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This is a series of touching personal moments captured in the change rooms of my boutique.  The mother and daughter were invited to come and try on clothes together MovieMaker Korean version.  I love dressing mothers and daughters at the same time.  Sisters are really fun too.  The interactions that we get to witness are so beautiful and meaningful 시드파일 다운로드.  It is the gift that our clients give to us.

These photos were taken by artist-photographer Marie Cornellier 은하영웅전설 4 다운로드.  She has a gift for getting people to show their most beautiful and touching selves.


Remember the Rainbow Bride, well here she is again!  She sent me photos from her destination wedding and it really looks like a dream.  The inspiration for the dress was colour colour colour with a little bit of playful and a lot of whimsey Symera.  The gown is a fully corseted bodice with rosette and leaf appliqué at the neckline.  The petticoat was made from all different colours of tulle with an overlay of mossy green tulle to subdue them all and harmonize the rainbow Linkin Park mp3.  The ribbons at the hem added a little bit of gypsy folklore and are some of my favourite ribbons from my private collection.  I dig deep into the good stuff when I am making a special order dress episode.  The butterfly sequins are all hand cut and appliquéd onto the skirt of the dress.  This is one of my all time favourite wedding dresses.  It suits Betsey and fit her beautifully Mark Shader.

Betsy, I just love how the cake matches it all 미스터션샤인 22화 다운로드.  It looks like it was a truly magnificent wedding day and you and your hubby look very well matched.  I wish you a magical journey into married life and I hope you are laughing together into old age webtoon tong. – Kat


Beautiful amazing Anna.  You will be a momma soon.  You will be in love.  You will be afraid.  You will be powerful.  You will be you.  You are amazing Anna and you will be a great mom Truman Show.

This is for you in anticipation of all the fun you will have rediscovering everyday things through the eyes of your child kanji calligraphy font.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique Illustrator Brush.



Life in the studio is often very busy and full of machine sounds, ringing phones and beautiful chaos.  Last week we took a moment to eat a delicious lunch of freshly harvested organic veggies music.  The spread on the sewing machines was so pretty and reflects the quality of life I am constantly striving to achieve.

Beatriz, our beloved patternmaker (we call her our Queen!) has recently retired Research Journal form.  We celebrated her Birthday with a homemade peach pie.  If I weren’t designing clothes, I would be baking pies.

Take time to eat with the people you love 디스코드 봇 다운로드.  The food tastes better that way.



All photos in this post by Erin unless other wise mentioned

Fabric.  Art, that is then used to make more art, that is then used in the art that is your life.  High quality 100% cotton.  This is luxurious, high thread count, cotton.   We love this print by Kaffe Fassette.  Kat’s team made it into a “cerise” dress (that means “cherry”  in french), a skirt, bedding and more… Download the art book as. available in the store.

I personally can’t wait for it to come in as throw pillows.  I really want one for my bed that is already dressed in various Katrin Leblond bedding mix and matches fifa online 3 다운로드.

It reminds me of a kaleidoscope, mandalas, Van Gogh’s Starry Night swirls,  Klimt, Toller Cranston’s costume details in his paintings of the nutcracker, summer, fall, arts and crafts, the universe, gypsy magic, and the bindis on my daughter’s custom embellished bicycle that she loves and I Love, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOOVE 트위터 영상 다운로드.

Bindis are normally used for ceremonially decorating the faces of women and girls all over south Asia including Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indian.  They are kind of like tattoo stickers.  They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours.  The ones on Aya’s bicycle are covered in rhinestones 룬의 아이들 윈터러 다운로드.

I have to brag.   I thought I was a genius when I came up with the idea of lacquering bindis onto her bike.

I loved fitting the bindis onto the shapes of the bike frame.  I loved finding a place for them that  seemed like they were always meant to be there 다크나이트 ost 다운로드.

Try and find the bits of broken disco ball 전장의 발큐리아 다운로드.

