, but the coloured ones are patched so that the diamonds are warm tones of reds and yellows alternating and the long panels are greens and plums and blues 레이스 영화 다운로드.  I had initially made the curtains to narrow and to short which is why they are now framed by wide bands of Thai fabric.  That was one of those happy accidents making them better than the original plan 첨부파일 전체 다운로드.

These curtains were inspired by a design I saw on a home decor website, but very quickly became a better version of the original.  Having materials with sentimental value from our travels really makes them special for me.  Not to mention, my living room looks much cosier and warmer.

Katrin Leblond invites you to an all day studio event
Ensoleillez Votre Mois De NovembreBring Sunshine To Your November

Find your southern getaway destination fashion essentials.  Spring and fall collections are on sale for one day only this November at the studio 한국어 키보드 다운로드.

Trouvez  vos essentiels mode  pour vos vacances tropicals.  Les collections printemps et automne sont en solde pour un jour seulement ce mois- ci au studio 파랜드 택틱스 3 다운로드.

Shop morning or afternoon.
Magasinez en matinée ou en aprés-midi.

Let  yourself be pampered.

Complimentary mimosas and brunch seved at 10 am pspice 9 1.
Coffee, wine and after eights served at 4:00 pm.  Studio will open it’s doors to you from 10  am till 7:00 pm.

Brunch et mimosa seront servis à partir de 10h et à 16h café, vin et chocolats vous seront offerts Photoshop Basic Brush.

Wed 24 November
See you at the studio!

5333 Casgrain suite/local 902

Célébrer En Bonne Compagnie
Celebrate Good Company
Celebrate yourself.  Celebrate your friends.  Celebrate winter sunshine.  Come pamper yourself bootice 다운로드.

Célébrez vous.  Célébrez vos amis.  Célébrez le soleil hivernal.  Venez vous gâter!

Venez vous faire dorloter
Mimosa et brunch seront gracieusement servis a 10h 영화 겨울왕국2 다운로드.

Cafe, vin et mentes chocolate seront servis a 16h.  Les portes du studio vous seront ouvertes de 10h a 19h.

Mercredi le 24 novembre mp3 music.
On se voit au studio!

5333 Casgrain suite/local 902


Fairy tails, legend, magical and mystical creatures; all these wonders offer us some truths along with their fantasy.  Stories of our values, our humanness, our wishes and our fears 퍼핀 pc 다운로드.

To me, the stories of  dragons and unicorns are documents of extinction.   They tell us the story of how humans have chased, killed, controlled, feared or encroached on creatures environments so much that they became rarer and rarer until they disappeared.  They tell us the story of how we chased away the bigness that scared us till we could tell our selves that we were bigger than it all Praise me foring.

This is my mother standing in the buzz of  New York wearing her unicorn scarf by Katrin Leblond 캐드마스 무료 다운로드.

The city that’s magic is now it’s neon lights.

Where did all the stars go 삼성 리커버리 솔루션 7 다운로드?

You cannot see them at all for all the city lights.

What does that mean?

One day, we will tell our children fairy tails about how in another time and another world the sky at night was a dark velvet cloak and it was covered in bright twinkling sparks of light that whispered to children that could see them that the universe was vast and never ending and they were part of it all English-language subtitles for international markets.

Your life is your most powerful art.

See you at the boutique.



This Frida inspired art is made by Lulu an artist from Frelighsburg, Southern Quebec,  Canada 킹스맨2 자막 다운로드.
I found these sweet paintings while trolling the E world for things to share with you 갤럭시 오딘 다운로드.
Lulu writes in her blog:
I love my life… I love my son Ulysse and my husband Francois and my entire family Download ableton live. I love painting and collaging and drawing and illustrating. I love animals of all kinds, which explains why we have 5 cats, 3 dogs, 6 hens, 2 roosters, an hermit-crab and a turtle.  I love colors, I love gardening, I love Mexico.  I am French, I live in Southern Quebec about 5 minutes from the Vermont border.  I love to laugh and I am pretty much always in a good mood Download art cam. I talk a lot, this comes from my dad but I hate the telephone.  I love nature, bird nests, rocks, old rusty things. I am curious and will try anything new I have not tried yet.  I love staying in my studio late at night to paint mermaids, fairies, angels, cats, Frida, flowers and so many other things.  I speak French, English and enough Spanish to get around.  I can not live without the ocean and the beach, gotta go taste the salty water at least once a year.  I love pink, I love skulls and skeletons, I love frogs and toads.  I love black licorice and white chocolate.  I love to hike the mountains around and I love to drive my old Volvo detoured.dll. I love my life…
With Lulu’s art you can capture a reminder of a great person in an cute decoration for hanging in your kitchen or hallway or bathroom 수묵화 다운로드.

