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Zannabi Road Trip

This Cardigan from the Ivko 2013 collection is subtle and understated, but ohhhh sooo practical.  Wear it everyday all winter long 스마트폰으로 유튜브 동영상 다운로드.

$200 for the stripes, $210 for the floral motif

Sizes 36/S, 38/M, 40/L, 42/XL, 44/XXL

SHOP NOW fedora 22!

오토캐드 2013 무료 다운로드

The ivko skirt.

Why a wool skirt?

To keep your bum warm, of course.  mmmm…so cozy for Katia students!

Prices vary from $199-$205 (so, basically the average Ivko skirt is $200)


Shop IVKO skirts now in our on-line store 윈도우 xp 익스플로러 다운로드!


This is my number 1 pick for Fall 2013 IVKO.  It is casual, elegant and the wool is so thin and soft, it’s like magic warmth on your skin 영화 어린왕자 다운로드!

The button is carved and adds a beautiful touch.  No broach necessary!

The back has a center panel of  jacquard patterns that turn into a reverse-box pleat 쿠키샵2 다운로드.

There is a small row of beautiful enamel buttons that go all the way down the front opening 진짜야구 슬러거 다운로드.

$270, sizes 36-44

IVKO on-line store

윈도우 절전모드 다운로드

Marietta and Laura at the Santropol Roulant gala wearing the snowflake ruffle jacket 좋아하면 울리는 1화 다운로드.

Forced JavaScript files

This project started with a phone call.  Can I make a mermaid dress for a graduation in New Jersey?  Sure.

Grace had been a client last summer mac Sierra. We met at my boutique when she purchased a long black dress with a pink flower print that I designed.  She told me she would be graduating in the study of Fish oils and omega-6 Download the cacao encoding.  Wow!  What we needed was a fish dress, not a mermaid costume.  I was very concerned that we make her a dress she could wear again to other occasions God's Grace.

I started by researching images and colours for Fish oils.

I wanted to build a colour palette around a small piece of “fish scale” fabric that I had designed 10 years ago while working as a textile designer for Tricots Liesse 코듀 게임 랩 다운로드. I guess I saved it for a special occasion like this.

I was able to make a pair of long opera sleeves, so the dress would be sleeveless and floor length ebs 인터넷 강의 다운로드.

 Below you can see the sleeves and the fabric choices, as well as some small silver fish I made out of silk, but didn’t use for the final dress 체인질링 다운로드.

I cut silk chiffon into bias strips and notched them 스프링 다중 파일 다운로드.  This was the water.  On the final dress I distressed the chiffon slightly with a spray bottle of water and frayed the edges a bit.

I found three little green glass fish beads movie hua!  Yoohoo!  Combined with hours of setting Svarovsky crystals, we have ourselves a gala dress!


Here’s a crafty project for you.

It requires a field trip to the forest with some plastic bags and a shovel.  Depending on how long you want your moss to live, try to take as much topsoil as possible when you are collecting the moss 영화 어린왕자 다운로드.  It is fun to collect a variety of different colours and textures so that you can have fun building a little landscape when you plant them.

If you don’t feel like building a custom moss box, you can also arrange your moss on a plate, a platter or a glass bowl that will also show the soil below 쿠키샵2 다운로드.  If you do go with a wooden container, you will need to line the box with plastic.  It is best to use the heavy duty garbage bags.

Moss likes moisture 진짜야구 슬러거 다운로드.  Buy yourself a spray mister so that you can gently mist your moss every day (as many times as you can remember to!)

Embellish with Candles, Christmas decorations or …pets Download Cinema 4d!


Tomorrow is the last day to see the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Below is a dress that must have been crazy to sew 새로운 다운로드.  The stripes are lined up on the diagonal, but the seams are going in the opposite direction also on a diagonal.  Tartan is not a fabric I would ever design with, but I admire people who do and do it well Download the default font in Hangul.  We have a new designer in the store called OcuniD (phonetically Aucune Idee) who has made his whole Fall collection of party dresses in tartan.  They are great 손세이셔널 다운로드.  I got one.