Peeka boo Download Cutwish! I see you!

Dring!  Dring SolidWorks Viewer!

The image on the bell is Ganesh the Hindu elephant god of abundance fan xpert 다운로드. Success!  Good fortune! This cheerful safety accessory for your two wheeled vehicle  is made by a local Montreal artist, Glen, that crazy Mile end metal sculpture artist, responsible for the sculpture park near the train tracks.  You can get his bells at the used sports equipment store on Bernard between Parc and Saint Urbain Guardians of The Galaxy 2.

The seat is covered in swimwear fabric, of course!   Kat helped to hand stitch.  Swimwear:  Stretchy so it fits snug and dries fast when it rains.  Cover a bike seat for a small person you know with one of the swim suits they have just out grown.  A few whip stitches is all it takes!

We made this bike from a street side reject with a sign on it that said “If you want it, you can have it”.  My daughter and a friend cleaned it up and she rode it for a while till she complained about the rust.

What colour would you like it to be? I asked.

“Gold” she said to my surprise.

The end result is covered in bindis, spray painted gold, lacquered with nail polish, sparkles and more spray laquer.

I am very proud of this little art project and Aya and I had a really lot of fun doing it.  The basket and handle bar fringe are from Canadian Tire.

Yeah for bikes!  Pedal freely forward.  Free from gas prices.  Free from constant repair costs.  Free from the emissions guilt.  Float on two wheels.  Yeah!  Bikes!  Don’t forget your helmet!

I bike in my cerise dress on my own bike, along side Aya, all the time.

Kat wears the cerise dress available in store. Photo by Barry Maccleod.

Your life is your most powerful art.  See you at the boutique.



All posts in this post were found and pulled from the web by Kat

I am a spiritual person.  I am a political person Shannara Chronicles Download.

I believe that I am empowered to make ethical decisions that are beneficial for my community by the money I spend as an entrepreneur .  I believe that as an artist, it is my duty to create beauty for my customers to enjoy.  I believe that women deserve to be treated like goddesses entering a temple when they come in to my boutique.  They are to be served, taken care of, draped in fabric and made to feel beautiful.   I believe this from the bottom of my heart Download assassin's creed movies.

I have always been politically active and I have always been crafty.  There were certain points in my life where I felt guilty and pained because “just making pretty things” was not saving the planet.  Now that I am running an ecological and local manufacturing business that serves and adores women, I feel better.  I have merged my environmental activist with my feminist and with my local economist in a way that allows me to keep being a creative human being a thousand years.

And here is Linda Evangelista, our Montreal-born International Fashion Icon, merging her political views that something is wrong in the world and someone should be held accountable with her love of the Madonna 성북톡톡 다운로드.  She got to play a living Madonna in a Religious procession.  I have traveled to Antigua in Guatemala to see these processions.  They walk the streets playing sad brass band music all the while carrying statues and crying for the death of Jesus 스크린리더 다운로드.  They walk for 12-13 hours.  My main reason for traveling there was to see the “carpets” that the locals make from coloured saw dust and flowers Stellarium Korean edition.  The carpets are made in the street prior to the passing of the procession.  When the procession passes, the carpet gets trampled.  It was incredibly beautiful 바이두 모바일 다운로드.  (This is reminding me that I should do a post about those carpets.)

I am unusually attracted the the iconography of the Madonna even though I was not raised in any form of Christianity.  To me the Madonna is the “mother”, gaia, goddess … and those are all great things qrcode app.  It represents female divinity, something each woman carries within herself.

I love religious art Download aerobics music.  I love folk art.  I love making pretty things.

It can take quite a while in life’s journey to settle into being who you truly are and not who you wish you were Download the caravan.


It is so good to have close friends who always have your back and want the best for you.  It is so good to be living surrounded by the real truth that we are never alone, that we are strong in connection with others 정보보안기사 기출문제 다운로드.

