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Louise Moyes wearing my new Flirt dress in Newfoundland (at Johnny Ruth, the only store that carries my collection other than me!)

Come find the perfect dress that will make YOU dance West Sky mp3!  Opening hours:

Friday 11-9

Saturday 11-5

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A new bolero every 6 months 국어사전 db 다운로드.  That’s my goal.  I want to be the bolero expert.  This is my first collared bolero and it can also be worn as a wrap top.

The embellishments are all sewn in the studio and each little leaf is hand cut Firefox jw player download.

The sleeve is 3/4 with a little puff on the shoulder.  It’s perfect for hiding those shy arms.  Can be worn over a dress or on it’s own tekken tag tournaments.  I have matching t-shirts with lace backs at the store if you want to wear it as a twin set.  Loving the twin set again.  Granny chic!



This wrap top is one of Melow’s every-season classics Download camtasia.  It is so feminine, and yet there are no-frills and no flowers.  It is great on all body types and covers nicely at the bust without gaping open.  Discreet on a larger bust, perfect over the tummy, and both corporate or casual Windows 10 Explorer 11.  Really, why not get two!

This cover up twist bolero is a new favourite of mine 윈도우 10 1809 다운로드.  Going to the beach or the pool?  Perfect to keep the sun of your skin.  Do you have narrow shoulders, or a small bust?  Perfect for your body type 원랜디 6.1 다운로드!  Do you like to hide a little, but still look fashionable?  Perfect.  Wear it over a dress, a tank top or pin it closed at the bottom and wear it as a top outer tales 다운로드.  Come and try one on!  The cotton is sheer, delicate and slubbed.

I call it the Samurai pant, and it is one of our best sellers every year Gentoo Linux download.  Yes, we have them in black as well, but how nice is a white pant in the summer on a blazing hot day?  It is elegant and contemporary in cut.  Must be worn with nude undies in the white because it is slightly (very slightly) transparent on the sides 이스이터널 다운로드.  If you are heading South this Spring, or going on a cruise, these are a travellers delight.  Cropped to keep the hem clean, they are the best white pant ever 유튜브 키즈 다운로드!

윈도우 절전모드 다운로드

Marietta and Laura at the Santropol Roulant gala wearing the snowflake ruffle jacket 좋아하면 울리는 1화 다운로드.

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I made this dress for Lyne Tardif 샤오홍슈 다운로드.  I customized a dress from my collection, making it longer and adding a crinoline and a bibi.  She looks happy and natural….what a beautiful bride Windows 10 Diablo2!

The dress is a sheer ivory mesh over a cotton jersey with silk flower petals sewn into the two layers 한국어 키보드 다운로드.

The bibi was made to match the dress 파랜드 택틱스 3 다운로드.  It had a long strand of tulle hanging down tha back, a silk orchid and silk flowers with gold stitching.

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Marie-Claude is one of those people with inner joy.  She dances as she walks, her enthousiasm is contageous and she smiles the most radiant of smiles 유튜브 한글자막 다운로드!

This is a dress I made two years ago.  She wears it beautifully and inhabits it naturally.  Never shy, Marie-Claude started as a client, became and employee, and has now moved to Madagascar to take on adventure 뫼비우스 폰트 다운로드.


Here are three of the drummers from ODAYA wearing costume sleeves I designed for them embed 동영상 다운로드.  They performed last night at the Rialto theatre for a Women’s day concert.  They were fantastic.  I admire the work they do and love the music they make Download axure rp.  I guess you could say I am a fan.

I feel honoured to have made them these red ribbon sleeves winclon 6 다운로드.  I felt it was important to decorate the part of their bodies that are in motion when they drum.  They looked graceful and powerful.  Below they are doing a song together with Maha choir and other musicians from the whole evening es File Explorer.  It was a great finale!


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Here I am proudly modelling my new banana yellow jeans by Hudson.

They make me happy now eventhough I know I am pushing it with the weather Saints Row 4 character download.  It is still a bit early to be sporting pastel bottoms (but they are so comfortable and stretchy!!!)

They are by Hudson jeans and they also come in aqua, turquoise and pink movie Beaver.

 I made my mother try them on because she kept telling me “they are only for young people”, and “I will look ridiculous in such tight pants” 도라에몽 스탠바이미 다운로드.  I gave her one size larger than I would put on someone who wants them sexy.  They made her look great! (and now she can’t decide which colour she wants) 센메신저 다운로드.  I am pretty sure she will opt for the aqua.  Once she had them on, she was pleasantly surprised by how well they fit and how comfortable they were at the waist g533 다운로드.  You see, this is not a low rise fashion pant.  These are high rise premium denim jeans…they just happen to be available in great colours.  You will be seeing a lot of colourful pants in stores this Spring Alfie Neo download.  Take the plunge and try them on!  Just go for it!


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