Sometimes Kat wonders why Frida is such a powerful Icon to so many people… so many women.  “In many ways she was strong, courageous, political and creative, but in many ways she was also injured, heartbroken and self-deprecating ” Says Kat 윈도우10 지금 도구 다운로드.

Kat admires her because of  how she faced life with a fierce passion.

I admire her because she tried to tell the story she knew.  The story of  her self.  There are few things more honest than that.   She didn’t try to pretty her life she tried to tell it the way she felt it 겟잇기어 2회 다운로드.

When I was younger I wanted my art to be truthful and because I felt I could never assume I knew everything about anyone the most truthful art I could make would have to be what I felt about myself.  I ended up doing a lot of self portrait.   In fact one of Kat’s and my first creative collaborative efforts involved her photographing me for a self portrait I was creating about the pain I was feeling in breaking up with my first love.  I  eventually titled the self portrait Offering.  I think it is still the best most truthful painting I have ever made 구글 크롬에서 유튜브 동영상 다운로드.

Frida’s very personal work ended up making powerful political statements about women, about art itself, about her community, her country, about nature and the environment, about spirit,  about sexuality, and our relationship with ourselves Samsung logo.

I admire Frida for her deep concern for the world around her.  I admire her for her belief that art is in everything you do.  She used to ask her students to set the table and prepare the food and arrange the table with the same consciousness they would paint a painting.  Both were of equal artistic value to her.  That is amazing.

Discovering Frida affirmed for me many of my own ideas about my own art.

She was unapologetic.

She was politically fierce.  Despite what Hollywood would have you believe… She died because she went to a protest against the American occupation while she was already sick.  She was willing to die for her convictions.

The earth, it’s people…justice, peace mattered to Frieda.

Kat’s mother wants her to name a daughter Frida (Kat doesn’t have any children yet and isn’t pregnant but Barbara will be ready!).

some more paintings by Lulu:

The flaming heart really gets me.  I love it!

It is cute, folkloric and yet retains the traditional iconography of Mexico.

This brings to mind the Day of the Dead.   November is a Time of remembering our ancestors.   Kat suggests you go take a walk on the mountain in the cemetery to enjoy the falling leaves.

Happy Autumn!

Thank you Frida for reminding us to be honest with our selves, to live life, to never deny the body, to love passionately, to never give up, to live what you believe in.

for more from lulu check her out at:

I think Frida would have agreed….

Your life is your most powerful art.

See you at the boutique.


기타악보 다운로드

I would have used them in my dollhouse, for my barbies and made fashion jewelry with them too.  I have been crafting for so long, that my collection of craft supplies requires more space than my collection of shoes Final Fantasy 7.  (But I am working on that, trying to buy more shoes and use up old supplies.)  These little handbags are just so great.  I have always been fascinated by the people who make things mini m16 walk.  They are so attractive to me.   They are a completely frivolous contrast to my need as an artist to make functional art.


Sonic 2

How happy do these shoes make me?

I especially love the little garlic bulb reference in the first shoe on the heel.  It is wintery and foresty and fit for an elf queen Scratch 2.0 Hangul download.

And these little numbers below remind me of the totally-blew-my-mind away book called Fairyality in which the artist creates fashion out of leaves and flowers and feathers for an imaginary fashion house called Ellwand Download Cakewalk.  I have inserted the book cover below.  We have a copy at the store for you to come and see.


The new Ruffle jacket is in.

It is warm and fancy and feminine with pockets hidden in the pleats 신의 물방울 33 권 다운로드.

I have made them in Red with Navy scalloped stitch finish and in blue (both shown above) revised audio bible.

