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1-It come in 4 sizes (S-M-L-XL) and looks good on everyone!

2-It is made in Montreal by local lingerie designer Arianne.  Less transport= ecological 셀레니움 파일 다운로드.

3-The fabric is so so very soft and feels deliscious.

4-It is reversible.  YAY!  Two camis for the price of one = economical.

5-Versatile: you can wear it straight from work to a party 하와이파이브오 다운로드.

And lastly:   You just feel sexy wearing it jsp apk.

Available at the Boutique for $46.50 each





Encase in resin (secret technique)

Select, sort, make pairs

Assemble with jewelry fixtures

 These are the steps that make a pair or Corteza earrings or a Corteza necklace 파오캐 수정맵 다운로드.  Elsa and her partner are based in Montreal.  They have been making this jewelry for many years and you may have seen them at the tam tams, the Francofolies or a street sale 한글 붓글씨 폰트 다운로드.  You can always find them at Boutique Katrin Leblond all year long.

 Necklace $19

 Earrings $24 / 2 pairs for $40

Here she is in her workshop making pairs 레이스 영화 다운로드.  The selction process is the hardest….sorting through the pile trying to make a set for a pair of earrings



This is a new design by Daniel Thiboutot whos dresses appear under the label OCUNI-D (meaning aucune idée).

They are classic cuts with true waist and princess line seams at the bust prtg.  The fits are impecable and they are especially good at hiding the venus tummy.

Great for summer weddings, very sophisticated office wear (with a little black blazer!), mother of the bride, or a Saturday at Jean Talon market 본고딕 ttf 다운로드.

Notice the lace overlay at the waist; The yellow and black is my fave, but he made some in red/black and some in blue/black Top Gun Movie Download.  Being the “artist” that he is, there is never really any consistency in his production.  Sometimes I have to remind him to make more than one size, or to put his label in the dress 이클립스 스프링 다운로드.

 Ok, now this is where it get’s truly insane google dictionary.  You see the fringe edge…well he did that by hand…as in he pulled threads out of the materialSummertime Dres one by one until he had a fringe hem at the bottom of his dress 테이큰 3 자막 다운로드.  That is love, ladies and gentlemen, the love an artist puts into his art!

 This little flower pot handbag is made by Concubine (Montreal design) New Year's Card free download.   It opens at the top and has a deep well for all your goodies.  A great little statement piece for Summer.


 We just got these in the store and they are very fun to play with.  They can really jazz up a plain black dress, a little colourful T or mix them with other polka dots 언어의 정원 다운로드.  They look especially great when worn with a bold pair of glasses.  I tell you, these earrings are outfit makers!

They are made by Montreal paper artist Nicole Wisniewski Meteorological Agency resources.

And, best of all, they are light, comfortable and extremely affordable.  ($20-$30/pair)

Buy some for yourself or gift them to your out of town friends 시마부장 다운로드.  They are light as a feather and can easily be put into a little bubble wrap envelope to be mailed around the world.


web videos

If any of these beauties strike your fancy and you do not live in Montreal, we will serve you by phone and ship your order to you same day if you call the Boutique 514-678-9616 or shop in our on-line store by clicking here 멜론 동영상 다운로드!

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sap 테이블 다운로드

 This year, for the first time, Ivko made natural linen knits.  They are lacey and elegant and perfect for those super hot Summer days 국토지리정보원 수치지도 다운로드.  You will feel like a very sexy woman wearing this little cami.

They come with super silky knit lining undergarments that could be used as a basic slips in the rest of your wardrobe 마이크로소프트 비주얼 c++ 다운로드.  Bonus.

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Ivko scarf $159 each Download The Coma.  Made from the softest lambswool.

Download the default profile picture

I love IVKO.

You love IVKO.

We all go crazy for IVKO Cusco download.

Why?  Because it gets cold here and these sweater coats and tunics will keep you cozy and warm.

In store soon 윤고딕 320 다운로드.  I promise to send an e-mail when they have arrived.



Shop now Download an English essay!

King of Fighters


Leaf pins $7 each

made of 100% silk

all stitching done in the Katrin Leblond studio

Canon PicturesTile Download 나랜디 3.7 다운로드 Smurfdownload download 추수감사절 영상 다운로드

This is a little peek into Gabrielle Adam’s summer vacation travelling Europe.  How cute does she look in her Katrin Leblond designs Final Fantasy 12?

I have just a few of this dress left:  The flirt dress in stripes $115 (I think, from memory) and I am pretty sure I have M and XL in stock Postgresql odbc.

The best sweater ever by Maillagogo guiformat.  Made right here in Montreal. This is a two tone blue cotton knit $140.

Now YOU send me your travel pictures or post them on Facebook on the Katrin Leblond Design page epub!

뭉쳐야뜬다 44회 다운로드

Corteza earrings celebrate the beauty, simplicity and complexity of nature.  $24 a pair.  Buy a second pair for only $16 vray for sketchup.

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슬랙웨어 다운로드

This cardigan is full of fine detail.  Right down to the scalloped edge around the collar, it’s incredible detailed intartia and it’s exceptio0nally high quality 100% cotton yarn is6 beta download.

소울앤스톤 다운로드

Petals Pop Cards are made by Montreal mom, Jackie Bassette.  She plants, grows, presses and places each petal at her Montreal home near Jean Talon market ndrive 탐색기 다운로드.

Each card is blank inside leaving you free to pour your heart out in your own words to your friends Wikipedia.

Towers and pyramids of books pressing petals are all over Jackie’s home where she creates these fun and pretty cards.  Send a creation from Jackie’s garden to one of your friends xp용 크롬 다운로드.

Mission Impossible

Woven from 95% post consumer material, used grain sacks are collected, cleaned, ground and melted into rolls of recycled plastic, printed with Blue Q’s super fantastic graphics, cut and sewn into bags of all shapes and sizes available at boutique Katrin Leblond.  1% of the sales of the bag shown above supports the conservation work of  The Nature Conservancy.  Blue Q guarantees a minimum contribution of $100,000!  This company is an example of one of our very few exceptions in which we felt the product and philosophy allowed us to accept importing the product and adding it to our mostly locally created collection 리틀포레스트 여름과 가을 다운로드.

You can carry your lunch in style for $12.

Diablo 2
Download the beep

Designed here in Montreal, these elegant, feminine and excellently cut camis are now available at the boutique.  Come check out the variety of styles available.  Great for layering these comfortable pieces skim your curves and offer just the right hint of lace 튼튼 영어 다운로드.

익스플로러10 64비트 다운로드
Free Soundforge


want some IVKO 뮤직서치 앤 다운로드?  No store in your town?

Shop on-line in our store.  Click here Melancollie!

매지션 다운로드

We have been excitedly anticipating new Ivko pieces.  They are finally here!  Coming to us all the way from Serbia.  These Incredible knit wear designs are covered in beautiful pattern, exquisitely made using top quality yarns.  The spring collection offers beautiful styles in linens and cottons 나눔 스퀘어 폰트 다운로드.

Gary Mode 13

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