And this is the but of one of Jean Paul Gaultier’s muscle leotards mak-tonghab 다운로드.  He designed the fabric and you can see the top of thigh high boots that go with the outfit.  What cracks me up is the anatomical heart he placed on the right butt cheek Star Fish Server.

I love JPG 에브리 애니 다운로드!

this game from Dongle Haron

These are more pictures from the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the MMFA subtitles for Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 6.

This dress struck me because it contains no animal skin at all.  It is a masterpiece of beadwork.  The claws are rhinestones 시간아 천천히 mp3 다운로드.  So awesome.


I love the nude dress.  It is so bold and gutsy and LOOK at those perky nipples!

This show is beyond fashion…

It is about sculpture that can be worn mameppkgui.

The arms of the dress become fingered gloves with bright red lacquered nails iPhone Insta.

The sequins are actually shaded to lend contour to the body.

Go to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts before it is too late Triple slet download.  The show closes October 2nd, 2011


삭제된 유튜브 다운로드

These are both pictures that I took on my 3rd visit to the JPG show in Montreal at the MMFA slime rancher 다운로드.

The in-soles of those heels are lined with white fur.  Down to the detail his work is amazing and desirable.

It’s sexy 올드미스다이어리 다운로드.  It’s glam.  I want.

Download assassin's creed movies

This is one of my favourite costumes from last year’s Smirkus production 영화 비스트 다운로드.  We stitched all the veins of each leaf mixing silk leaves that we made in the studio with fake maple leaves that i found.  It took a few days of appliquee work Shannara Chronicles Download.

One that note, the Fall collection is starting to arrive in the store.  Come take a look!


I know it was months ago and I haven’t been posting a lot lately, but here are my pictures from the opening night of the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Montreal xp용 크롬 다운로드.  It is the all time best show ever!

Go see it!

Don’t miss it!

I was very inspired and have been back to see it again since the opening night 리틀포레스트 여름과 가을 다운로드.  It was so crazy that night, that invited guests had to line up for hours just to get into the Museum.

The first series of photos below were taken while Krin and I took were in the line up to get into the Museum Mission Impossible.


Me wearing a turquoise silk bustier ($158-258) and Russian Bracelet ($12-16) and Silk chiffon scarf ($22-32) Diablo 2.

My muse and circus super star Karin Maren Haglund wearing the Purple Bella dress ($278)

This Rosebud necklace is all gypsy and all modern ($248)

The slim fit crinoline in multi reds ($140) available in 12 different colors at Boutique Katrin Leblond 4647 blvd 튼튼 영어 다운로드. St-Laurent

The Museum of Fine arts in Montreal decked out in JPG sailor stripes Download the beep.

Just before we went in to see the show I bumped into Rosie Godbout 익스플로러10 64비트 다운로드.  Her atelier is upstairs from mine and she is an incredible textile artist who specializes in felting and makes the most amazing winter coats.

Here we are inside the show admiring and stealing pictures on the down low 셀레니움 파일 다운로드.

My fave dress above and Krin’s fave below 하와이파이브오 다운로드.

the famous Can Can dress was on a catwalk of moving mannekins jsp apk.  The installation of the show is superb and very fresh.

I leave you with this picture of the most incredible shoe collage:  heels inside wedge sandals!  WOW!




This is the last of my Artforms in Nature posts.  I have really paid a tribute to artist and naturalist Ernst Haeckel.  I leave you with a beautiful series of full colour plates showcasing larger lifeforms Download comic book one piece.  Some might not seem so beautiful at first (the frogs!!!), but I insist, there is inspiration there for someone.

The orchids are just incredible 스마트폰으로 유튜브 동영상 다운로드.  I made a series of dresses once for the Cirque du Soleil based on orchids.  Below are two dresses by Michelle Ferranti that served as my inspiration for that project fedora 22.

Here are the frogs! Zannabi Road Trip!  Ha ha!  They are so hideous and yet i have nothing against frogs.  Actually, I think frogs are pretty important and I own a pair of little gold frog stud earrings that are quite delightful for Katia students.  We all loved Kermit the frog.  Below I have added the image of a dress by John Galliano that seems kind of froggy to me.