We have other colours available at the boutique, like the classic version in black with light grey stitched trim and a generously proportioned abalone sea shell button Happy Ending once again.

But my favourite one is light green with white snowflakes (sorry you have to come to the store to see it).

It is totally ski chalet sitting by the fireplace 새로운 다운로드!


Let’s play a game Download the default font in Hangul.

What does this fabric bring to mind for you?

I played this game the other day while writing the post about my daughter’s custom embellished bicycle.  Yes 손세이셔널 다운로드! this fabric makes me think of her bike (or her bike makes me think of this fabric.  Anyway, I’m digressing).  I felt like I could go on and on about what I see in this beautiful fabric by Kaffe Fasette mak-tonghab 다운로드.

Below are some thumbnail pics of some of the things that this fabric brings to mind for me.

In order of appearance:

Another detail of a fabric by Kaffe Fasette that I assume was also inspired somehow by Klimt,  bindis from India (jeweled accessories  for girls to stick on their faces), a detail from Klimt’s painting The Serpent, another bindi, a gypsy caravan(in needle point no less!), another bindi, A gypsy cushion, the jeweled view through a keilidoscope, mandala, MANDALA, another detail from The Sea Serpent by Gustav Klimt, a silk scarf, a panting by Toller Cranston( I wish I could have found one of the illustrations from his visual version of The Nutcracker to show you), another mandala, and back to Kaffe Fassette again, and again Star Fish Server.

You life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique 에브리 애니 다운로드.


지상의 별처럼 다운로드

Designed right here in the heart of Montreal, Jamie Brock’s line of eco friendly fashions is making waves.  Her studio on Montreal’s Main drag; Saint Laurent pumps out clothing that expresses Jamie’s Montreal and Californian connections in it’s laid back high fashion stylings.  Jamie’s clothes are comfortable, easy- wear garments that you can live in and feel good about yourself at the same time.  Jamie’s line; Advika, comes out of her constant search for the most ethical way to dress herself without having to compromise fashion.  Her clothes are a deliciously soft, well priced way to get your urban fairy flare on 삼성 sl c483 드라이버 다운로드.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


Gentile download

Because ideas don’t emerge from a vacuum.   We create in a community.

The artist expresses a distilled idea culled from the pulsing, flowing, churning well of our collective experience and reflections quarkxpress 다운로드.

Our shared experiences lead the artists of our communities to reflect on common themes in a kaleidoscope of variations providing interesting parallels 마법 공학 다운로드.

I find it so much more interesting to dress in many artists than to simply build my whole out fit from one designer.  That is why I choose to offer over 75 different designers in the store.  Sure its more work, but its worth it oracle client 64bit 다운로드.

I try and find artist who communicate an interesting dialogue  with their own work and that of  Katrin’s.  I love finding great outfits among the offerings of so many different artists.  I love how each outfit created can belong entirely to the person who is wearing it in part because the combination they have selected is theirs alone 아라의 당구홀릭 다운로드.

When you buy from within your community you are already part of the art at its inception.  The art belongs in part to you and you are part of  art, the artist, and the community.  The  reach of the communal net begins at home and extends out around the wold 한글 2017 무료 다운로드.

At boutique Katrin Leblond that means beginning with Kat’s creations and then looking at what is creatively being generated in her immediate neighborhood:  The Plateau, and then looking at the context of that in the greater Montreal area, and then further out in Quebec, and then in Ontario, and the Maritimes, and then the rest of Canada, and then further still, till you are culling a bit from the USA, and a bit from Serbia, or Mexico, or Thailand,or… .  It’s like a fashion rock being thrown into a pond of design ideas.  The biggest splash is at the center and the ripples get lighter and lighter as they move away from the center but they still travel out quieter and quieter as they go across the whole lake 삼성 노트북 다운로드.

It’s about dressing yourself while answering the question  “What are you part of?”

Don’t forget…. Download Brain Typhoon.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


The store is committed to local.  What does that mean for the store.    How Boutique Katrin Leblond expresses local 클래식 flac 다운로드.

It’s cool to know that there is an artist half way around the world sharing an interest in similar visual themes to a collection that Kat is working on here in Montreal.  There is all these great Montreal artists of course we are going to sell their stuff 개역개정 성경 ppt 다운로드.


