I love IVKO

I love Ivko and if you are here, you probably do too!  Well, you are in luck, because I have opened an on-line shop just for you.

For many years I carried the Ivko collection along side my own collection in my Montreal shop 영화 겨울왕국2 다운로드.  Then when I would blog about Ivko, people would call asking if they could buy things over the phone.  That is why we launched the online store.  It’s been 3 years now and our online business represents 10% of our company’s annual sales mp3 music.

I have to admit that Ivko is one of my favourite collections in the world.  Sometimes I feel that I should only talk about my own work, but I like to shop too, and I don’t always want to wear my designs 퍼핀 pc 다운로드.  So there you have it.  My confession.  I love the folkloric motifs and the bright bold colour combinations.  I love the natural fibers, and I especially love being covered in wool in the winter Praise me foring.  I feel that Ivko has uniquely taken traditional designs and made them modern, urban and wearable.


SHOP IVKO NOW 캐드마스 무료 다운로드!