It is good to just know deep down to our toes that what we have that really has value is our friends, our family, the world around us that we love 도둑걸 다운로드.  Go ahead take away the car, the house, the long list of material possessions.   Go ahead!  What I want is to feel safe and loved and be able to share that with my daughter and the world 파티션 매직 다운로드.

Friends make us strong 윈도우10 정품 다운로드.  They offer us the best embrace to fall into when life gets tough.   There for you when things go wrong.   They empower us to take more risks and listen to our selves more 설교동영상 다운로드.

Thanks to all my good friends that I have had over the years that made me feel stronger about myself 온라인 비디오 다운로드.   It wasn’t always easy but I am who I am today in part because of you and you will always be with me in everything I do.  And even if  you’re  far away  you are still my heart Download Captain Marvel for free.

There you are.   You know me.  I know you.  I am me and you are you.  You are part of me.  When I grow more into myself you are happy for me 방탄소년단 피땀눈물 다운로드.   When you grow more into yourself  I am happy for you. I love how you change and how you stay the same.  I am lucky to know you.  Thank you for sharing everything you do Nintendo wii download.

Thanks for all the fun we have together 트 위치 동영상 다운로드!

See you at the boutique.



all photos by erin except love sculpture is by tom brosnahan

I made these shirts because YES it is this simple and it has been said before:  the law is LOVE 수호검주 다운로드!  I have built my small business around this simple word.  If we make it with love … women will love it… and it will sell.  The surprise was how much men love it too 미쓰비시 소프트웨어 다운로드.  They love the store.  They love the colours.  They get it.  They like to see their ladies dressing up and feeling pretty.  The attraction is natural 구글 크롬os 다운로드. The girlier I make the clothing, the more men love it.  Hurray for LOVE!

This is the love sculpture by pop artist Robert Indiana

We have one in the old port now and there are many around the world 왕좌의게임 시즌6 다운로드.  Everyone gets it.


A fashion designer telling you to take off your clothes?  YES!

Loving our bodies has to stop being optional 엔드게임 예고편 다운로드.  Just buckle down and LOVE your BODY!  Lie in the sun and feel the sun loving your naked body.  Lie on a blanket in the grass and feel it…feel the earth beneath you node.js 다운로드.  The earth loves your body.  Swim in a river and just take a second to feel the cold water againts your skin.  It is not judging you.  It loves you and caresses you and cleanses you institution.

I love my cellulite 알코올 120 다운로드!

I love my double hips!

I love my small breasts!

I love my … Steel Jig.

I invite you to claim love for those parts that have been hard to love in the comment section of this post.


The dressing room See-through download.

We share so much with the ladies in our change rooms.  It is an intimate thing to get undressed with someone nearby 고스톱 다운로드.  Me, on the other side of the curtain coaxing and encouraging this game of exploration and play: Come and play dress up with me!

It really takes a leap of faith to try on clothes 3d 영화 무료 다운로드.  To get down to your nickers and your skin and put something new on.  For me, on the boutique-side of the curtain, it is especially fun to imagine what would look nice and and what would fit you, the lady in the dressing room 보혈찬송 다운로드.  Sometimes I’ll bring a handful of hangers to the change room.  Sometimes you’ll find something you would never have tried on and you’ll love it 콜마 너 다운로드.

I am often deeply touched by the confidences that we share 언어의정원 다운로드.  The things we say to each other.  The tears are real.  The love is real.

I love colour and I enjoy converting black and grey clad Montrealers to my palettes of purple and red, teal and green HanaTour app.  

Mothers and Daughters are an especially fun duo to have in change rooms side by side new hymn.  Finding outfits across generations and across sizes (xs all the way to XL).  We can do it.  We can dress you both and make sure you both feel totally self expressed in the clothing you choose 윈도우 업데이트 파일 수동 다운로드.

How about it 영화 세븐 다운로드?

How about coming to play dress up?

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