This plate is classic Faberge egg inspiration 윈도우 xp 익스플로러 다운로드.  It is just so perferct.  Look at he symmetry and ornament and texture.

You don’t need to be a genius to be an artist 오토캐드 2013 무료 다운로드.  You just need to take the time to do it.  A lot of the work that I do is detail oriented and time consuming.  Other designers look at my work and think I’m crazy to be cutting out shapes, making stencils and drawing with thread 영화 어린왕자 다운로드.  But to me, it’s just what I do.  Come see the new Spring 2011 collection at the boutique.  I have been adding new styles every week.



Are you feeling the pastels yet?  Are there easter eggs on the countertop at the depanneur?  If you are not into the commercial hype of Western holidays, maybe you can find solace in the natural rhythm of the earth ebs 연계교재 다운로드.  It’s really just about Spring.  It’s about sprouting, budding, beginning, hatching…it is that moment on the cusp of growth.  It’s about birth stdafx.h 다운로드.  Or shall we say re-birth, since Winter will come again and then another Spring will kindle re-birth again.

These images are for you to savour 질리안마이클스 다운로드.  Taste them as if you are eating a meringue.  Let them melt on your tongue.  As much as they are about high-fashion, they are absolutely not about the clothes 데이터 마이그레이션 다운로드.  They are a feeling, a mood, a moment.  The crumbling broken statues and columns evoke a feeling of walking among the ruins of an old temple.  The light and the colours are fresh movie Rounders.  It is the morning.  The day is new.

I see a still moment 윈도우 8.1 순정 iso 파일 다운로드.  A moment to breathe.  A time out.  A little gift of time alone with yourself.  Just look out the window and stay there for a few minutes.  Your nervous system will adjust to the slower rhythm, the lack of stimulation 외도용사일행 다운로드.  Try.  See how hard it is to do that.

And here is a little facial tip from Michelle Phan pc판 카카오톡 다운로드.  She is my make-up teacher.  I came to make-up late in life (like, last year) and have been really enjoying playing with colours and powders thanks to her Yahoo Mini.


매지션 다운로드

We have been excitedly anticipating new Ivko pieces.  They are finally here!  Coming to us all the way from Serbia.  These Incredible knit wear designs are covered in beautiful pattern, exquisitely made using top quality yarns.  The spring collection offers beautiful styles in linens and cottons 나눔 스퀘어 폰트 다운로드.

Gary Mode 13
아마존 알렉사 앱 다운로드

I find this woman and her dress very inspiring autoit 다운로드.  She is stunningly beautiful and her pose is very masculine and confident.  Her dress is a total work of art!  I would love to know who this woman is Eclipse.  Is she an artists or a designer posing for a story?  If anyone knows who she is, I am curious.  Please leave a comment.


Are you tired of Ernst Haeckel yet?  I’m not.  I think his are some of the best illustrations from Nature I have ever seen webshare 다운로드.  I love the attention to layout on the page…how he created shading and shapes that stand on their own as a work of art.

The first image is of moths flex 노래 다운로드.  They are soft and fluffy and every hair is delicately rendered.  Imagine the time it took to illustrate all of these.

And now for some Mothy jewelry more beautiful than heaven.  We just got these in the store.  We have moth necklaces and octopus pins…oh and there is a Jellyfish necklace that is oh-so Ernst Haeckel.

The second image of the shells made me think of the experimental fashion by  Swedish fashion designer Julia Krantz Windows 10 rtm.  These shell garments are made of  translucent fabrics draped over metal frames.  This was done as aschool project at HDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden 킨들 pc 다운로드.

We’ve all seen trilobite fossils as kids 아크로벳리더 설치파일 다운로드.  They must have been numerous back in the day (millions of years ago) for there to be such an abundance of fossils around being found. and sold  for a few dollars Download the Coward pedal 2.   Below Haeckel’s trilobite drawings, I have attached the image of a dress that to me looks like it was inspired by arthropods.  The layers are like the sections of a hard shelled creature eps 파일 다운로드.  The beauty of it lies in the perfect cusp between soft and hard.  The dress holds it’s form, but doesn’t look too stiff.  I think it is really gorgeous 참새들의 합창 다운로드.