So my dear friends, I have been making beautiful designer bed sheets for three years now and I have just finished a new group of amazing prints only to realize that I am discontinuing the bedding Download the boots red-scarlet movie.  If you have been coveting KL bedsheets for years and have been waiting for the perfect moment in your life to make the investment, I am telling you:  Now is that moment grid.  The selection is large.  The prints are phenomenal. Below are some pics sent to me by clients.

And one of the new prints…. Terminator 4.

and just look how good it is to be in bed… heif 이미지 확장 다운로드.

Happy times Get download!  Great sleeps!


Super soft and lovingly made, these belts are built with leather remnants that Genevieve recycles into the magical and practical accessories.  These belts  do a great job of holding up your pants or cinching in the waist on that dress you love.  Use them to jazz up the sweater or coat that you want to wear everyday in as many ways as possible 삼성 프린터 드라이버 다운로드.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.


Star's Bone ost

Say goodbye to cold cheeks.  Say goodbye to cold noses and cold chins.  Say goodbye to messy hair and bad hat head.  Say goodbye to winter whining.  Snuggle up in a KAZAK hood 부동산 전세계약서 다운로드.

Let the wind blow.

I have to warn you once you have worn one of  Genevieve Paquette’s hoods you may not wear your hat again.  Fashionably warm yourself in recycled hipness free hymns.   Genevieve Paquette brings us her winter collection for 2010-2011.  As always she is consistent about offering winter warming wear that bridges Fairytale Romanticism from urban to country.  The hippie goddess in you will be as warm as the urban hipster and both of your playful sides can comfortably face the Montreal elements with a mischievous smile 디어헌터 다운로드.

Be bold.  Be mysterious.  Be rebellious.  Be sweet.  Stay toasty warm while being cooler than cool.  Cast a love spell.  Carry a poem in your pocket and transform every jacket and coat in your wardrobe by topping it with these gracious hoods Carly Linux.

Genevieve’s hoods are available with recycled fur for $88 or in a non fur version for $58.  Come pick up the warmest head gear Montreal has to offer you this winter Peacock 2018.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



I am always inspired by glitz and glamour and nothing beats vintage pin-up.  These are all contemporary performers in the Burlesque Cabaret scene 달려라 마블 다운로드.  And what a scene!  These gals sing and dance and strip and act and shoot advertisements and make a good living keeping their skin milky white.  Their hair is black and set in curls and their lips are always perfectly red Download the dowd subtitles.  That is the style of pin-up, but these ladies are making it contemporary.

This is Camille o Sullivan, my favourite of the three python perfect guide pdf.  I simply adore the black taffta busstle skirt with green silk bow.  The pleating and the hips are very modern and the bolero is similar to one currently in my design sketchbook Download the café file.

The top hat with the voilette in front of her eyes is a very nice touch volley 다운로드.

I never tire of sparkly ruby red slippers 다음 메일 다운로드.  One day, I will carry them at my store.

In this photo I am most interested in how the undergarment is separate from the bra music for the numbness.  It is totally a suck-in-your-gut garment that has been transformed into a sexy corset high-waisted skirt.  Love it!

Here is Dita Von Teese sitting in a large oversized bra E-Mart.  What a great stage prop.

These two images are simply great compositions with amazing lighting 스타크래프트 미션 다운로드.  The clothing is secondary to the set.  It is the pose on the horsy bike and the big gold stripes that makes this image a total work of art!

And lastly, I present to you the cat-eyes of Immodesty Blaize Stone Haas.

The jewel studded corset with diamond straps is just insane over the top wonderful.  One day i want someone to hire me to make a $10,000 corset. … Covered in Svarovsky crystals and solid as a rock.

I leave you with this image of Immodesty fully covered.  These ladies always dress to the nines and I could do a whole blog post about what they wear when they are not stripping and titillating.  They are artists that are living their professional image all the way.  They stay in character wherever they go.  It is something I have been trying to explain to musicians and actresses a lot lately.  Think about your style after the show…what do you want to be seen wearing in the dressing room.. at the bar..talking to a journalist?  What do you want to be seen wearing when you are grocery shopping or signing autographs?   Your whole life is your art and there are many subtle ways to promote your craft all the time.  Dressing the part is key.


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