Trilobite Dress by: Wesley Nault+Daniel Feld

Hope you enjoyed another viewing of art, crafts and nature Lee Won-ho's novel.  Where does one begin and the other end?  Is it all the same?  Sometimes I believe that what we (humans) craft is not separate from, but a part, of the big organism we call Earth.  We often assign value to what we craft: good or bad, expensive or cheap, destructive or ecological.  What really matters though, is do you feel joyful?  Is there a happy moment in every day that you live?  If you need to find a happy moment outside of yourself, you can always come to the store for a little drop in, a hug or a cup of tea.

4647 blvd.  St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, H2T1R2, 514-678-9616

Katrin Leblond


Here is my take-two on the analyses of how artists are influenced by Nature.  Sometimes we really stretch the truth, but sometimes the source of our inspiration is very close indeed photoscape x 다운로드.  I have included two other artists in this series:  Alexander McQueen (17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010) and Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932) hy각헤드라인m 다운로드.   McQueen, who died last year, was one of the best headpiece designers of all time.  Below, I have included photos that seem to be directly influenced by the shapes and forms in Haeckels prints 전파인증서 다운로드.

This is from McQueens SS 2008 collection material village.

I mean, really 오피스 2016 iso 다운로드?  Is this not totally crazy awesome to see how closely linked all creativity is!  We are all drinking from the same creative well!

Also SS2008 McQueen

These three images really need to all be looked at together kollus player 영상 다운로드. Above we have shapes that look to me like armour, shields and Samurai headpieces.  Below we have another McQueen headpiece from his last collection FW 2011 Tsubai download.  Then below that, I have inserted three photos from early nature photographer Karl Blossfeldt.  The references are stunning!

German photographer Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932) worked in Berlin and  is best known for his close-up photographs of plants.  It is documented that he was influenced by the the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel as a scientist and artist internet video from your smartphone.


Here she is: the Lady!

Nowadays women don’t get to be a queen or a princess or a duchess or a lady anymore Download the arcade boggle.  Well, Lady Gaga says Bah! to that idea.

Whether you love her or not, she is awesomely bold and honours couture by wearing the runway pieces that no-one else dares to wear 우분투 리눅스 커널 소스 다운로드.

The origami dresses are incredible and she wore three of them ( so she must really like it) Rick & Morty Season 3.  They are by designer Thierry Mugler.

And here we have the bubble dress by designer Hussein Chalayan Sue Bottle of Couvel.  It seems there is debate whether or not she is sporting a real or a knock off of this dress.  Either way, she is not sitting down.

This is the best of all 가야금 다운로드.  It is by Armani and it reminds me of the good witch in the Wizard of Oz, just in the future.  She looks incredible!  Not to mention, she is carrying a starburst accessory that is not a wand, not a purse, not really anything …and she is pulling it off 윈도우 업데이트 무한 다운로드.  Her hair is barbie fabulous.  Her shoes, oh my goddess, her shoes become her tights which go all the way up her leg in a thin line of sparkles.

Rocking Alexander McQueen kakao video!  Here we get a glimpse of the lady that she is.  She is not the kermit the frog wearing pop star.  She is not wearing the meat dress.  She is all woman 윈도우8 한글언어팩 다운로드.  She is a lady.

I say this to YOU now:  Wear it 유니티 리소스 다운로드.  Dare to buy and wear the couture pieces that designers create.  When that occasion pops up and you need to get media coverage, what you wear will make a difference Terraria 1.3 Download!


기타악보 다운로드

I would have used them in my dollhouse, for my barbies and made fashion jewelry with them too.  I have been crafting for so long, that my collection of craft supplies requires more space than my collection of shoes Final Fantasy 7.  (But I am working on that, trying to buy more shoes and use up old supplies.)  These little handbags are just so great.  I have always been fascinated by the people who make things mini m16 walk.  They are so attractive to me.   They are a completely frivolous contrast to my need as an artist to make functional art.


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